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Free Hand Embroidery Stitches

Free machine embroidery designs in a very simple term are designs usually done using a machine that can make a zigzag pattern and the embroiderer holds the embroidery hoop. The reason for the term “free” refers to the embroidery hoop being held by the free hand not the patterns cost.
With such kind of nature, free machine embroidery designs are said to be easy and fun to do. The simplicity of this type of stitch can be accomplished with an ordinary sewing machine so it takes the added expense of buying specialized embroidery machines out of the equation.

However, the free machine embroidery designs cant be made professional in style and look if you are not adept to handling the embroidery hoop as freely as it should be. So if you think you are not yet capable of handling everything that is involved in the craft, pay some time practicing a lot for it. While practicing, know exactly what things you may need to prepare to create your free machine embroidery designs.

Speaking of things to prepare, I have listed below some of the basic needs for creating free machine embroidery designs. If you are serious with your embroidery plan, then read on and take note of the following:

Fabric: Chose a fabric that will fit within your hoop comfortably. A fabric that is too small or one that is too large will not allow the proper tension needed for you to create your design.

Zigzag Sewing Machine: This is but another essential thing to consider when creating free machine embroidery designs. Try to use the one with the so-called “drop feed control”, as well as the one that is capable of lowering its dogs teeth. This will allow you to make your zigzag stitches in varying degrees.

Embroidery Hoop: This is essential. You can not create your design without a hoop so does not forget one.

Embroidery Foot: The embroidery foot is a needle that keeps your fabric in place and makes your work easier a bit.

Stabilizer: Keeps the material where you place it. Does not let the movement of your craft move the materials.

Thread: An essential part of every embroidery work. Just choose the right thread for your free machine embroidery designs. You can use a 100% rayon thread or the polyester all-purpose type.

Once youve got all such essentials, you can start creating your free machine embroidery designs anytime you want. But, make sure that you know exactly what you will create and how to do so.

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