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embroidery books?

April 27th, 2012 3 comments

i want to download embroidery books for free so for that which site allows to download the embroidery books for free
please help??????????????
My favorite book on embroidery is a simple pamphlet I picked up years ago, it has clear line drawings for the stitches and plain explanations. I think it might have cost a couple of dollars.

What historical romance book is this?

April 27th, 2012 2 comments

I’m pretty sure it took place in England and was published in the 1990s.

I only remember the name Miranda and she wasn’t the main character. I”ll cal the main character lady and the other main character man.

Near the beginning of the book the lady (main character) is in Miranda’s room searching for something.She hears Miranda coming in so she hides in a tiny closet and is surprised to find a man (main character) there who is also looking for something.Miranda brought a guy with her and they start messing around on the best and the guy creams,and Miranda says something like "You ruined my good sheets! Get out!"
Not long after in the book the lady is walking up the stairs during a ball and starts to feel freaked out,so she goes to the man she hid with room and wakes him up and tells him.Then someone bangs on the bedroom door saying someone was killed.They both run up the stairs and there is a dead body in the lady’s room that she was supposed to find (may have been killed by Miranda).The killer got tierd of waiting for someone to find the body so they sent a maid up to the room with tea.Then everyone starts looking at the man and lady because she’s looking all proper while his clothes are all mussed up.The the man puts his arm around her and tells everyone that they’re engaged.Later Miranda will talk to her and tell her all about how much she enjoys the sight of a manly chest and the lady will say "I wouldn’t think someone of your social class would know of such things." and Miranda says "Don’t act like you’re an innocent virgin,everyone saw you two together."
Some time in the book a maid,who is engaged to another worker,almost gets raped by some guy and is screaming "I’m a good girl!" and the guy tells her "I’ll break you in for him"The lady comes up behind him and hits him in the head.And the two of them push him down the stairs to make it look like he fell (he survives).

Way later in the book she is staying somewhere else and is getting ready to leave for good and asks to take a small embroidery picture that was hanging in her room as a souviner.When she takes it down she finds a letter behind it.So she tracks down the person the letter is for and it’s an old lady.The old lady starts crying because she knows the woman who wrote the letter is probably dead or else she wouldn’t have hidden it.Then she goes to meet the man in the park so he can take her home.He’smad because he knows she is lying about where she went because she has mud on her shoes.In the back of the carriage they kiss and then quickly start having sex and he pulls out and creams on her leg and is glad to find out she was a virgin.

Later,they’re meeting Miranda and when they go into her house it very quiet and the library door is closed.They walk into the library and see Miranda has been shot and killed so they quickly leave.Not long after the meet with Miranda’s bodyguard in a park and he tells them who he suspects killed her.Then he starts to cry saying he was in love with her but she didn’t love him back.And she would get drunk and force him to have sex with sometimes on the stairs.The lady then hugs him and says "That was have been so painfull for you on the stairs."

And sometime during the books the lady gets a letter from her teenage sister in group home for young ladies saying that she woke up late at night and went downstairs for something to drink.She heard a grunting noise in the study and went in thinking someone was hurt.The owner of the group home and a well respected widower were haveing sex.And she says that it looked nothing like the books said it would be like and that she wants to leave.

Forbidden Love (Dell Historical Romance) book is an old fashion bodice ripper. I enjoyed it and it took me a day to read. Yes he is a totally Alpha male but she is strong and stands up to him. This is my favourite Karen Robards book. I think you will either love this book or hate it – no middle ground here!

how to get embroidery suit design free by net?

April 27th, 2012 1 comment

embroidery design on suit & duppata

probably by a nefarious pirate site that will install viruses and spy ware.