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My fiance and I run a screen printing business and came across a non-working BAS-416 machine. We have fixed it! Now we want to learn how to digitize images. Any insight and/or links to resources would be greatly appreciated!

I was going to give my usual answer in that you need a software program for creating your own designs and that it takes quite a bit of time to learn to digitize a professional quality product.

However, after viewing the manual for this model, I am beginning to think the machine is as equality difficult to learn. I cannot tell what machine embroidery format it requires.


Most owners of professional embroidery machines, have a company rep help them set-up and learn to use the machine.

The format appears to be .dst (Tajima). Finding a software program is not difficult. Most, if not all will save in the format of all embroidery machines.

Machine embroidery software requires a Windows OS.

If you do a search of free machine embroidery software or free machine embroidery trials you will get a sampling how to create your own designs.

Good luck in your adventures into machine embroidery.