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Cactus Punch

Nutrition for a triathlon is critically important for your racing specifically when you get to the longer races. Many times in my ironman distance races my nutrition plan would be challenged.
Leaving me out there with cramps, doubled over, and dropping my lunch or worse running to the porta potty which is not a pleasant experience let me tell you.

We are going to talk about Accelerade, the product brought to you by Pacific Health Sciences. They were founded in 1995, and are based in New Jersey. They have many products to offer including Accelerade, Accelerade Hydro, Accel Gel, Endurox and Forze.
There featured product is Accelerade which was created in during a time when exercise and sports nutritionist accepted that nutrition was all about carbohydrates. It was then that a leading sports scientist and exercise physiologists came together and Pacific Health were created.
It was found through their research study that the ratio of 4:1 carbohydrates and protein would dramatically help hydration. They list a number of clinical studies that prove their experiments. Accelerade is a sports powder drink that is made with the endurance athlete in mind. The formula reduces muscle damage during exercise and help with recovery times after tough workouts.
It is available in the following flavors, fruit punch, orange, lemon lime, lemonade and mountain berry. A sport drink is all you need for any race lasting less than three hours, for any race lasting longer than three hours, your nutritional needs will drastically change and you will need to eat solid foods during your bike besides your choice for sports drink. If youre serious about racing you should consult your coach.

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