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Free Bernina Embroidery Designs

With a computer, a printer and the internet you have access to a popular source and massive range of free printable counted cross stitch patterns.

DMC, which is one of the most recognizable brands of cotton and linen embroidery floss, offers several free cross stitch designs that are easy to download and print. There are several alphabet patterns, floral designs, animal items and other novelty patterns. It has ideas for the novice crafter and those with more developed skills.

Michaels craft store carries over 100 cross stitch patterns and the store uses free printable cross stitch patterns as an enticement to come to their website. Some of Michaels’ patterns are solely cross stitch and others combine cross stitch with other craft projects. Michaels’ gives away free patterns from their store and they do use these on the website, but they also get free patterns from various cross stitch supply companies.

Another website, DLTK, includes a selection of free printable counted cross stitch patterns for children. One nice feature of these children’s patterns is the inclusion of step-by-step instructions for the stitching and also information on what fabric to choose There are a variety of patterns that include florals and animals and also seasonal and holiday patterns. Because of the ease of use, these patterns can be useful for beginning cross stitchers as well as children.

To find these free printable counted cross stitch patterns you can use your favourite search engine or look for blog sites where other hobbyists share their designs. Websites even exist solely to list the cross stitch freebies offered on the net. If, however, you cannot find the design you need, there are sites that provide blank graph paper so that you can create your own patterns.

There are many large web sites that offer free patterns. Visit the following and you won’t be disappointed: about.com, which includes free graphs and links to other sites, allfreecrafts.com, freepatterns.com, stitchingthenightaway.com and far too many others, too numerous to mention. Most of these sites ask you to first “sign-up” and become a member before they give you access to their free counted cross stitch patterns that are printable. Believe me, the sheer amount of patterns available make it worth while to complete the registration.

The Internet is a great source of free printable counted cross stitch patterns for both the beginner and the advanced cross stitch fan. Free patterns are a great way to save a little money, and what’s more, by using the Internet you can gain access to far more patterns than “bricks and mortar” shopping will allow.

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