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I have just recently purchased a brother se 270d. I am completely new at embroidery and I am not sure about all of the software available to help download designs. I looked into the ped basic(because it is cheapest) but saw several complaints due to the limited capabilities with it. I don't want to spend over $150 on something to help me to download designs from the internet. I am really interested n monogramming. Can anyone tell me what else is available for my machine that is not so expensive, yet still do a pretty good job? thanks!

You may be confusing editing software with memory card software.

Without a reader/writer unit and rewritable memory card and you cannot use designs from the Internet or a CD without one brand or the other.

PED Basic or another brand of the same type of software will provide a method of getting the design from the PC to the Embroidery machine via a memory card. Basically, that is all they do.

For monogramming you need fonts (alpha designs). You load as you would any other design and then copy to the memory card. Insert the memory card into the machine and press "start".

For editing, Embird is a popular product and you can download a free demo.

ABC embroidery has a tutorial for combining letters with Embird.

Remember, the design has to be within the limitation of the size hoop your machine is programed for.

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I would like to invest in an embroidery machine because I have really good ideas on what to use it for. However, I have never used one. In fact I barely know how to use a sewing machine.
I am clueless on how an embroidery machine even works. I want to use it to do different fonts, number designs, polka dots, and things of that nature. Can anyone maybe give me the basics I need to know? Perhaps direct me to a website? Thanks.

An embroidery machine is very easy to use. Easier than learning to use a sewing machine.

You can teach yourself to do this buy reading and testing the different designs. I did and it is quick and easy to learn.

This was my first book –,M1

Embroidery machines have built-in fonts and a few designs.

To expand on what comes already built-in you will need to be able to transfer machine embroidery designs from your PC to the machine. Most designs are downloaded from the Internet – you can find many that are free.

The less expensive machines require additional software (reader box and rewritable card for machine embroidery). This software is around $200.

The Brother sold at Walmart would be a good machine to start with and you can get the additional software (mentioned above) for $119, here –

Several years ago, I bought my first embroidery machine at Walmart and the reader/card software at Allbrands.

You will also need machine embroidery thread, machine embroidery bobbin thread and stabilizer – all sold in fabric stores. Watch for sales and stock up on staple/favorite colors of thread. There will be extra needles & bobbins with the machine.

I get a lot of my machine embroidery supplies here –

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