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How do I change the file language from PCS file to PES file for my sewing machine?

November 29th, 2012 2 comments

What types of programmes are out there and which is the best to buy? Is this what Buzz tool does?

Buzz Tools has more than one software program.

There is a free software download that I have used many times for conversion of machine embroidery formats.

For your embroidery machine, you can convert a PCS design to PES or any other format (except ART) by using Pulse Ambassador.

Open the design you want to convert and then and SAVE as "name of design" and choose the format, PES.

What kind of software does a computerised embroidery machine use?

November 17th, 2012 2 comments

I was watching this video on youtube where a woman is using a sewing machine and it is connect to her laptop and she is able to design her cloth with her computer. The one thing that I would like to know is what kind of software does she use to design her work. Can somebody please help?

What she is using in Wilcom and it is very expensive.

Here is another brand that has the basics and is free –

If you find this is what you want to do, you can upgrade to more expensive products.

I need kids designs for my Janome embroidery machine?

November 17th, 2012 1 comment

Hi you need to look for embroidery format JEF.
There are a lot of beautiful designs for kids on Internet !.
Also I found a lot in free site , mostly are in pes (brother format) but you can convert with any
software easily to jef .Free embroidery software are available like my editor , and free website like or .
I hope you find a lot !

I have downloaded JEF embroidery designs, but they will not open just shows E for Internet Explorer .?

November 15th, 2012 6 comments

I have a Janome 6600P can someone please help as to how I download the designs.
Thank you.,
Sorry everyone I should have said that I have a Janome 350E embroidery machine as well as 6600P.
I shall just put it down as a "Senior Moment"

I cannot find any information on the 6600P being an embroidery machine.

A computer’s operating system does not recognize embroidery machine formats.

You can save the download to a folder, but cannot open it without machine embroidery software.

If you want to see the design, you can download this free software

It is not what you need, but at least you can view the design.

Embroidery machines use (1) a direct cable hook-up to the computer, that comes with the machine, or (2) a flash drive, or (3) a memory card, or (4) a cd.

Which of the above methods does your machine use?

Only # 3 requires additional software – a machine embroidery reader/writer unit and card compatible with your machine.

How do you digitize embroidery?

November 11th, 2012 1 comment

I have a Brothers embroidery machine, and im trying to figure out how to digitize images. I have no idea where to start, which program do i need? where do i get it from? Is there a easy to read manual for digitizing? im not experienced, any help will be great!

to answer your first question, in order to make a quality design that’s worth your thread, stabilizer, fabric and time you will need to do what is called manual punch digitizing.
If you are an artist you are a step ahead as you can use your own pictures, but if not you will have to find clipart that the aritist allows to be used OR you can subcribe to many different clipart sites to get your images.

Think of digitizing as kind of like tracing a picture only a lot more steps and a lot harder! That’s the best I can describe it.
It takes a lot of patience and trial and error and MANY test stitching sessions of a design to make sure there is nothing that needs to be adjusted.

Now for the best programs-well that’s a loaded question.
Most of this decision depends on what you want the software for. None of them are "easy" at first, but again with a lot of patience and persisitance anyone can accomplish great designs.
Prices range from free to thousands of dollars, of course the cheaper the program the more frustrated you are probably going to get with using it.

I personally use Embird. This is a great program because you buy the "basic" package, and then add plug ins that you want. For digitizing you will need the Studio plug in, and if you are wanting to do quick and simple lettering from any TTF you will want their Font Engine plug in too.

I suggest if you are wanting to play around with digitizing, Sophie Sews is a free software. Of course not the best, but it’s free and will give you a feel for what digitizing is all about.
I have to warn you that the last I heard they were still in the building/testing phase so there are are glitches and bugs but nothing that will cause your computer to go *poof*

I would also suggest a sewing/embroidery forum
I belong to a few, but my favorite is sewforum provided by allbrands
there are thousands of very helpful members there and a lot of free designs.
i post a lot of my work there as free samples from our website.

If you do a search for Sophie Sews and Sew Forum you should be able to find links to both.

Hope this isn’t info overload and that it helps!


where can I find free machine embroider software?

November 11th, 2012 1 comment

I would like to re-size designs and catalog and more.

The only freebie is Pulse Ambassador and it is for format conversion.

Embrilliance Thumbnailer is around $40 and it is a catalog that you can use with Mac or Windows. No machine embroidery program is needed –

As for re-sizing, you do need a software program for this that will add or subtract stitches.

Re-sizing can be done in small % with the embroidery machine, but the stitch count remains the same.

To much enlarging and you get thin/open areas in the design.

Too much reducing and you get "bulletproof" embroidery, which is stitching on top of stitching that makes the design stiff.

Embird is a very popular brand and is the least expensive machine embroidery software.

You start with the basic program for $131.00 and then add other programs as you become more proficient or have the need.

As with most machine embroidery software programs, this one can only be used with Windows –

What format does a Janome Memory Craft 200E embroidery machine read?

November 9th, 2012 3 comments

I have a Janome Memory Craft 200E. I have never used an embroidery machine before, so this is all greek to me! What format do the designs I purchase/download need to be in?

If this is your machine –

You need the jef format.

If you find designs that you like, but they are not jef, you can convert them by using Pulse Ambassador. This is a free software download used by many machine embroiderers.

Before you download designs, create a folder on the PC’s hard drive and name it Embroidery or something you can easily recognize.

When you download a design, select SAVE and the folder you created.

The design file may be compressed or zipped – you will have to open this before sending to the embroidery machine.

Highlight the design file and select open or extract. You will now have two files; the zipped file and the open file. You can delete the zipped file.

If the file has to be converted to jef, open Pulse Ambassador and find the design file. Open and then SAVE AS using the jef format.

Make sure the designs you download are within the limitations of the embroidery machine – this is usually signified by the size of the hoop.

Back up your embroidery folder to flash drive or cd every time you add or make a change. This will ensure the saftey of the folder should the PC go wonky and loose you hard work.

It is also a good idea to have a catalog program so you can see the designs – Windows cannot read machine embroidery designs.

You can check Embird, Buzz Tools or Ann The Gran for this software. ATG has a demo you can download and try for a limited period of time.

Embroidery Library has several free tutorials, videos, tips & techniques that are very helpful.

brothers pe design software?

December 10th, 2011 1 comment

In 2002 I bought a brother embroidery machine and Pe-
Design 4.0. I am on a fixed income and can not afford to upgrade my Pe- Design software. My granddaughter got a hold of my security dongle and put it somewhere and I can not find it to save my life and she is to young to understand when I ask here where it is. My question is this. Has someone upgraded and have a security dongle I might be able to purchase? I have all of the software, the reader/writer, blank memory card and am just missing the security device. Without it I can not create designs for my grandkids. I have tried some free downloaded software but the design looks fine on the screen but awful when I try it on the machine. Please if anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Thanks In Advance

Hmmm, since i do not own machines like that but since it seems like you guinuinly owning this software i would suggest if you cant find a new dongle you could go find a crack for your program so it does not need the dongle anymore (type in PE DESIGN) in fileshare programs as for example Emule and you find cracks for it.

Have a Brother embroidery machine… how do I choose and use software to make unique designs to embroider?

November 14th, 2011 5 comments

My husband bought me a used Brother embroidery machine. I am new to the WHOLE sewing/embroidery thing, and have tons to learn. I wanted to know if there is free software out there that will allow me to design new things to embroider? How do I go about making these things on the software and then getting it to the machine?? I’m totally confused with all this and incredibly overwhelmed! ­čÖü I want to have fun!

also, I have windows vista…. does that make things harder?
also, how do i take all these free designs I see on the web, and open them once they are saved in files…. what program do I use to open .art files?? I have tried everything! Help!

There may not be free software to download to create your own designs. Vista is ok to have when purchasing your digitizing software. Brother have some easy to use programs, such as PED Lite and PE Design. But you dont have to buy ‘Brother’ software.
.art designs are Bernina files, and unfortunately, you cannot use them unless you have bernina branded software. Stick to downloading designs in .pes format. Embroidery is so much fun, and there is always something to do!!! I use husqvarna viking software and i find this really easy, and it does a lot! and i use this with my brother embroidery machine.
Digitizing is the process in which you get your image into ‘stitch points’, basically telling the needle where to go, and what direction and form the stitch needs to be. Its not easy, but if you love art, and love the computer- you’ll love this!
Ask your husband if the shop/place he bought it from offers lessons, or classes on the software and machine. i’m sure they can give you tons of advice! Happy Sewing!!!!!!!

Can I get a Free Software to crate Embroidery Designs?

October 31st, 2011 1 comment

We have an 18 head Embroidery machine, and Urgently need a software to create, our designs. Can any1 help me out.

If you are trying to create a stencil. Gimp is a good free software that is easy to use.

You can get a picture and turn it into a grey scale.

I hope this helps