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I am learning embroidery, can any please suggest a list good embroidery software’s. thank you?

January 10th, 2013 1 comment

Well, Initially I would like to learn it on computer, I know hand embroidery, now I want to design new embroids and implement it practically on various cloths with differential patterns

are you looking for free patterns, instructions on various stitches, any particular stitch, ….
what do you mean by software – are you learning computerized embroidery or hand embroidery?
if you add some details, i can give you a specific answer. i have quite a few sites on hand & machine embroidery.
meanwhile, you can try google, youtube, expertvillage,,, etc.

will wait for you to update …
all the best

okay, here’s a list i’ve compiled for machine embroidery – most have free patterns, but if you browse through them, i’m sure you’ll find a lot more & further links too.
hope you find what you are looking for & more :-))

first, though : — list of top embroidery sites !! and they update this regularly.
and if you want free designs, you can join to this group…

hope this helped

Ideas for an embroidery project?

December 19th, 2012 4 comments

Lately, I’ve been really wanting to get back into embroidery but I’ve been at a loss for ideas. As far as fabric goes, I only have a turquiose sheet of fabric. It’s one of my favorite colors and I would really like to embroider some sort of design but I don’t have any ideas. So, my question is: does anyone have ideas for a simple sheet of fabric or know of any websites with ideas. Nothing too dated or cheesy, I’m thinking of cool designs, keep in mind.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I am sorry but I have no idea what would catch your “eye” so I giving a list of the links that could help you.

New Embroidery Designs
Choose from over 250,000 designs all avail. for immediate download!
Embroidery Designs, Embroidery Thread and Embroidery Supplies …
http// Embroidery Designs (Over 85,000), Thread … by Adorable Ideas by John Deer: 5) Tennis Ball -2 (TH-710) by Sew Man Embroidery
http// – Cached
Embroidery Gift Ideas
Embroidered items make great gifts. Not only do they have that handmade feel to them, but you can personalize almost anything with some simple embroidery and make it …
http// – Cached
Embroidery Ideas –
Learn about Embroidery Ideas on Find info and videos including: Embroidery Machine Ideas, Embroidery on Card Ideas, Embroidery Monogram Ideas and much more.
Machine Embroidery Downloads: Designs & Digitizing Services …
Visit for thousands of machine embroidery designs, patterns, and fonts. We also offer custom digitizing services, embroidery software …
http// – Cached
Embroidery Designs, Embroidery Thread and Embroidery Supplies …
http// Embroidery Designs (Over 85,000), Thread and Supplies for Home and Commercial Embroidery Machines and Hand Embroidery
http// – Cached
Embroidery Library – Home Page
With St. Patrick’s Day on the way, embrace the beauty of Irish culture when you stitch this week’s enchanting new designs! Decorate with classy Arts …
http// – Cached
Embroidery Online
Embroidery Online is your one-stop shop for embroidery designs and innovative embroidery accessories! Free embroidery designs also available …

Sewing machine embroidery designs of fishing for kids’ shirts where ?

December 11th, 2012 4 comments

Hi, my dad, a fishaholic for sure, died yesterday at age 94 and I want to sew out some kids’ shirts and am looking for designs about 4×4" or close that show any kid, bear, child type picture of fishing. I would like to find at least one applique one to use with machine embroidery, Thanks.

Dear Wendy
I am so sorry for your loss. My dad too was a fishaholic.So are my hubby , sons and grandson. You should try Embroidery Library ie : . Just type in Fishing in their search space. They have some really nice ones.
God Bless

where can I find a good web site for Free embroidery sewing downloads?

December 3rd, 2012 1 comment

Are you looking for machine embroidery designs? Try the machine brand web sites, they all have downloads of free sample designs of the collections that they sell. Also, most designers have a free sample of the work that they sell. Some of my favorites:

Have fun!!

Programs to create my own embroidery designs?

December 3rd, 2012 1 comment

My grandma has Embroidery Magic 2 which is old and she won’t even try to understand how to create a design, she just has the program and my aunt would make designs. What other programs can I use to create my own designs that is fairly simple to use?

.QuickAppsInfo NetflixOpenTableSearch resultsFree Sierra software for Embroidery & more…
Free Digitizing Software … This is very powerful embroidery design software … existing designs, as well as create new embroidery designs … – Cached
How to Make Custom Machine Embroidery Designs and Patterns …
How to Make Custom Machine Embroidery Designs and Patterns. A machine embroidery … Embroidery Designs Using Digitizing Software; How to Make Custom Embroidery Designs​machine-embroidery… – Cached
Embroidery Software, Embroidery Digitizing Software …
… Software and Embroidery Digitizing Software to create new embroidery designs of … Kristina’s Exquisite Designs; Free Embroidery Designs; Embroidery Software. Generations…/embroidery-​software.aspx – Cached
Machine Embroidery Downloads: Designs & Digitizing Services …
… offer custom digitizing services, embroidery software … Free Embroidery Designs: Free Embroidery Software … by our special design packs or create your … – Cached
How to Design Your Own Embroidery Software |
Embroidery Digitizing Software for Digital Embroidery Machine Designs. How to use embroidery digitizing software to make digital embroidery machine designs in this free …​embroidery-software.html – Cached
Embroidery Software
Embroidery software to digitize designs … Embroidery Software for digitizing designs, fonts, monograms for machine embroidering. free … create your own unique designs …​2.htm

how do Brother and Singer embroidery machines compare?

November 27th, 2012 3 comments

Trying to decide which machine to purchase as my beginner embroidery machine. Don’t want to spend too much under $500 would be great. Not sure that I will like doing it so looking for a lesser model. Thanks for your time and expertise!!!

Brother is the leader in home embroidery machines. They are easy to use, software friendly and most designs that are available on the Internet (best and least expensive way to obtain machine embroidery designs) are in pes format, which is the one used by Brother.

For your price range, you may be limiting your embroidery area to 4 x 4, which many of us started with. And many designs come within this hoop size.

The price may also limited you to using memory cards for designs which are not built into the machine. Most of us started with a reader/writer unit and rewirttable memory card for machine embroidery – the unit has to be compatible with the brand and format.

You can purchase a unit – PED Basic, a Brother product with a rewitable memory card for around $119. See Source.

To use designs from the Internet, you need to have a PC. On the hard drive, create a folder and name it Emb Downloads. Choose the design you want from the many sites on the Internet and save to the folder. The design most likely will be zipped. Mouse over and choose extract or open. A new file will appear and this is what you will send to the memory card. The zipped file can be deleted.

Save the folder to a USB flash drive (if your PC has a USB port) or to a CD as backup – do this everytime you add or change a design file in the Emb Download folder.

Open the manual and lay it next to the embroidery machine. Read through and apply each feature of the machine.

Some basic supplies you will need are – stabilizer (tear away, cut away and water soluable); machine embroidery bobbin thread; machine embroidery thread – polyester will withstand chlorine bleach, but rayon is more readily available. Start with a few basic colors.

Add to your supply list as you find the items on sale.

Embroidery Library has great tutorials and tips –

Is it easy to learn how to use an embroidery machine?

November 9th, 2012 2 comments

I would like to invest in an embroidery machine because I have really good ideas on what to use it for. However, I have never used one. In fact I barely know how to use a sewing machine.
I am clueless on how an embroidery machine even works. I want to use it to do different fonts, number designs, polka dots, and things of that nature. Can anyone maybe give me the basics I need to know? Perhaps direct me to a website? Thanks.

An embroidery machine is very easy to use. Easier than learning to use a sewing machine.

You can teach yourself to do this buy reading and testing the different designs. I did and it is quick and easy to learn.

This was my first book –,M1

Embroidery machines have built-in fonts and a few designs.

To expand on what comes already built-in you will need to be able to transfer machine embroidery designs from your PC to the machine. Most designs are downloaded from the Internet – you can find many that are free.

The less expensive machines require additional software (reader box and rewritable card for machine embroidery). This software is around $200.

The Brother sold at Walmart would be a good machine to start with and you can get the additional software (mentioned above) for $119, here –

Several years ago, I bought my first embroidery machine at Walmart and the reader/card software at Allbrands.

You will also need machine embroidery thread, machine embroidery bobbin thread and stabilizer – all sold in fabric stores. Watch for sales and stock up on staple/favorite colors of thread. There will be extra needles & bobbins with the machine.

I get a lot of my machine embroidery supplies here –

What format does a Janome Memory Craft 200E embroidery machine read?

November 9th, 2012 3 comments

I have a Janome Memory Craft 200E. I have never used an embroidery machine before, so this is all greek to me! What format do the designs I purchase/download need to be in?

If this is your machine –

You need the jef format.

If you find designs that you like, but they are not jef, you can convert them by using Pulse Ambassador. This is a free software download used by many machine embroiderers.

Before you download designs, create a folder on the PC’s hard drive and name it Embroidery or something you can easily recognize.

When you download a design, select SAVE and the folder you created.

The design file may be compressed or zipped – you will have to open this before sending to the embroidery machine.

Highlight the design file and select open or extract. You will now have two files; the zipped file and the open file. You can delete the zipped file.

If the file has to be converted to jef, open Pulse Ambassador and find the design file. Open and then SAVE AS using the jef format.

Make sure the designs you download are within the limitations of the embroidery machine – this is usually signified by the size of the hoop.

Back up your embroidery folder to flash drive or cd every time you add or make a change. This will ensure the saftey of the folder should the PC go wonky and loose you hard work.

It is also a good idea to have a catalog program so you can see the designs – Windows cannot read machine embroidery designs.

You can check Embird, Buzz Tools or Ann The Gran for this software. ATG has a demo you can download and try for a limited period of time.

Embroidery Library has several free tutorials, videos, tips & techniques that are very helpful.

How can i download free fonts for singer futura 150?

November 5th, 2012 1 comment

Im trying to find a website to download free fonts for singer futura 150. Anyone know some sites.

Not many fonts are free, but there are many designs available for downloading that may have a few and other for sale.

You need to know the format of your embroidery machine. If the designs do not come in the format you need, there is a free software program where you can convert to the format needed.

Set up a folder on the hard drive of your PC and name it embroidery downloads.

Select the designs you want to download – these are usually referred to as files.

Save to your embroidery folder.

Most downloads are zipped it will look like a file with a zipper. To unzip, mouse over the design file to highlight.

A mini screen will come onto the screen. Select open, unzip or extract.

This is the file you will be working with and the zipped file can be deleted.

If you need to convert the format, download Pulse Ambassador.

Open the file in PA and save in the format you need.

One of may sites –

You have to join this site (free) and then choose Download Designs from the tool bar. All the designs that have a download icon are free to everyone. All are free to those who are members of Ann’s Club. The designs are .pes format and may have to be converted to the format used by your embroidery machine.

To search and review the thousands that are available, put free machine embroidery designs in the web search box at Yahoo or google.

If you do machine embroidery could you suggest what brand is the best to accept other discs?

November 5th, 2012 2 comments

I want to use some of Clotilde’s embroidery patterns, and Jo-Anns is having a decent sale on Singer. But what about Brother? Help?

I prefer Brother or Babylock and I would suggest buying from a dealer if you have never used a sewing machine – the embroidery machine has some similarities.

If you do not buy from a sewing machine dealer, try the Singer – it should connect via cable to your PC and this is where you will store designs and then send to the embroidery machine.

You choose designs by the format of the embroidery machine and the the hoop size. Watch this when downloading.

An embroidery machine that has a maximum embroidery area of 4 x 4 will not stitch a design that is larger.

The least expensive method to obtain designs is downloading from the Internet to the computer, then send to the embroidery machine as you want to stitch out a design.

Methods for sending designs to an embroidery machine:

Memory card only (you will need a reader box and card compatible with the brand/model of the machine.
Memory card and USB cable (connects directly to the PC)
Memory card, USB cable and USB flash drive.

The more options, the more expensive the embroidery machine.

Clotilde does not sell machine embroidery designs.

Each of the two books listed in her catalog has a CD with free designs, which you upload to your PC. You cannot just stick these CDs into an embroidery machine and start stitching.

You have to have a method (reader box/card, cable or flash drive) of getting the designs from the PC to the embroidery machine.

The designs at Nancy’s Notions are her choices, but they are Amazing Designs products.

There are many Internet sites that have free designs you can download to your PC.

Once you get an embroidery machine, you may find this site helpful –