I have some silks from color guard that I have already put together. I want to put them on a quilt for someone. It doesn't have to necessarily have to be a quilt, but maybe a blanket. (I hope that isn't the same thing to make me sound like an idiot.) Anyways. What is the best way to do this?

A basic quilt is easy. First you need to decide if you are going to make a lap,twin,full size. Then you need to buy material for the backing and a package of batting. Now when you say you have put the silks together-does that mean you have sewn them or just laid them out in an design. If you have already sewn them together you will need to square up the top. Then how about a border in a contrasting color. You would need to make strips about 4 1/2 inches wide by the length of the top(to sew on the sides of the top. then strips the width of the top(to sew on the top and bottom). Once you have done this you are ready to make the quilt. You would now put the material for the back down first, then on top of that put the batting and then lay the top on the batting. That is called a sandwich. the quilting is easy,too. If you have a machine you would want to use your free motion foot. I would then change my needle and put a size 10 or 11 embroidery needle in to sew with (this will not break the threads in the quilt material). For your quilt stitch use a meandering stitch.When done with this you would just turn the raw edges under and stitch all around the quilt and you are done.If you do not have a machine that you can quilt on then do it by hand. Get a large hoop and Do the same meandering stitch and finish it the same way. It will take a little longer to do but it is easy. Make sure to use quilting thread for machine or hand quilting thread. Lastly, if you have not decided on a design for the top of your quilt I would suggest that you make a crazy quilt with the silks. That would be cutting different shapes and sizes then sewing them together. You could then use fancy embroidery stitches to quilt with.


i'd like it to be as cheap as possible– either a computer program i can download or buy, or a service where you send or e-mail your photo in and they provide you with the pattern and a list of all the thread-colors needed, etc. all the programs i've looked at online are expensive because you can use them for as many projects as you want. i just have one project i'd like to do, so i don't want to pay for something i can use for all eternity. anybody heard of this or know where to find the service? also, anyone know the cheapest way/place to buy embroidery thread? thank you!

there is a free program called PC stitch you can dowload it and use the only thing that you cant do with it is save the project unless you buy the actual project.

as for buying threads for any projects browse around on google or any other search engine and see what it pulls up. also try looking on ebay you can get some great deals on there


I want an embroidery machine. I just want it to monogram towels or things like that for cute gifts. I want one with some cute fonts on it. I have never done it before so it needs to be easy to work. I also cant spend over $400-$500 on it. Help!

The problem with picking up a Brother embroidery machine from WalMart is you can't just take it out of the box and start embroidering.
It is really something you need lessons for. There is special thread, bobbin thread, and needles you need. You need to know how to hoop and what stabilizer to use and how to use it. I took one class in just stabilizers. Towels for example, need a special stabilizer on the top. It looks like a think plastic. It pushes downt the loops of the terrycloth so they don't poke through the threads of your design.
Getting a used model at a sewing machine dealer would give you free lessons on how to operate your machine. And offer other lessons on how to embroider

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My mother has always wanted one of those. She doesn't have a business or anything but she likes making crafts at home–curtains, shirts, pillows, etc., and she's quite advanced at sewing. What machine do you reccomend for her to get? She's got a budget though, so nothing TOO pricey, please!

Does she have a sewing machine she likes currently? If so, I'd suggest she think about an embroidery only machine to supplement it. That way she can still sew while she's waiting for the design to stitch out.

Or consider taking up free motion embroidery, which can be done on any straight stitch sewing machine…
here's a simple sample: and a more complex one:
and some information on bobbin work, using heavier threads and embroidering "upside down":

Suggested reading on free motion embroidery: Robbie & Tony Fanning's Complete Book of Machine Embroidery, and any of the many editions of Singer Instructions for Art Embroidery (the originals were all done on straight stitch treadles, ca. 1910)

Then head to a sewing machine dealer and try some of the machines… and check the prices of supplies, too… if she's on a tight budget, the supplies may be a significant factor in costs.


I have a ton of excess denim from making a purse out of my friends never woren jeans she got rid of. Now I decided to make a bracelet with embroidery… how do I do it with a sewing machine? Also, have any other ideas on what to do with the scraps?

Sure, you can do free-motion embroidery with any machine. You need to drop the feed dogs or cover them in order to do it, but that's easily accomplished. Best beginning book I know of is Robbie and Tony Fanning's Complete Book of Machine Embroidery — you'll probably have to get it from your library, as I believe it's now out of print. Want to knock your socks off? Check to see if your library has a copy of Singer Instructions for Art Embroidery — everything in the book was done on a straight stitch treadle machine, and it's gorgeous.

Here's a professional free-motion embroiderer at work:

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I am a beginner at embroidery and love what can be done with it. For the life of me though, I cannot get my stitches even and consistent so it always looks like a two year old did it. Any suggestions?

If you are doing free-hand embroidery – make a visual pattern with a self-erasing (air disappearing) pen. You can mark even intervals for the stitches – use a ruler if you need to.

There are a huge number of pre-printed embroidery patterns that you can download for free and use for your embroidery. Use a light-box and transfer to your material and indicate where each stitch is to begin, end.

I often use my pinky finger nail to measure where the next stitch is to be taken so as to make my handwork stitches more even.

If you are doing work on an even fabric – a cross stitch fabric – evenweave – linen – then you can count the number of threads for each stitch.

If you are doing cross stitch as the stitch — be sure to count the number of threads, squares. Make sure that the thread goes in flat — untwist the thread while still in the air — I use something called a laying tool (a small dull pointed long cylindrical metal tool) to make sure that the thread lies perfectly flat for each stitch – yes, I admit, I am a perfectionist!

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I want to buy an embroidery machine for myself in a couple years[when I have more money and experience] but I don't really know how the USB adaption works
Is it one of those things like when you legally go download a song, you have to buy it? Or can you get a free pre-made image? Is there sites for that sort of thing? Are you able to use any image?
And when you use multiple colors on the image, can your machine automatically change threads[like, you put the threads in a certain order or what?]
Honestly, I'm a real newbie in this field. As you can probably tell.
I would also appreciate your bran preference for these machines.

You can download free designs as well as purchased designs from the Internet.

If you purchase an embroidery machine with a Port A USB connection, you will be using a flash drive/memory stitch to load from the PC.

If you purchase an embroidery machine with a Port B USB connection, there will be a cable with the machine that you use to connect to the PC for loading the designs to the embroidery machine.

Only a multi-head embroidery machine can load different colors of thread.

You may want to start with the Brother model sold at Walmart that has the USB Port B cable to see it this is the craft for you. It is around $400. With this type (home embroidery machine), the machine will stop when the color change is needed and you re-thread the machine with the next color.

The multi-head machines cost several thousand dollars.

Visit sewing machine dealers for a demo of how the machine works. If you are a minor, take a parent or guardian with you as the store will not want to take the time for someone who is underage.

My preferences are Brother and Babylock brands.


The embroidery machine is brother 190-d using a memory card, but as i can download free patterns or use my own want to know how.

By reading another persons answer to a different question I have just found a great site for you to look at. It has a list of sections on machine embroidery, and has a section on exactly what you want. Its called digitising step by step. There are also many things that it will clarify for you which you can do with your machine.


0 Creating a Machine Embroidered Landscape: Penylan LaneDVD Title: Creative Machine Embroidery with Alison Holt

Alison Holt is a world-class machine embroiderer who devoted nearly 30 years to creating, teaching and writing books about the art of free-hand Machine Embroidery. In this DVD, we explore creating flowers, foliage and landscapes with Alison as she provides step by step instruction in how to create the magnificent flowers and photo-like landscapes that have made her famous. In "Part Four – Penylan Lane" Alison combines all the skills learned in Parts 1 thru 3 and adds some new techniques — specifically working with a series of photographs to create an original machine embroidered work of art, "Penylan Lane". "Penylan Lane" is a road in Oswestry, Shropshire, near the Welsh Border in the English countryside. It has magnificent wild flowers such as daisies, poppies, and cow parsley, hedgerows, fields, and tall wild grasses. Alison uses more than 20 colors of thread to achieve the magnificent and one of a kind landscape, "Penylan Lane", the Cover and Centerpiece of this educational DVD. The theme music, "Penylan Lane" which plays in the background was written by the Director, Andrew Galli (ascap), specifically for the film.

Duration : 0:1:13

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0 Astilbes: Creating Machine Embroidery DVDDVD Title: Creative Machine Embroidery with Alison Holt

Alison Holt is a world-class machine embroiderer who devoted nearly 30 years to creating, teaching and writing books about the art of free-hand Machine Embroidery. In this DVD, we explore creating flowers, foliage and landscapes with Alison as she provides step by step instruction in how to create the magnificent flowers and photo-like landscapes that have made her famous. In "Part Two – Astilbes" she draws the shape of an astilbe flower and then proceeds to demonstrate how the sewing machine is used to create the flower and stems.

Duration : 0:1:5

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