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Brother Embroidery Machine and PED Basic software Help?

December 15th, 2012 2 comments

How do I connect font characters to spell a word? I want to embroider my daughters name on something using a font I downloaded from the internet. I cannot group the characters together on my machine. Is there any way to do this?
Thank you so much! That is helpful. I wish I could do it with what I have 🙁

I am afraid not. You can combine the letters already built into the machine.

You will need an editing software program to combine the letters or do one at a time.

If doing one at a time is the only option, bring up each letter and send to the card.

Then make a sample by stitching out each letter, noting the size and then determine how far to space each letter. Start by making a cross hair with a pen for each one – this will help you to find the center of each letter after stitching.

Remember, the center for the letters a and y (as examples) are going to differ as will as upper and lower case letters.

You can use the jog feature on the embroidery machine to calculate the perimeter of each letter.

There is a trial of Embird that may be of help as well as a tutorial for lettering at ABC Embroidery (free).

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions at any time.

What type of embroidery machine should I buy? I want to do names and small cheerleading logos like megaphones.?

December 9th, 2012 3 comments

I’ve noticed that companies charge $10 and up just to put a name with a mega phone and pom-poms on a jacket front. I’d like to buy my own and embroider them myself. What type would be helpful. I don’t want to go over $800.
I only want to embroider names on the front of jackets at most 4 inches long, and logo’s that won’t be more than 4 x 4 inches.

You can do this with the Brother 350 sold at Walmart and it is less than $400.

You also need Ped Basic. More info below at Allbrands.

So there you have it. For around $500 you can have a combination sewing/embroidery machine and the software for downloading.

You can use the remaining budget to purchase thread and stabilizer and still have money left over – that’s always a good thing!

Eight years ago, I started with the first Brother embroidery machine that Walmart sold, but at that time the additional software (like Ped Basic) needed for accessing designs from the Internet sold for $200 – $300.

Later, I purchased a Babylock with a larger hoop and sold the Brother on Ebay for about 80% of my original expense.

The embroidery machine will come with a few tools for maintenance (cleaning), needles, bobbins, thread nets (keeps thread from feeding too fast from the spool – it may, or may not be needed) and a small pair of scissors.

If you use polyester thread for machine embroidery, it will withstand chlorine bleach. If there is no chance the item will come in contact with chlorine bleach you can use rayon.

Be sure to use machine embroidery bobbin thread – this comes in white and black. I use NEB prewound bobbins as they hold more thread.

You can find good prices on stabilizer at Allbrands or JoAnn Fabrics when they are on special. Start with a medium weight cut away and a medium weight tear away. You should also include a tricot iron-on to cover the back of the embroidery if the garment is going to be worn next to the skin.

Rayon and Polyester machine embroidery thread can be purchased online as well, but you may want to buy a few of the basic colors at a fabric shop – JoAnn Fabric has thread on sale from time to time at 40% off. Thread that comes in kits sometimes leave you will colors you may not use.

If you embroidery a design that has lots of black or other dark color – buy Madeira brand as Coats & Clark and Sulky tend to fray as the machine stitches. This is due to the dying process used by the manufacturer.

Embroidery Library has a great section that provides tips and techniques as well as sales on designs. This is worth downloading or a least flagging it as a favorite site.

Embroidery Designs is another site that has a variety of designs for cheer leading as well as access to other vendors of machine embroidery designs. Download freebies and use them for practice, if nothing else. The embroidery machine will have some designs and fonts built-in.

When you get your embroidery machine home – open the manual and lay it right next to the machine. Then read and follow each step of each feature of the machine – this is the easiest and quickest way to learn how to use the machine.

Be sure to use the right stabilizer (see embroidery library); practice on old shirts or fabric scraps and in no time you will be expert at this.

JoAnn does not have any specials on embroidery supplies right now, but you can sign up for notices – – check your PC’s operating system for compatibility. – be sure to check the charts for placement and stabilizer recommendations. – downloads, check the vendors on the side bar for more possibilities.

Never leave the machine as it is running and if it sounds like it is jamming – stop and remove the hoop and check for thread snarls in the bobbin area (maintenance section will show you how to clean). This can happen with any machine and at any experience level. All sewing and embroidery machines with a drop-in bobbin need to be cleaned after a few stitch-outs.

Take some quiet time and have fun. This is a hobby that can shortly lead to a business.

I do my answers on a person-by-person basis and if I missed something pertinent to your situation, or if you have more questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

What is the best type of embroidery machine to use?

December 5th, 2012 1 comment

I am willing to buy one, but I’m not sure which one i would like to buy. Any suggestions?? I dont care what price range it is either.

I can’t tell you the ‘best’ one to use but I can offer you some guidance, of sorts.

You need to also think about what kind of designs you intend to do. Can you use the small 4×4 stitching area or can you afford a couple of hundred more to move on up to a 5×7 stitching area? Personally, I wish I’d waited and saved to get the 5×7 stitching area for my first machine.

Ok, after you ‘ve decided what size stitching area you want You’ll need to decide which machine.
Before deciding on a machine, you need to determine what you plan to do with it. Will it be a work horse that never stops, or do you think it may be something you tire of quickly? ( Honestly, machine embroidery is ADDICTING so I don’t see that second option happening.)
Ok, when you’ve narrowed down to a couple of machines you think you’d like, look at what you’ll need to use them. For example. I bought my brother embroidery machine blindly having no clue what I’d need. After it was delivered, I found out that to transfer designs from my computer to the machine, I’d have to have a ped basic and design card.
Some machines use a flash drive, some need cd’s, others still use floppy disks, and some can hook directly up to your computer. You need to find out what you’ll need before you buy the machine.
After you find a machine you want you’ll also have to buy supplies. You’ll need all of these things before even stitching your 1st project.

Thread – lots and lots of thread (i recommend anna bove collections)
an assortment of embroidery needles (depending on your fabric and stabilizer, you could need a different size needle for each project)
Stabilizers – everyone has their favorites and you will too. To start I’d recommend a good water soluble stabilizer, a light mesh stabilizer, and a heavier stabilizer.

Before getting anything – even the machine – I’d recommend joining and online forum. You can join for free at or you can join a subscription site like I learned sooooo much from the people at artisticthreadworks that I would recommend you join before buying the machine. The people there will answer any question.
I also recommend The forum is less busy – more advanced stitchers i guess – but they will ALWAYS stop to answer a question.

I know I didn’t directly answer your question, but I didnt want you to think it was as easy as just picking up a machine. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to email me at

What embroidery machine do i need?

November 29th, 2012 5 comments

I want an embroidery machine. I just want it to monogram towels or things like that for cute gifts. I want one with some cute fonts on it. I have never done it before so it needs to be easy to work. I also cant spend over $400-$500 on it. Help!

The problem with picking up a Brother embroidery machine from WalMart is you can’t just take it out of the box and start embroidering.
It is really something you need lessons for. There is special thread, bobbin thread, and needles you need. You need to know how to hoop and what stabilizer to use and how to use it. I took one class in just stabilizers. Towels for example, need a special stabilizer on the top. It looks like a think plastic. It pushes downt the loops of the terrycloth so they don’t poke through the threads of your design.
Getting a used model at a sewing machine dealer would give you free lessons on how to operate your machine. And offer other lessons on how to embroider

Brother Embroidery Machine!?

December 18th, 2011 1 comment

I am after a brother embroidery only machine, i also need the software with this, PE DESIGN 7 or PE DESIGN LITE, obviously the lite is alot less expensive, i want to produce my own designs but dont want to pay for somthing i do not need, has any1 any experience of these packages, also as ive been searchin for the software ive found various sites you can download them for free, however im under the impression you need the brother card reader/writer and you can only buy this with the software? has anyone any advice! Being student i need the cheapest way possible of acheiving my embroidery dream!!

Brother embroidery machines are actually both. Sewing and embroidery. This is something you want, so you don’t have to invest in two machines. the UL2001 have a disk drive you can transfer designs to the machine. Its a great machine. I own one. The other one I own is the 8500, and for this one you do need the card reader/writer since its the only way you can get the designs to the machine. Ebay will be your best bet to find the software. I really do not use my 8500 since its a lot easier to transfer designs using my disk drive. Hope this helped

brothers pe design software?

December 10th, 2011 1 comment

In 2002 I bought a brother embroidery machine and Pe-
Design 4.0. I am on a fixed income and can not afford to upgrade my Pe- Design software. My granddaughter got a hold of my security dongle and put it somewhere and I can not find it to save my life and she is to young to understand when I ask here where it is. My question is this. Has someone upgraded and have a security dongle I might be able to purchase? I have all of the software, the reader/writer, blank memory card and am just missing the security device. Without it I can not create designs for my grandkids. I have tried some free downloaded software but the design looks fine on the screen but awful when I try it on the machine. Please if anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Thanks In Advance

Hmmm, since i do not own machines like that but since it seems like you guinuinly owning this software i would suggest if you cant find a new dongle you could go find a crack for your program so it does not need the dongle anymore (type in PE DESIGN) in fileshare programs as for example Emule and you find cracks for it.

Where can I find a Lakers embroidery design to download to buy?

December 10th, 2011 3 comments

Of course I would prefer a free download but I don’t mind buying one either. And to clairfy I am looking for an embroidery design that I can download to use with my Brother embroidery machine. Preferably the lakers logo.

This is a copyright and is not for sale.

Have a Brother embroidery machine… how do I choose and use software to make unique designs to embroider?

November 14th, 2011 5 comments

My husband bought me a used Brother embroidery machine. I am new to the WHOLE sewing/embroidery thing, and have tons to learn. I wanted to know if there is free software out there that will allow me to design new things to embroider? How do I go about making these things on the software and then getting it to the machine?? I’m totally confused with all this and incredibly overwhelmed! 🙁 I want to have fun!

also, I have windows vista…. does that make things harder?
also, how do i take all these free designs I see on the web, and open them once they are saved in files…. what program do I use to open .art files?? I have tried everything! Help!

There may not be free software to download to create your own designs. Vista is ok to have when purchasing your digitizing software. Brother have some easy to use programs, such as PED Lite and PE Design. But you dont have to buy ‘Brother’ software.
.art designs are Bernina files, and unfortunately, you cannot use them unless you have bernina branded software. Stick to downloading designs in .pes format. Embroidery is so much fun, and there is always something to do!!! I use husqvarna viking software and i find this really easy, and it does a lot! and i use this with my brother embroidery machine.
Digitizing is the process in which you get your image into ‘stitch points’, basically telling the needle where to go, and what direction and form the stitch needs to be. Its not easy, but if you love art, and love the computer- you’ll love this!
Ask your husband if the shop/place he bought it from offers lessons, or classes on the software and machine. i’m sure they can give you tons of advice! Happy Sewing!!!!!!!

Where can I find absolutely free pes downloadable embroidery patterns for doll faces?

October 31st, 2011 1 comment

I have a Brother embroidery machine and I am trying to make my grandaughters cloth dolls for Christmas. I need to find a site to download a free pattern for a doll face in pes format or find someone who is willing to share one.

I know they have PES as I have downloaded these doll faces in that format..

go to the freebies page (I believe there are a few pages of freebies) and there is a few doll faces..many embroidery forums and yahoo groups have lots of freebies..your best bet is to join embroidery forums where people share a wealth of valuable information and who digitize designs too. hope this helps…
I belong to a few very good embroidery forums and have learned a great deal from them..Good Luck with your dolls..