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0 How To EmbroiderLearn how to embroider. Discover how to thread a needle the easy way, how to use an embroidery hoop and how to finish off your work. More helpful information can be found on my website

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November 7, 2011

koyukionna @ 4:50 am #

I never knot my …
I never knot my thread, I leave an inch hanging behind the cloth, and continue stitching over it to keep it secure, or to finish, I pass it the thread through the back of the last few threads.

manplaza99 @ 4:50 am #

free training …
free training wilcom

hashimemb @ 4:50 am #

hashimemb @ 4:50 am #

to actually learn …
to actually learn more about emb visit

TheLilyLovegood @ 4:50 am #

Thank you, this has …
Thank you, this has helped me so much! 🙂

ragejefa @ 4:50 am #

How the has …
How the has this gone viral?!

kittenpaws222 @ 4:50 am #

You are a great …
You are a great teacher Can you make a video of how to use a hoop as a frame? I don't know how to do this and keep my project looking finished/clean and still secure. Thanks!

mandylynndiamond @ 4:50 am #

This is exactly …
This is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks!!

xxwhyyxxx @ 4:50 am #

any idea where i …
any idea where i could find a video about hand making lace with embroidery?

silviafarfallina @ 4:50 am #

@BananaMrsHannah I …
@BananaMrsHannah I tried cross stitching recently and while I love the pixelated look, embroidery (which I just learned) is suuuuper easy, much easier than cross stitching because in cross stitching if you don't hit the right spot it looks sloppy.

olympic8898 @ 4:50 am #

Can you use any …
Can you use any cloth for this?

airasweetie @ 4:50 am #

lol i liked this …
lol i liked this tutoria l so much i actually did a little applaude at the end. thank you so much for those great tips. i´m going to embroider some flowers for my mothers birthday, but when i started i realised i forgotten all i learned about it in school as a kid. thanks again 🙂

noireese @ 4:50 am #

@kawaiikitty9 you …
@kawaiikitty9 you could save money and buy your own materials… It's what I do 🙂

1000Simoleons @ 4:50 am #

Stitching cow…MOO …
Stitching cow…MOO!(:

martlizot @ 4:50 am #

Thanks for this …
Thanks for this video, I really appeciate it. I love your pincushion. Where can I get one?

marawicolombia @ 4:50 am #

Marawi Colombian …
Marawi Colombian Handicrafts

kawaiikitty9 @ 4:50 am #

im just 11 so cant …
im just 11 so cant understand anything your sayiing
nd my mom wont buy me the stuff i need cause im not that good

AvaLaveer @ 4:50 am #

@stitchingcow I …
@stitchingcow I agree what do you mean about "simple back stich" can you make a video to explain about stiches and how to do them

MmkaySarah @ 4:50 am #

@embunion Try this. …
@embunion Try this. They have really great designs, i hope its what you were looking for. sublimestitching . com/patterns/all

mmwms @ 4:50 am #

where can I find …
where can I find embroidery transfers of primitive christmas motifs (trees, holly etc)
to embroider, thanks

mmwms @ 4:50 am #

I am looking for …
I am looking for primitive christmas (trees, holly etc) to embroider on to place mats etc.

snickersneezer @ 4:50 am #

I love to embroider …
I love to embroider, I'm teaching my daughters to as well, its really becoming a lost art.

jascarly123 @ 4:50 am #

@embunion u can …
@embunion u can make it urself!!

juliptherabbit @ 4:50 am #

Thank you so much …
Thank you so much for this video! Unfortunately us "Internet Generation" children don't have our mothers teaching us these wonderful skills. My mother can't even sew! I found this video very helpful 🙂

embunion @ 4:50 am #

oh,it's great.but …
oh,it's great.but where can i find embroidery design?

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