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Free Embroidery Alphabets

When we mention art we have to mention Celtic art in the same verse. Creativity, embroidery, patterns, designs and poetry and myths are some attributes synonymous with Celts. Celts were born warriors and amazing tribes too. Celts left their footmarks all over Europe mainly because they were nomadic at heart and nature.

If we read or learn our history well we will find that there hasnt been a tribe that is more famous warring futility. That their art is still alive is proof enough of their longevity. Another prime example of this is that we still have myths, metal cravings, knot works; body works are art designs to remind us.

They were purely nomads can be understood by the fact that they occupied areas from Britain, Ireland, Spain, to places like Italy, Turkey and Bohemia. Thats the plain ground why we find that French, Spanish, English, Irish and Italians predominantly have Celtic design in their needlework, tattoos, drapery as well as jewellery.

Cross stitch pattern is a rather plain yet elegant style of creating embroidery. Now we know that Celtic cross stitch is an old pattern yet it is as popular as it was in prehistoric times. The cross stitch pattern is widely common while being the most treasured form as well.

What we would like is the deep colors and bright ones mixed thus giving splendor of color embodied with designs that make the final result a visual treat second to none. The main essence of celtic cross stitch patterns is classically over cut designs with geometrical patterns, spiral, interweaving patterns, knot mechanism, animal forms, alphabets along with zoomorphic patterns.

Celtic cross stitch stitching is principally an art that we have inculcated thanks to the Scotts, Minx and Irish. These intricate patterns are extensively put in use by us in daily lives, be it in cushion cover, tablemats weaving or the likes tea cozies to curtain pallets decoration.

And these patterns could be found easily all over the world, just search the internet or visit your nearest book store where design patterns are there in books, design yourself kits and art guides.

Unlike other causal embroideries, Cross stitch weaving is a lot simpler to learn. There are many varieties that engulf Celtic cross stitch patterns but what you would most relish is trying to craft a Cross stitch drawings. You can start with a simple pattern leading way up to the intricate ones. Once started you shall be able to create some magnificent dandeacute;cor craft items for you home.

So if at any point time you feel that Celtic cross stitch pattern has moved you enough to take it up as a hobby or passion then I would suggest you do not waste time in starting a design pattern of you choice. You can start with small designs on a piece cloth and then slowly when a little more confident you can create something special for yourself or for gift purpose.

Celtic cross stitch patterns are not limited to few things you can explore with making armbands with Alphabets, and headgear sporting animal patterns. Kits are available with complete accessories like needles and threads plus other material to make the pattern.

Choices are of aplenty, some kits have frames whilst others come sans a frame, as you would like to purchase. Need not visit a store, as home deliveries are a convenience. Now that you would like to start I wish you good luck in this venture.

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