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What is the best sewing machine to purchase to stitch words onto shirts and hoodys?

you didn't say how big you want the letters and words. are you planning on doing this commercially? most home embroidery machines will void the warranty if you use it commercially. i've used the janome, pfaff, viking and brother embroidery machines. i personally prefer the brother line. i still haven't read completely thru the manual. it is really easy to use. my machine is a ult2002d and i have heard that the new brother self threading is tricky to learn to use. i've heard good things about the brother se270d that walmart sells for $350 is a good machine. if i remember right it comes with a 5" x 7" hoop. since you basically want the machine for lettering i would suggest purchasing a hoop-it-all for your machine. it will give you a much larger embroidery area without having to re-hoop. i will also say i haven't really heard anything good about the singer embroidery machine. there are many yahoo groups for machine embroidery. some are machine specific. you may want to search yahoo groups for the specific brand of machine you are looking at and see what the people on the yahoo groups think of their machines.

here are a couple of embroidery websites i would like to share with you. puts 5 different fonts on sale each week for $3 for all 5 sets.">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library has many fun fonts. they have 49 free designs per day and the membership fee to all the designs on their site is very reasonable.

good luck and if i can be of further assistance please feel free to e-mail me from my profile.

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I am looking to sew together outfits, blankets, etc. I am also wanting to be able to embroider letters, names, and small characters (like disney, nickelodeon, etc.) I want to make my daughters clothes, and possibly open up a small business. What is one that is a reasonable price and somewhat easy to learn on? Thank you, serious answers only please!
As I stated on here, I was wanting to make my daughters clothes. I know that the disney and whatnot would have restrictions, and I could not resell them.

The best bargain is the Brother SE400 and just under $400. It is a combo (sewing or embroidery).

The Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon and select designers can be downloaded and used with this model.

The information will be with the machine. In fact, iBroidery is advertised on the side of the box the machine comes in. iBroidery at the Brother website is where you will find the downloads. There will also be a list of Brother models that accept the format .pen for Disney, etc.

All other designs for Brother embroidery machines will be the .pes format.

You will not be able to view downloaded designs on your PC without machine embroidery software.

Embird is the most economical program currently on the market –

Before downloading (the Brother website also has many free, non-licensed designs you can download):

(1) Create a new folder on your PC and name it so you can easily find it.
(2) Choose the design you want to download and SAVE it to the folder.
(3) Most downloads are zipped (compressed for faster download time).
(4) Unzip/Open/Extract (depends on the wording of the Windows version being used) the design file.
(5) After testing the extracted file, rename if necessary for easy access and then delete the zipped file.

As far as selling items with copyright fabrics or designs – this can be done as long as the items are clearly advertised as "Not a licensed product". You do not want to sell, but when the garments you make are outgrown, you may want to put them in a yard sale.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.


I am after a brother embroidery only machine, i also need the software with this, PE DESIGN 7 or PE DESIGN LITE, obviously the lite is alot less expensive, i want to produce my own designs but dont want to pay for somthing i do not need, has any1 any experience of these packages, also as ive been searchin for the software ive found various sites you can download them for free, however im under the impression you need the brother card reader/writer and you can only buy this with the software? has anyone any advice! Being student i need the cheapest way possible of acheiving my embroidery dream!!

Brother embroidery machines are actually both. Sewing and embroidery. This is something you want, so you don't have to invest in two machines. the UL2001 have a disk drive you can transfer designs to the machine. Its a great machine. I own one. The other one I own is the 8500, and for this one you do need the card reader/writer since its the only way you can get the designs to the machine. Ebay will be your best bet to find the software. I really do not use my 8500 since its a lot easier to transfer designs using my disk drive. Hope this helped

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