I am interested in purchasing lettering software for my embroidery machine and wondered if anyone had any recommendations? I do not want to spend a lot of money.

I highly recommend Embird. You can buy it in portions. They not only have Font Engine which will auto digitize all true type fonts but also sell nice alphabets for 10-15.00 each in your machine format You would just need to get Embird Basic and the alphabets of your choice..- haven't ck'd price lately but that is prob in ball park. If you are doing a lot of lettering and want a variety of fonts to work with though Font Engine would save you money over time..
Also have you thought of just going to some of the embroidery groups on Yahoo – like Hooked on Embroidery – there are many good digitizers on there that give away free sample designs and sell excellent designs for not much money. You can get alphabets there too.
Good Luck! Jill

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I've had other Singer machines but this is the first embroidery machine. (I've never even done hand embroidery.) I can't seem to find any classes in my area. Any tips or clues on getting started?? Any books or websites to look into??

welcome to the wonderful world of machine embroidery. first you need to read your manual, you won't necessarily understand everything in there but read it anyway, it is going to make sense very soon. there are soooooooo many yahoo groups devoted to machine embroidery. the people there are so very helpful. i will give you a few to get started.

here are some groups just for the singer futura

the people on these groups will take you by the hand and help you all the way.

my favorite site for embroidery designs gives away 49 free designs at day. their subscription to their site is very reasonable. here is the link">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library

have fun with your new hobby.


Do I need to take classes for this? I saw someone had a computer program and from that it went to the machine. I just don't know what I need to get other that an embroidery machine obviously. Do they come with computer programs? Thanks!

Two good machines to start with are the Singer Futura or the Singerxl6000 depending on your budget. Both have programs that allow the machine to transfer a design from your computer to the machine itself. You will not have to buy a seperate program. There are TONS of free designs online to get you started, and you can always buy a digitizing program later if you choose to start actually making your own designs. Embird is a good program to start with when your ready to do that

There are several yahoo groups for both types of embroidery machines I mentioned and you will get great help there

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I am just looking a website where I can design a shirt, preferably a v-neck for men, that has something printed or screened on the side of the shirt towards the bottom. Thanks in advance.

Hey Shawn,

My name is Luke Collier and I'm the Director of Marketing for CSE Inc. Graphic Outfitters. We specialize in graphic design, screen printing, direct embroidery and a few other area's.

What you are referring to is a shirt designer that a lot of these companies have. You wont find an interactive shirt designer that will allow you to place an image on the side of a shirt due to the fact that this is not a standard procedure when people order shirts. A lot of shirts you find in the stores with designs are pre-printed on materials prior to being cut. They are screen printed then cut to fit to shape/patch.

If you are seeking someone to make a custom shirt let me know. It sounds like that is what you are looking for. Your going to need a company who can manually lay your shirt on the side and screen print your image in the proper place.

feel free to look at our site to see what all we specialize in.

Give me a shout if interested.

Luke Collier
Director of Marketing
CSE Inc. Graphic Outfitters

email for yahoo answers:

Office: 913-724-1000 Ext. 123
Toll Free: 1-800-624-5537 Ext. 123

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I've heard of a few alternatives to embroidery stabilizer… dryer sheets, freezer paper, even "sewer cloth" that plumbers use. Any others?

i would recommend you join a few yahoo groups. they discuss things like this all the time. some of the alternatives work and work well, other work and can damage your machine. the people on the yahoo groups are full of so much useful knowledge and they allow us to learn from their mistakes.
here are just a few. if you want more either do a search in yahoo groups or contact me thru my profile and i'd be happy to help.

those should get you started. i also would like to share my favorite embroidery site with you. they give away 49 free designs a day and the memberships to their site are very reasonable and they run sales frequently.">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library

good luck and have fun. if you have any other questions please e-mail me thru my profile.

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I have saved a design on a USB stick. When I try to open it on my machine, nothing comes up. Please let me know all the info you can! Thanks in advance.
It comes up on my computer fine, when I put the USB stick in. But when I put the USB stick in my Janome 350E embroidery machine, it does not show the design.

i haven't worked with a janome machine for several years but do you a brother. the janome will use either a jef or sew file. what is the file extension of the file you are trying to use. i belong to many yahoo embroidery groups. here are a few of them. if you join a couple i'm sure someone on there will take you by the hand. the people on these groups are great and so helpful.
my favorite site for free embriodery designs gives away 49 free designs a day.">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library
if you have any other questions e-mail me, would be glad to help.



I bought the USB flash drive and when I download files off the internet, it says it can't work (or something.) Is there a step I'm missing in order to get my machine to recognize the files?

what is the extension on the file? most embroidery designs are in zip format when you download them. the file format you need is either sew or jef, i'm not sure because i haven't worked with a janome machine for awhile. you need to unzip the file before you use it. here are a few embroidery groups i belong to. the people on them are great and you will get so much information from them.

here is my favorite site for embroidery designs. they give away 49 free designs a day and are running a sale on their site right now.">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library

feel free to e-mail me if you need a futher explaination of how to un-zip files or if you have any other questions.

have fun.


I am going to get a brother pe700II and I need to know what kind of things I need to get in addition to the machine. Do I need a speical backing when embroidering, etc. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

You will need stabilizer and depending on what you are embroidering on, will depend on the thickness and they type you will need.
a good pair of embroidery scissors, machine embroidery thread (this is different than normal thread) embroidery bobbin thread (again different than regular thread)
that should get you started, although i would invest in some cheap fabric or felt to do test stitching on because you will always want to test stitch designs, especially if they are free.
Go through your closet and find old clothing you don't want or need any more and do some testing on those, or go to good will to get some cheap stuff to use.

there are several forums and yahoo groups you can join.
and you don't have to join a brother specific group because a lot of the stuff is the same for any machine.
I have two brother 8200's and a Happy commercial machine.
this is a very addicting hobby!


I have just purchased a Brother sewing/embroidery machine, Disney SE-2700 series. I keep reading about digitizing. If I understand it right it is creating your own embroidery patterns. Where on the internet can I find what I need to know about digitizing, and can I digitize with my machine? I appreciate all the help I can get. Nana

Digitizing is the creation of design files to use on your embroidery machine. There are several digitizing programs available and most will create files in many formats. ART is the only format that is not as popular and which only comes with specific digitizing software. PES which you use on your Brother machine is very common and most digitizing programs create this format.

I personally use a couple of programs to digitize. The one I like the best is Embird. You can have the option of creating most of the design automatically and then reworking it until you like what you get, or creating the whole design from scratch (this is called manual punching). The Secrets of Embroidery website offers tutorials as well as a free 30-day trial download of Embird so you can try before you buy. There are also Yahoo Groups which are dedicated to each type of software program to digitize and the members help each other with their problems.


Im trying to find a website to download free fonts for singer futura 150. Anyone know some sites.

Not many fonts are free, but there are many designs available for downloading that may have a few and other for sale.

You need to know the format of your embroidery machine. If the designs do not come in the format you need, there is a free software program where you can convert to the format needed.

Set up a folder on the hard drive of your PC and name it embroidery downloads.

Select the designs you want to download – these are usually referred to as files.

Save to your embroidery folder.

Most downloads are zipped it will look like a file with a zipper. To unzip, mouse over the design file to highlight.

A mini screen will come onto the screen. Select open, unzip or extract.

This is the file you will be working with and the zipped file can be deleted.

If you need to convert the format, download Pulse Ambassador.

Open the file in PA and save in the format you need.

One of may sites –

You have to join this site (free) and then choose Download Designs from the tool bar. All the designs that have a download icon are free to everyone. All are free to those who are members of Ann's Club. The designs are .pes format and may have to be converted to the format used by your embroidery machine.

To search and review the thousands that are available, put free machine embroidery designs in the web search box at Yahoo or google.

Incoming search terms:

  • 2012 Download free fonts for Singer Futura

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