Free Machine Embroidery Tutorial / Demo


0 Free Machine Embroidery Tutorial / DemoThis is a short video on how to begin free machine embroidery. In the video I show you how to setup your fabric with an embroidery hoop, the correct settings for your machine and how to begin stitching.

Duration : 0:9:40

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October 17, 2011

sewingmachineheaven @ 9:46 pm #

Ah This helped a …
Ah This helped a LOT!
Thanks so much ! Wow your machine is as loud as a canning factory! How can you stand it? Makes me glad I have my old machines.

Karenater @ 9:46 pm #

I think I have this …
I think I have this same machine!! It would be so nice if I could embroider my son's polo shirts with the logo on them for school, but I'm sure I need A LOT of practice hehe

catgopur72 @ 9:46 pm #

Thanks for this I …
Thanks for this I have been eager to try but worried im not artistic enough. would have been nice to see the finished article to see how it should look 🙂

EGYPTQUILTS1 @ 9:46 pm #

Very helpful, …
Very helpful, inspiring, thanks for sharing. Well done.

99jwar @ 9:46 pm #

Will you post or …
Will you post or have you posted any video's on fabric painting? If so, please let me know I would be soo interested to see. Thanks for the great video as well!! 🙂 Way to keep me inspired….. 🙂

mimisgirls1 @ 9:46 pm #

I thoroughly …
I thoroughly enjoyed this tutorial, and thank you for posting it…BUT, I can't hear all of your instructions as you're sewing along…was much easier when you stopped sewing to tell us what you're doing. I do have some questions…what needle do you use? And on the bobbin thread, I'm wondering if your machine has a side bobbin or top bobbin load? Do you use the clear nylon thread in the bobbin, so you don't have to change the colors?

SuperModerngranny @ 9:46 pm #

How nice! I …
How nice! I noticed you did not use a free motion attachment. Is it easier to do free motion embroidery without the attachment? How do you cope with thread build up and thread breakage? Can embroidery be done with sheers and how can that be done? Love your sharing and would really love to see more, you are so good at it!

01603legrys @ 9:46 pm #

Thanks for making …
Thanks for making this video. I have an old but trusty Jones 434 – no handy little lever for the feed dog but we were able to unscrew and take it out. It's been many years since I tried this and your video has been a great help. Thanks.

sarahlwhittle @ 9:46 pm #

Thank you for all …
Thank you for all your comments!

sarahlwhittle @ 9:46 pm #

Yes I do lower the …
Yes I do lower the feed dogs!

charlotte07071 @ 9:46 pm #

@2JobsStillPoorUSA …
@2JobsStillPoorUSA 1:28

2JobsStillPoorUSA @ 9:46 pm #

Nicely done! One …
Nicely done! One question… do you lower the feed dogs?

Minaretfm @ 9:46 pm #

Wonderful demo! I …
Wonderful demo! I am going to try this immediately. Thank you.

baevins @ 9:46 pm #

Very good show. …
Very good show. Thank you.

ramblings13 @ 9:46 pm #

Very much enjoyed …
Very much enjoyed this video. Would love to have seen the finished product. Also, would like to know if you can use other stitches than just the straight stitch.

textilesex @ 9:46 pm #

Enjoyed your …
Enjoyed your demonstration. Thanks

kkkayzee @ 9:46 pm #


handembroiderynet @ 9:46 pm #

Thank you, Im …
Thank you, Im hoping to do some more shortly.

mapleleaf4349 @ 9:46 pm #

very good show us …
very good show us more. LOVE IT. THANKS

EGYPTQUILTS @ 9:46 pm #

Thank you for …
Thank you for taking time to share your talent and skills. Your video is excellent it showcases techniques and basic information for successful stitching. This skill has to be handed from the skillful to the hopeful as originally done. Your first comments about the the tension and stitch width are often overlooked. This is the problem with my stitching and I am glad I had the opportunity to watch you. Please share as much as you can. Thanks.

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