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October 9, 2011

juleetorrance @ 12:02 pm #

Thanks I am working …
Thanks I am working on some of the designs that I got from your website right now.

elianalavallee @ 12:02 pm #

I am glad you have …
I am glad you have a facebook page. I will follow you from there.

merripope7 @ 12:02 pm #

I remember doing …
I remember doing this with my grandma back in the eighties. I loved it. It brings back such memories.

geraldinecorpus @ 12:02 pm #

This is great for …
This is great for the beginning stitcher. Awesome!

kellekornegay @ 12:02 pm #

I love this site. …
I love this site. There are a variety of patterns and designs.

joselynmelin @ 12:02 pm #

Are your designs …
Are your designs free for just a limited time only?

julieannis3 @ 12:02 pm #

I am embroidering …
I am embroidering in between calls at my job using your designs. lol

paulamatamoros38 @ 12:02 pm #

I think it's …
I think it's terrific that you offer these design patterns for free. I

chrissymorley @ 12:02 pm #

I am so glad I …
I am so glad I found this video. I really need some designs to work on tonight.

bulastaley @ 12:02 pm #

Very nice website.
Very nice website.

eulahagen @ 12:02 pm #

I give this video …
I give this video and the patterns a thumbs up!

merlesummy @ 12:02 pm #

I passed this on to …
I passed this on to my grandmother. She was so excited to find good patterns for free.

roseliakromer @ 12:02 pm #

These crafts are as …
These crafts are as good as any that you would find in an expensive craft store.

nanmccarroll @ 12:02 pm #

These designs are …
These designs are great for beginners like me. Thanks for making them free.

zaidashoemake @ 12:02 pm #

I only recently …
I only recently started embroidering, and I love it. These designs are easy and fun.

dioncullison @ 12:02 pm #

Both the video and …
Both the video and the free patterns are excellent!

georgianabradley @ 12:02 pm #

I have already …
I have already started on my first pattern. This is an awesome site!

imeldanord @ 12:02 pm #

These patterns are …
These patterns are great. My 14 year old daughter is taking an interest in this. She enjoys these patterns as they are not too difficult.

melindaervin5 @ 12:02 pm #

Great designs. I …
Great designs. I will be bookmarking your site.

linseymauer @ 12:02 pm #

These designs are …
These designs are excellent. Why are they free?

lauretteohara @ 12:02 pm #

This has been a …
This has been a hobby of mine for so long. Can't wait to get these free designs.

debbiestates4 @ 12:02 pm #

Those are some …
Those are some really beautiful patters. I love it!

ivy21697 @ 12:02 pm #

Cool. Embroidery …
Cool. Embroidery designs for free. Thanks so much!

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