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I need help with my Viking 4D Embroidery software?

October 31st, 2011 3 comments

I have a Viking Scandinavia 400 Embroidery machine with the 4D Reader/Writer Kit that was working find until I downloaded the Stitch Era Universal software for free. The stitch era works Find but it stopped the 4D organizer which make the reader/writer send the design to the card that allow me to use my embroidery Machine. I get the error message "This application has failed to start because Tool Kit Pro 1122vc90U.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem" But it don’t. Now I can not remove the SEU, I have tried to reinstall the 4D program back on my computer BUT, it dose not work and the uninstall for the stitch Era is not on my Computer. I’ve tried the Restore System to return it to before I installed the SEU but this did not work. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to All who gave me help. I had already tried "Regcure" to clean up the error. What a waste of my $20.00 bucks. It found some errors, so it said but, it did not repair the problem that they said it would. I will try the suggestions given and we will see what happens.

Open the Windows control panel and then go to programs. Look for Stitch Era and remove it.

I tried this software and did not like it one bit.

After you have removed SE, temporarily disable the PC’s firewall and reinstall your 4D program.

Where can I find absolutely free pes downloadable embroidery patterns for doll faces?

October 31st, 2011 1 comment

I have a Brother embroidery machine and I am trying to make my grandaughters cloth dolls for Christmas. I need to find a site to download a free pattern for a doll face in pes format or find someone who is willing to share one.

I know they have PES as I have downloaded these doll faces in that format..

go to the freebies page (I believe there are a few pages of freebies) and there is a few doll faces..many embroidery forums and yahoo groups have lots of freebies..your best bet is to join embroidery forums where people share a wealth of valuable information and who digitize designs too. hope this helps…
I belong to a few very good embroidery forums and have learned a great deal from them..Good Luck with your dolls..

How do I send words and text to my embroidery machine?

October 31st, 2011 2 comments

Hello. I’m new to embroidery. I just purchased the Brother 270D. I have the Amazing Box 2, and some designs I’ve downloaded from the internet. I’m fine with the designs and understand how they work and how to get them to the machine.

I get confused when it comes to fonts. I see fonts that you buy for $10-15. I see free fonts. However, it looks like the files are individual for each letter. How/What do I need to type words and transfer it as a pattern to my machine.

For instance, if I want to type "Happy Birthday" is there a program that will allow me to load fonts that I’ve purchased or downloaded for free that will stitch it and allow me to send the words "Happy Birthday" to the machine. I’m really not interested in getting into digitizing. I just want something basic that will let me type and embroider random words. I looked at Embroidery Fonts Plus, but it looks like you are limited to their fonts. Would Embroidery Magic I work or am I limited to their fonts as well?

ANY help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


You would have to send individuall letter fonts in two ways.

1) You would need a simple program that would allow you to combine the designs into the words happybirthdayy and then you could save it as a new design and then send it to the machine.

2) You would have to send the design to the machine individually and then hope you line up the fabric each time in the hoop in the correct position.

Embird basic is a program that will do that and allow you some minor modifications to a design but it is priced at $144.
You can download a demo of it and see if it will do what you want it to do here:
There was a issue with it if you were running Windows Vista, not sure if they have fixed that issue.

I would suggest finding a Yahoo group for your machine and see if anyone else there has any other suggestions for programs they might be using to combine designs without a big expense to you

Can I get a Free Software to crate Embroidery Designs?

October 31st, 2011 1 comment

We have an 18 head Embroidery machine, and Urgently need a software to create, our designs. Can any1 help me out.

If you are trying to create a stencil. Gimp is a good free software that is easy to use.

You can get a picture and turn it into a grey scale.

I hope this helps

Thinking of buying embroidery sewing machine…?

October 31st, 2011 2 comments

How hard is it to embroider…I do not have much experience with sewing machine. Mainly all I wanting to do is embroider cute graphics and customs names on baby items for a business i currently have running. I have tons of customers wanti8bng these products and I need to know how hard embroidery is. The machibne I have looked at is the singer futura because it appeaqrs to embroider for you once you put it in the computer. is this how all embroider machines work. What is the best one to use…as i said i am new to this and want something that will be easy to use and I love the idea of hands free bevause the though of sewibng a difficult design is kinda scary to me

Brother is the leader in machine embroidery. The Singers are not supported once the new models come out.

The SE400 sold at Walmart is less than $400 and serves as a sewing machine as well as an embroidery machine.

A sewing machine dealer may have something a little more expensive and they would be able to teach you how to do the embroidery.

There are some designs built into the machine and others can be downloaded from the Internet.

Before downloading, you need to be sure the design is within the size of the embroidery area of the machine – this is usually indicated by the maximum hoop that comes with the machine.

Create a folder on your computer for the designs to reside.

When designs are downloaded, most will be in a zipped/compressed file. They have to be opened and saved to the folder.

Embroidery machines will have a limited selection of alpha/numerical fonts. Others can be downloaded.

You select the design from the folder and copy to the method of transferal that comes with the embroidery machine; USB cable or USB stick drive.

Avoid machines that use floppies or memory card only as they are obsolete.

To view the designs on the computer you will need a catalog, such as Catalog Xpress or Embrilliance Thumbnailer. Cat X has more features and cost more than ET, which is only for viewing.

Does any one have website for FREE machine embroidery designs? I want to play a bit before I get serious.?

October 31st, 2011 3 comments

I have a new embroidery machine and am just learning. I don’t want to purchase designs until I know I can do them.

there are soooooooo many free embroidery designs out there that i doubt anyone can list all the sites. many digitizers give a sample of their work away to encourage you to purchase their designs. i’m going to list a couple of my favorites but all you have to do is a search for machine embroidery designs, i’m not sure i have ever found a site that doesn’t give away at least one freebie.

this digitizer is awesome. each week she puts 10 of her collections on sale for $3 each. she was one of the first. she also has free designs on some of her pages.

one of my favorite sites gives away 49 free designs a day and the membership to their site is very reasonable and well worth the money.">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library

and here is a yahoo group you might want to join. they post where free designs are

good luck and have fun.
if you have other questions please feel free to e-mail me from my profile.

Embroidery Software Wilcom Es

October 29th, 2011 11 comments

In this video you will learn how to install wilcom es the popular embrodery software for FREE!!!

Duration : 0:6:51

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Janome 350E – Part 5 – embroidery modes

October 29th, 2011 3 comments

Janome 350E

With the ability to import designs via USB Memory Key and automatic thread cutter the MEMORY CRAFT 350E is a step up from its predecessor. But like the popular MEMORY CRAFT 300E, it does beautifully precise embroidery. Useful solutions took from series MEMORY CRAFT machines were improved and added another innovations and helpful functions. Now is available with PenDrive version full of beautiful embroidery designs and together with converter for changing patterns from other types of embroidery machines.

Ideal for scrapbooking – technique that allows to decorate photos, postcards, calendars etc.

– embroidery speed up to 650 stitches per minute,
– embroidery field is increased to 200×140 mm,
– standard equipped with 2 hoops: 126×110 mm & 200×140 mm,
– free arm for embroider sleeves, trouser legs, etc.,
– 100 embroidery designs, 3 typefaces included in machine’s internal library, build in a system to create 2- or 3- letter monograms,
– automatic system bobbin winder,
– automatic thread cutter,
– rotary hook,
– standard equipped with: embroidery scissors, bobbins and other useful accessories for embroidery,
– build in breaking threads sensor,
– USB port to read embroidery designs directly from PenDrive.


Janome 350E – tryby haftowania.

Hafciarka komputerowa JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 350E to następca modelu MEMORY CRAFT 300E wzbogacona o automatyczne obcinanie nici, wbudowany port USB i nowe, piękne wzory. Sprawdzone rozwiązania zaczerpnięte z maszyn serii MEMORY CRAFT zostały udoskonalone, a także wprowadzono kolejne innowacje i przydatne funkcje.

Idealnie nadaje się do scrapbookingu – techniki ozdabiania zdjęć, kartek okolicznościowych, kalendarzy itd.

– Prędkość pracy maszyny wynosi do 650 wkłuć igły na minutę,
– pole haftu zwiększono do rozmiarów 200×140 mm,
– w wyposażeniu dwa tamborki: 126×110 mm i 200×140 mm,
– wolne ramię do haftowania na rękawach, nogawkach, etc.
– hafciarka posiada 100 (!) wbudowanych wzorów i 3 kroje alfabetów, wbudowano również system pozwalający tworzyć piękne 2- lub 3-literowe monogramy,
– posiada automat do nawlekania nici,
– automatyczne obcinanie nici,
– chwytacz rotacyjny znacznie przyspiesza proces haftowania,
– na wyposażeniu znajdują się nożyczki hafciarskie, szpulki i inne akcesoria niezbędne w procesie haftowania,
– maszyna ma wbudowany czujnik zerwania nitki,
– wbudowany port USB do odczytu haftów bezpośrednio z PenDrive.

Duration : 0:8:18

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Embroidery Designs Free 3

October 29th, 2011 1 comment

Welcome to my friends,
Today Add 80 designs embroidery free jest visit us .. download …. leave your commoents … we are waiting you to the site the next
Thank you

Duration : 0:1:23

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Husqvarna Viking 4D Professional 2: Additional Modules

October 29th, 2011 2 comments

Embroidery software educator Soni Grint shows further highlights of the packages contained in 4D Professional. Printer fabric and iron-on transfers are enhanced with free motion embroidery created in 4D Sketch. 4D Design Aligner splits larger designs for any hoop. There are highlights of the four exclusive modules contained in 4D Professional. Make every design unique with 4D Design Creator using special fill effects such as contour and motif fill. Transform photos using monochrome and 4-color techniques in 4D PictureStitch. Embellish fabric with machine or personal motifs with 4D Fabric Decorator. Create your own fonts using 4D Font Digitizing. Finally, use 4D Organizer to catalog your designs or 4D Vision to preview designs before embroidery (available in other packages)

Duration : 0:9:59

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