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Mental models or mind sets describes the brain processes used to make sense of our world. Mental models have an effect on all phase of professional and personal lives as well as society at large. For example, personal wellness, corporate growth, society (diversity and affirmative action) and thinking the impossible all have an important role in our thinking and actions. Taco Bell is undergoing change to increase business and profits and it must be able to be in the proper mindset to move forward with change (Wind, Crook, and Gunther, 2005). According to Wind, Crook, and Gunther (2005) there are choices for change. The first part is to recognize the power and limits of mental models. To understand how models shape the fast food restaurant business is the first objective to consider. While taking a closer look at the Taco Bell restaurant a person thinks that a fast food restaurant cannot serve food at a faster pace while being good at any time of the day.

The managers and stockholders also have to change their thinking to have an optimistic view on the building of the machines to run a 24 hour business. There will have to be designers brought in to establish the best coordinates for the machines. The designers will have to have a positive outlook on the project also. If all the players in the project can keep an outlook that is positive at all times than the mental model that is set will power the project. The step that will keep mental models relevant will be a primary concern for the managers and designers. They will need to keep an open mind at all times while creating the new machines that will make the food. The different systems that Taco Bell uses during the automation process are checkout machines that collect money and dispense change. The person will type in the order by pushing the pictures of the meal or item he or she desires. After they place the order the board will show a compilation of the final selections for the person to confirm. After the confirmation of the order, the person pushes enter for it to be sent inside for the machines to make the meal. All decisions made on coordinates, models, processes, and procedures are under evaluation by all staff at all times.

The constant evaluation will help in the creation of the best processes. Creative and innovative input is an important quality that Taco Bell employees, managers, and designers must have while building the machines for this project. As noted by Jeff (2003), in times of change, human resource are very vital in determining the rate at which such changes will take before becoming fully embraced. The transformation to automation will not be an overnight change. For automation to work properly and be successful, all employees must have the same mind set, be flexible, adapt, and welcome change. Management and employee buy in will be the deciding factor in the success of automation in Taco bell restaurants. Internal changes happen daily in businesses worldwide. With change, there will always be inhibitors that will slow down or prevent the change from taking place within the organization. For example, fewer employees mean fewer jobs. Automation eliminates jobs and with the current state of the economy, no one wants to lose their job. For the employees that will stay with Taco Bell, the question to be answered is will there be an increase in pay and benefits. There will be one employee or a small group of employees that will refuse to change with the times because the mind set of these people is why fix something that is not broken. It is therefore important to change peoples mindset in good time so that when changes are introduced, they cope with them without much hustle (Nilakant, 2006).

The availability of funds or getting funds for this project will be difficult. Investors will, at first, question the change taking place and will want answers as to how this change will benefit everyone involved and how long do the investors have to wait to get a return on their investment. As noted by Cameron (2004), change is inevitable and should be embraced when needs arises. Overcoming inhibitors to change is most difficult to accomplish, but with the proper mind set, the change to automation will succeed. Mental models or mind sets describe the brain processes used to make sense of our world. Management and non management employees will have to adapt and accept change at Taco Bell as the organization prepares for future success in the fast food industry.

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