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Embroidery Stitches

There are many different Celtic wedding traditions, which date back to at least the middle ages. One of the traditions is the use of many different combinations of the Celtic knot whether its in a handfasting or the couples jewelry. Celtic wedding cross stitch designs are a great way to incorporate the Celtic tradition into gifts and keepsakes.

Did you know that the expression “tying the knot” has Celtic origins It is based on the custom of binding the bride and grooms hands together during the ceremony to signify the union of two people and is known as the handfasting. Even the word bride comes from the name of the Celtic Goddess and saint, Brigid.

There are many different type of Celtic wedding cross stitch samplers. LifeTime Samplers offers a product that includes a Celtic cross border and also full alphabet for the couples name and the wedding date. Another wedding sampler is also offered by Dinky Dyes and is very colorful. In addition to a place for the couples names and wedding date, it also has enough room for the wedding location.

Crafters who prefer to design their own tapestries may enjoy the book “Celtic Cross Stitch: 30 Alphabet, Animal and Knotwork Projects” by Gail Lawther. For over ten years it has been favored by both novice and experienced crafters. Whether you want to design a wedding dress or a christening robe for that precious newborn, Lawthers book provides everything you need to create Celtic wedding cross stitch patterns and embroidery designs.

If you dont have time to stitch a sampler you could use the patterns to create unique cards, or to decorate a frame which could hold their favourite wedding photograph. Or why not add the couples intials, using that Celtic alphabet, to a set of household linen using waste canvas

You can have fun creating your own knotwork charts but if your artistic skills arent up to the job, you will find many cross stitch patterns online to commemorate a celtic wedding. Try searching for “Celtic cross stitch” in Google and you will get pages of results to give you ideas.

Anyone who wants to incorporate their Celtic traditions, where actual or chosen, has many different options to create Celtic wedding cross stitch patterns. They spectacular beauty of the Celtic designs will surely enhance any customized gift for any bride and groom.

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