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Hand Embroidery

The uniform of your staff is a true representative of your corporate identity. When the employees wear their uniforms inappropriately, the reputation of the company is adversely affected. On the contrary, if the members of your team always wear well-designed and well-fitted corporate work wear, it signifies that your organization is being managed efficiently, and your clients will certainly come back to you, time after time, for repeat business. Here are few things you should take into consideration while buying clothes for work for your staff members.

Logo- The clothes that your employees wear should have the logo of your company. There are two ways to incorporate logo on the clothing viz. customized logo embroidery and customized screen-printing. While screen-printed logos are inexpensive, embroidered logos have aesthetic appeal. Depending upon your budget, you can opt for any one of the two methods of inscribing logo on the uniforms.

Workwear Suppliers- You would need a reliable supplier in order to ensure that your companys clothing requirements are fulfilled at all times. The dealer should always keep a stock of the uniforms used in your company. He should also readily accommodate small additions and amendments. While choosing the supplier, business owners typically consider only the price at which the former will provide the garments.

Efficiency and reliability of the seller is also an important criterion, which should not be ignored. If the dealer keeps on changing his stock lines, then either you would have to spend more money to convince him to keep your companys uniforms or you would have to look for another seller. Under adverse conditions, you may be compelled to completely change the work wear of your company.

Number- Due to the nature of the job, if the garments have to be cleaned everyday, then you should have enough number of embroidered work wear so as to allow the staff to be properly dressed. Generally, three set formula is considered ideal. In this case, each member has three dresses, one to use, one to spare and one to wash. If hygiene and cleanliness is crucial, then each employee should have at least five sets. This number will help you to meet the compliance obligations.

Safety and Durability – It is yet another factor that should be critically considered. If your employees need fire retardant, waterproof, cut resistant or thermal corporate clothing, make sure that you get the right kind of work wear for them.

Comfort-If the members of your staff are comfortable, they will do their job more efficiently. Efficiency and profitability are directly proportional to one another. With the rise of the former, the latter automatically begins to increase. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the work wear clothing is highly comfortable. The seams of the dress should be accurate and the uniform should fit the employee well. See www.embroideryprintup.co.uk for all your workwear that meets above creterias.

Tax Efficiency: Companies that provide their workers work wear clothing usually deduct uniform tax from their pay. When the members of your staff go out wearing their uniform on which the logo of your company has been embroidered, they promote your organization free of cost. More publicity means more business and more profits. By removing the tax burden, you can encourage your employees to wear their uniforms regularly and campaign for you company.

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