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Wildlife like bears, deer etc. to applique on an embroidery machine no larger than 5×7.

Ann the Gran – but you will have to look.
Artistic Thread Works – select design librabr and search. You can usually download the 1st item in a set free.
Embroidery Library

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I inherited my mom's Brother NV4000D embroidery machine and want to learn to use it. The Brother dealer wants $50/hour and I can't afford that. Mother used to go to weekly classes and I doubt she paid that much for them but she was in Colorado so I don't know.

Your mother may not have paid that much, because the lessons where at the dealer from which she purchased the machine. Over the past years, prices have gone up for service and lessons.

When I purchase my first embroidery machine, there wasn't anyone selling the machines who new very much about how to use the.

I learned at my own pace from Jeanine Twigg's books.

The manual for the machine will show you how to operated the machine – read and follow the instructions carefully.

There are many sites where you can ask questions or view "conversations" among those who do machine and embroidery and they are always very helpful when it comes to a "newbie".

Try Machine Embroidery Essentials, How to Stabilize, Hoop and Stitch as well as a few visits to

One important caveat – never walk away from the embroidery machine while it is operating. A jam can throw off the timing and this is around a $90 fix.

Visit Ann The Gran for free designs to download as well as Sewforum and several other sites.

Ask about lessons in San Diego at Ann The Gran. There is at least one person on the forum in CA, but I am not sure of the city.

You might also ask the same at sewforum.

Additional information –

Your machine embroidery format is pes.

According to this ad, the 4000 has been discontinued, but it does have the USB port for easy transfer of downloaded designs from the PC to the embroidery machine, but a limited embroidery area of 8" x 4". Another plus – it is a combo (sewing as well as an embroidery machine).


I have a Janome Memory Craft 200E. I have never used an embroidery machine before, so this is all greek to me! What format do the designs I purchase/download need to be in?

If this is your machine –

You need the jef format.

If you find designs that you like, but they are not jef, you can convert them by using Pulse Ambassador. This is a free software download used by many machine embroiderers.

Before you download designs, create a folder on the PC's hard drive and name it Embroidery or something you can easily recognize.

When you download a design, select SAVE and the folder you created.

The design file may be compressed or zipped – you will have to open this before sending to the embroidery machine.

Highlight the design file and select open or extract. You will now have two files; the zipped file and the open file. You can delete the zipped file.

If the file has to be converted to jef, open Pulse Ambassador and find the design file. Open and then SAVE AS using the jef format.

Make sure the designs you download are within the limitations of the embroidery machine – this is usually signified by the size of the hoop.

Back up your embroidery folder to flash drive or cd every time you add or make a change. This will ensure the saftey of the folder should the PC go wonky and loose you hard work.

It is also a good idea to have a catalog program so you can see the designs – Windows cannot read machine embroidery designs.

You can check Embird, Buzz Tools or Ann The Gran for this software. ATG has a demo you can download and try for a limited period of time.

Embroidery Library has several free tutorials, videos, tips & techniques that are very helpful.

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I too am looking for some embroidery to do! I found this site that has many links to other sites that have all kinds of needlepoint, sew ect ect and crafting that deal woth the Jewish arts.

The other one that I would suggest is Ann the Gran.

There was a section that had religious symbols on it and there were a few good one for the Jewish faith.

If you are feeling very creative, you can make your patterns and go from there. (that is what I am doing at the moment.)

I hope that this helps! Good Luck!

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What are the best sites to download free embroidery graphics from?


First, create a folder on either the pc's hard drive, disk or flash drive for storing your downloads or you will have problems trying to locate them as you want to use them. Within the folder, create sub folders as the collection grows for easy access, such as infant, hearts, sports, flowers, etc.

If you decide to store on the hard drive, be sure to back-up on a flash drive by saving each time you add or make changes to the folder. This can be a life saver should the pc crash or otherwise lose all your hard work.

Downloads are usually zipped to save download time. These files have to be opened/extracted/unzipped before they can be used as the embroidery machine will not recognize the format. This is a good time to rename the files for easy recognition. If there is a file extension (.pes) be sure to add it to the rename. Example: yxrose123.pes could be renamed yellowrose.pes

Be sure to download files with a pes format and that are within the size of the machine's embroidery stitch area.

For example – if the embroidery machine is designed for a 4" x 4" hoop, no matter how much larger a hoop that you may use, the machine is limited to the 4 x 4 and will not stitch out a larger design without editing software to split the design into smaller segments and additional re-hooping and re-positioning of the item being embroidered.

There are many sites for downloading free designs – beware of the foreign sites, especially Russian as they offer designs that are illegal US licensed designs.

If you do a search of free machine embroidery designs you can then choose the sites as you wish – just watch out for the foreign sites offering Disney and other licensed designs.

I use Ann The Gran – some are free for everyone and others are free to members of Ann's Club, which requires a small membership fee. Membership also includes discounts on supplies and merchandise.

Embroidery Library as a few freebies, but they have the best overall tips, techniques and tutorials online. has free designs and a great forum for learning, asking questions and overall information.

Brother has designs that can be downloaded, will be in the correct format and within the 4 x 4 hoop size/stitching area –

Once you have your collection, you will not be able to view the actual design unless you have a software program. The least expensive on that I have found is Embrilliance Thumbnailer, available here – this site also has free downloads.

Enjoy and please email me if you have any additional questions.


I have been using the catalog xpress by ann the gran but my trial ends soon and I don't have the money right this second to buy the program

Check Search for your program. They have a lot of freeware and shareware there.

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