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where can i get very intricate and mature floral hand embroidery designs and patterns for sari suit?

January 18th, 2013 1 comment

roses and ivy

Here are some sites to look at:

Hand Embroidery Patterns

Well, what my best friend does is she finds a floral design she likes by searching for ‘flower designs’ or ‘whatever designs’ on Google. Then she prints them off and then she takes a very sharp pointed pencil and sticks a hole in the paper she has pinned onto the cloth she is going to embroider on and then she pokes the pencil through making lines of dots. . to follow with her stitching. I hope this helps. Oh, sometimes she uses color books to do this with.
Good luck.

I am learning embroidery, can any please suggest a list good embroidery software’s. thank you?

January 10th, 2013 1 comment

Well, Initially I would like to learn it on computer, I know hand embroidery, now I want to design new embroids and implement it practically on various cloths with differential patterns

are you looking for free patterns, instructions on various stitches, any particular stitch, ….
what do you mean by software – are you learning computerized embroidery or hand embroidery?
if you add some details, i can give you a specific answer. i have quite a few sites on hand & machine embroidery.
meanwhile, you can try google, youtube, expertvillage,,, etc.

will wait for you to update …
all the best

okay, here’s a list i’ve compiled for machine embroidery – most have free patterns, but if you browse through them, i’m sure you’ll find a lot more & further links too.
hope you find what you are looking for & more :-))

first, though : — list of top embroidery sites !! and they update this regularly.
and if you want free designs, you can join to this group…

hope this helped

I want to learn to embroider by hand?

December 17th, 2012 4 comments

I can’t find any classes, any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.

The "classes, lessons" are listed here and I hope that you will find the one that you get the most information from. Please, when you find it, put it in your favorites so you won’t have to hunt for something you can find in the lesson you "took".

Free embroidery designs and lessons for you to stitch
A page to help you find all the free embroidery designs throughout my site. For anyone looking to start hand embroidery free patterns allow you to try lots of new …​free-embroidery… – Cached
Free Embroidery Stitch Glossary Free Sewing Stitch Lessons A-L
Free Embroidery Stitch Glossary. Stitches A-L including buttonhole, chain, couching, feather, fern, fishbone, fly, interlaced bank, lazy daisy, long and short stitch.​free_embroidery… – Cached
Embroidery | Free Embroidery Patterns | Embroidery Stitches
Free step by step instructions for embroidery. Lessons are illustrated. Learn the art and stitches of this wonderful craft today.​embroidery.htm – Cached
My Embroidery Mentor, Deborah Jones
Do you want two full days of private embroidery lessons from embroidery expert … Sign-up for the Embroidery Insider – a free monthly e-mail for embroidery tips and inside … – Cached
Shadow embroidery lessons. – Crafts – Free Craft Patterns …
Learn the beautiful art of shadow embroidery for free at Craftown. Illustrated instructions, step by step instructions. – Cached
Generations | Free Embroidery Lessons
Follow along these helpful lessons for your Generations Embroidery Software. The sky’s the limit in embroidery designs.​embroidery…archive-lessons.html

Where to find embroidery patterns?

December 15th, 2012 2 comments

Where can i find free patterns for embroidery by hand.

Michaels has some, although several of these are ribbon embroidery or use templates you have to buy:

This site has a few designs.

This site might have some stuff, but it’s not working for me right now.

And here’s one jacobean crewel work sample:

Another thing you can do is to take a line art design and copy it with a xerox copier, or print it with a laser printer. These both use heat sensitive toner, which can be transferred to fabric just like an iron-on design.

Google image searching on "line art" will get you a good sample of line art images to play with.

How to make my own applique fonts for my embroidery Machine?

December 13th, 2012 1 comment

My wife always pay for these applique and I want to know how to make some for her. She has a Husqvarna Viking Designer Topaz 20 and the 5D embroidery extra program.

I have a Topaz 30, new to me. I do not believe that it’s possible without knowing how to write the computer program that would be compatible with the 5D software. There is also likely "licensing" protection for the software by Husqvarna.

I find that many of the patterns for sale are very inexpensive for single patterns. Have you visited: Embroidery Library? Some patterns I’ve purchased for as little as $1. Once I purchased a few items, they began to send me sales items, free patterns etc.

Websites that show how to do seed crafts?

December 11th, 2012 3 comments

I’m interested in making framed art using seeds, but I’ve been unable to find a website for ideas.

I don’t know if this will help but it is the best I could do.

Free Seed Bead Patterns – LoveToKnow Crafts
Free seed bead patterns can be used to help you make a variety of fun items for your home. … If you’re looking for free seed bead patterns for home décor projects … – Cached
Bead Jewelry Patterns – LoveToKnow Crafts
Free Seed Bead Patterns. Comments. Designing, Most colleges and universities with art … Try our Free Beaded Necklace Pattern, How to Bead a Stretchy Watch Band, and … – Cached
Bead Patterns and Stitches – Free Beaded Projects
The free seed bead pattern section of the site is undergoing a complete revamp ; … Indexes for our free peyote patterns, your choice of A to Z index or … – Cached
Free Peyote Patterns – Free Bead Pattern – A to Z index of …
Free bead patterns a to z index of all peyote stitch patterns offered on our site – over 50 free patterns to date. ……/peyotepatterns/peyotestitchindex.html – Cached
Gerri Robinson, Planted Seed Designs – Free Quilt Patterns
Please enjoy these free patterns that have been designed specifically for use with our " … (Please click on the picture of the quilt to download your free pattern. … – Cached
Free patterns for primitive inspirational stitchery and folk …
Son Shine Seed Co. patterns for primitive inspirational stitchery, folk art … Free Patterns. Click on picture for pattern. Machine Embroidery. Punch … – Cached
Free Beading Patterns, tutorials, & Jewelry Making …
Get FREE beading patterns. Discover new techniques. Learn all you need to know about designing with Swarovski® crystal components. The Beading How-To’s has it all… – Cached
Free Seed Bead Patterns – Fire Mountain Gems and Beads …
Downloadable seed bead patterns for free. America’s favorite bead & jewelry supply since 1973.

Where can I get free embroidery patterns?

November 17th, 2012 1 comment

what are good websites with free embroidery patterns?

Machine Embroidery:

Hand Embroidery:

Where can I find a free pattern for for sewing flowers for a wall hanging?

November 13th, 2012 1 comment

I’m looking for some free patterns so I can make somethings for my daughter’s room she is only 14mos so I need Ideas for that age group or even a little more older up to age 5 so I don’t have to change it right away. Thank you

Go on line and do a search: free floral embroidery or try They have free designs.

Modern Embroidery Designs?

May 27th, 2012 1 comment

Do you know of a website that sells cheap or free MODERN embridery patterns. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!
Hand embrodierery…sorry for not mentioning!

You haven’t stated whether it is hand or machine.

Hope this helps.

Husqvarna Embroidery Machine Floppy Disk Help!!?

May 17th, 2012 1 comment

My mother has a Husqvarna embroidery machine and we downloaded some free patterns and had to unzip them, I am not quite sure what to do from here. I know that we use .HUS files and they go onto the floppy disk but when I put them on there it doesn’t read it on the machine. Not sure what to do, please help!

Here are some videos on how to unzip embroidery designs and free unzipping software. . If that does not work email the site and they will unzip for you.