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I am a beginner at embroidery and love what can be done with it. For the life of me though, I cannot get my stitches even and consistent so it always looks like a two year old did it. Any suggestions?

If you are doing free-hand embroidery – make a visual pattern with a self-erasing (air disappearing) pen. You can mark even intervals for the stitches – use a ruler if you need to.

There are a huge number of pre-printed embroidery patterns that you can download for free and use for your embroidery. Use a light-box and transfer to your material and indicate where each stitch is to begin, end.

I often use my pinky finger nail to measure where the next stitch is to be taken so as to make my handwork stitches more even.

If you are doing work on an even fabric – a cross stitch fabric – evenweave – linen – then you can count the number of threads for each stitch.

If you are doing cross stitch as the stitch — be sure to count the number of threads, squares. Make sure that the thread goes in flat — untwist the thread while still in the air — I use something called a laying tool (a small dull pointed long cylindrical metal tool) to make sure that the thread lies perfectly flat for each stitch – yes, I admit, I am a perfectionist!

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Do u wanna asite to download free Designs from it ?anyway if u wanna that you can visit EmbroideryHorizons .com . There u can get 3 Free Designs Every Month .

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i want to download embroidery books for free so for that which site allows to download the embroidery books for free
please help??????????????
My favorite book on embroidery is a simple pamphlet I picked up years ago, it has clear line drawings for the stitches and plain explanations. I think it might have cost a couple of dollars.


is there a web site you can print out or download embroidery stitches for free

Here are a few good sites you might like.


hi there here is three sight i found. good luck

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I have been using the catalog xpress by ann the gran but my trial ends soon and I don't have the money right this second to buy the program

Check Search for your program. They have a lot of freeware and shareware there.

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I need to know how to download free fonts and where. I found a site where I can purchase them, but I also don't know what format to use. Please help!
you have to join this group which is free…they have lots of FREE designs and fonts for the futura…(xxx) format…when you download make sure you choose the right format for your machine…they even have designs every hour on the half hour which are free….once you join you will need to go to the files section and that is where you can download a bunch of free embroidery fonts….

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I am new to embroidery and am looking for a pretty monogram font for our initial to put on kitchen towels…I can't figure this out…trying to download a free one, but it's in a .ttf file. My machine only recognizes .pes or .dst files. How can i convert this? Or, where can I find free downloads already in .pes format? Thanks!

Embroidery machines only recognize machine embroidery formats.

You will need machine embroidery digitizing software for what you are wanting to do. This software starts at about $1,000.

You can find many free embroidery downloads by googling "free machine embroidery designs".

Most will be either pes or they will offer pes as an option.

If you find something you really like in a format other that pes or dst, you can convert to pes with conversion software. Pulse Ambassador is one program that you can download and use and it is free. It has to be a machine embroidery format.

Google and they will come.

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I have a Brother embroidery machine and I am trying to make my grandaughters cloth dolls for Christmas. I need to find a site to download a free pattern for a doll face in pes format or find someone who is willing to share one.

I know they have PES as I have downloaded these doll faces in that format..

go to the freebies page (I believe there are a few pages of freebies) and there is a few doll faces..many embroidery forums and yahoo groups have lots of freebies..your best bet is to join embroidery forums where people share a wealth of valuable information and who digitize designs too. hope this helps…
I belong to a few very good embroidery forums and have learned a great deal from them..Good Luck with your dolls..

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If not is there a way to convert other formats to vsp format?

Husquvarna web site has a monthly free design as well as archives. I have the 4D program and it converts everything. Some of the web sites offer free downloads to convert patterns. You can buy the 3D program much cheaper on Ebay than it was now that 4D has come out.
Good Luck
Sherry PA