I'm turning 12 and I wanna be a fashion designer.
I'm good in math, drawing, and im sort of good in knitting (im learning, but im good enough now)
I ADORE fashion designing specially the part when you end up with alot of clothes 😉
but i need tips.. any help?
thnx in advance!! 😀

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To answer your question: at your age you should be learning how to make clothes and how to take the clothes you have an make them different and special. You can add beads, trims, appliques, sparkly things, paint…anything and everything creative. At your age you should be developing your imagination and exploring your creativity. You are too young to worry about the business and the technical stuff, you can learn that later…when you are young it's more important to unchain the imagination and let your thoughts run free and untamed. Pattern making is easy to learn…creativity can't be taught.

You should be experimenting with a sewing machine and fabric, trying to turn your sketches and ideas into clothes. Try to make a dress form based on your body and then drape fabric on it, pin it together, sew it ups and see how it looks. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and learn from mistakes. All designers are willing to fail, because a failed experiment can pave the way for a successful design. Keep a record of what you have made, fabric samples, and write out what worked, what didn't any lessons learned, and what you might do different next time or what you will do the same. I have kept a record like that since I was about 13, and I still keep a record of experiments, special pieces, or any new tricks or techniques.

Try sewing from commercial patterns and become the best sewer that you can be. The clothes you make from patterns should look like you bought them in the store. (fashion schools ALL require the student to be able to sew, some will take an accomplished seamstress with few sketches and lots of completed clothes over someone with a thousand drawings. and no clothes. When you sew with patterns try to make each piece unique and add touches of your own personality. As you progress you will discover that you are naturally attracted to certain colors, certain motifs, etc, this is your person artistic style developing. This is a good thing, everyone needs a personal artistic vision and personal artistic style, even fashion designers. You might find you put turtles on everything, or maybe flowers…that's part of your style. (I put mushrooms on everything and my favourite print is almost always paisley)

Develop a love for fibers and fabrics, all textiles, clothes, sewing and the creative process that goes into creating the clothes. Develop a love for all things hand crafted and hand made. Try other crafts along side sewing and clothing, such as knitting, beading, applique, patchworking and quilting, fabric embellishments and hand embroidery. All these can be used on clothes to make them special

And that's what you can do at your age. That's how many of the designers I have met started. If you read designer biographies most will say that they started at about 12-14 making crafts and clothes and discovered that they loved doing it and they just kept doing it until it became their career.

That's what you need to do at your age.


Are you looking for machine embroidery designs? Try the machine brand web sites, they all have downloads of free sample designs of the collections that they sell. Also, most designers have a free sample of the work that they sell. Some of my favorites:

Have fun!!

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I know you can make your on embrodiery patterns and sell them. How do you start this?

You need to have embroidery design software. Many sewing machine companies have their own program that they sell, but most sewing/embroidery machines can use more than one format.

You can buy something simple, like Embird, or spend thousands for a professional-type program. You also need to have a machine so that you can stitch out the designs to test them. Most designers aren't real good for awhile and give away their designs for free to get people to know them. Some designers have a web site and sell their designs and also have some freebies that you can try to see how good the designer is.

Have fun with it!


I am starting a clothing store and need designer to design the clothings. I'm too busy to design it myself. I know what I want but do I charge by hour or per design?


I think per design basis is the best solution for you. The reason why I say this is that when you say you don't have much time on your hands, you won't be able to keep check on the hours put in by the designer in your designs and you might as well end up paying for something extra – and not getting any value for it. On the other hand, once you've made a deal with the designer on a specific, per-project, or per-design basis, you'll be free from the trouble of keeping check on the designer's hours. Hence, it is always better to cut a deal with designers on a per design basic. On another note, you might as well want to check out our work for any designing needs you have. Please email your requirements to: and we'll make sure you get the right designs in the right price!

Lastly, if you ever are in need of bulk orders with custom printed designs, you can check out – these guys are a real pro and experience in screen and embroidery designing.


The artistic curvatures and patterns that are made out of an embroidery machine can be very delightful and attractive to the human eye. We enjoy seeing these beautiful designs on our favorite clothing and accessories, bringing out our own taste, fashion and style.

To do this there are a variety of machine embroidery designs. Many of them can be downloaded from the Internet. Some can be bought from designers, independent companies and machine manufacturers who sell their own-made designs for those who don't want to create their own. You can also buy software programs to digitize graphics and convert them into designs compatible to the machine's hardware. Software can also edit and resize the installed embroidery designs.

For more information on machine embroidery designs click here

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