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Where can I get a sewing machine that I can do custom embroidery…?

January 28th, 2013 2 comments

I’m new to sewing and don’t know too much about it & the machines, but I’m looking for something that will let me do different fonts and adjust the size of the stitching. Hoping for something that’s no more than $400.. Would Amazon or perhaps Walmart sell ones like this? Thanks

There are two major methods of machine embroidery — free motion, where you guide the hooped fabric, and can be done on any sewing machine, and computerized, which requires a special machine. I do some free motion embroidery — here’s sort of the great grandfather of textbooks of machine embroidery. free motion on a treadle machine: and the best modern book I know of: done just before embroidery machines became commonly available to home sewing.

The other method is computerized embroidery, and there are several types of machines there: combination sewing/embroidery machines like (this one was a mere $12.5K when it was first released) or more reasonably, and embroidery only machines like: or a multihead (many needles at a time) machine like: which sews many colors at the same time, and is typically used by an embroidery business.

Most of the people I know who do computerized machine embroidery have started with a 4×4" hoop combination machine, then discovered that 1) they wanted a bigger hoop and 2) if they didn’t have another machine, they couldn’t sew while the machine was laboriously stitching out a design. The folks I know who bought embroidery only machines plus a sewing machine didn’t pay much more (if any) than the ones who bought a single combination machine, and most of them seem happier with their initial purpose.

On top of the machine, you usually wind up buying several types and weights of embroidery stabilizer, perhaps a digitizing program so you can make your own designs, another program to help convert predigitized designs into a format your machine can use, and thread. Lots and lots of threads. So the machine is only the tip of the iceberg.

If you can, see if you can find a basic machine embroidery class where they supply the machines. There’s a fairly steep learning curve at first, I understand, and see if it’s something you really want to invest in. Me? I’m happier doing embroidery by hand.

I am looking for a sewing machine/embroidery that is made in the USA. Is there one ???

January 20th, 2013 2 comments

My hubby wants to buy me a sewing machine that is made in the USA and I can’t seem to find one. Can anyone help ??? Thanks so much

I believe the only company in the US making sewing machines still is Merrow, and they’re industrials — they’re inventors of the serger.

There are some excellent machines out there, though, that are not US made.

You may want to poke around at ‘s sewing machine review section when you get your machine choices narrowed. Some of my friends who do machine embroidery prefer to have separate embroidery and sewing machines — they can keep sewing while a design is stitching out. I only do hand and free motion embroidery, so I haven’t looked at embroidery machines.

where can i get very intricate and mature floral hand embroidery designs and patterns for sari suit?

January 18th, 2013 1 comment

roses and ivy

Here are some sites to look at:

Hand Embroidery Patterns

Well, what my best friend does is she finds a floral design she likes by searching for ‘flower designs’ or ‘whatever designs’ on Google. Then she prints them off and then she takes a very sharp pointed pencil and sticks a hole in the paper she has pinned onto the cloth she is going to embroider on and then she pokes the pencil through making lines of dots. . to follow with her stitching. I hope this helps. Oh, sometimes she uses color books to do this with.
Good luck.

Whats the best make/brand of sewing machine?

January 14th, 2013 3 comments

i do art-textiles at a-level and i do a lot of free machining/embroidery work , so will need it to have that feature plus the foot, also do normal machining, would like it to be quite straightforward, nothing tooo complicated
any suggestions would be great

I would suggest getting an older second hand machine, I do art and design A-level textiles and my all time favourite machines come from viking (also known as husqvarna). Bernina, the old ones i would say are the best for machine embroidery and last a lot longer, in one session without dying on you than the newer models :). I know quite a bit more about machines than most teenage girls doing textiles as my mum is a textiles teacher, from sweden where the teaching degrees for textiles require a lot more knowledge, also i have experience with both old and new viking machines, both great, an old bernina, especially used in our house for machine embroidery (all these three we have at home). and a Janome, a new one from school, which to be perfectly honest did not agree with me at all.

Where can I find Dr. Seuss embroidery designs?

December 21st, 2012 1 comment

Prefer "Cat in the Hat" but anything Seuss will do.

If you are looking for hand embroidery, then you can find
free coloring pages online that you could use at~~

For machine embroidery, try
or try one of these,

And then there is the Dr.Seuss Store~

Hope this helps!!!


i need a sewing machine that can be used for freehand embroidery?

December 17th, 2012 2 comments

is there a specific type i should buy, or special needles. Any further info greatly aprecited, thanks.

Embroidery needles are often useful. All you need to do free motion embroidery is have a machine that allows you to drop or cover the feed dogs — the rest is up to you. Having a machine that allows you to do a stitch at a time and stop with needle up or needle down can also be useful, so you may wish to pay special attention to electronic machines (as opposed to mechanical):

Best book on FME that I know of is Robbie and Tony Fanning’s Complete Book of Machine Embroidery, now out of print (but commonly available at libraries). While you’re at it, see if they can get you a copy of "Singer Instructions for Art Embroidery" — reprints are fine — the originals were done on treadle sewing machines.

Where to find embroidery patterns?

December 15th, 2012 2 comments

Where can i find free patterns for embroidery by hand.

Michaels has some, although several of these are ribbon embroidery or use templates you have to buy:

This site has a few designs.

This site might have some stuff, but it’s not working for me right now.

And here’s one jacobean crewel work sample:

Another thing you can do is to take a line art design and copy it with a xerox copier, or print it with a laser printer. These both use heat sensitive toner, which can be transferred to fabric just like an iron-on design.

Google image searching on "line art" will get you a good sample of line art images to play with.

Does anyone know where I can get wildlife applique embrroidery patterns?

December 7th, 2012 1 comment

Wildlife like bears, deer etc. to applique on an embroidery machine no larger than 5×7.

Ann the Gran – but you will have to look.
Artistic Thread Works – select design librabr and search. You can usually download the 1st item in a set free.
Embroidery Library

How do I create embroidery designs without the use of a digitizer program?

December 3rd, 2012 5 comments

You cannot create original embroidery for a machine embroidery machine without using digitizing software. That being said, you can get digitizing software for anywhere from $99 to thousands of dollars. There are also TONS of free designs available. Just do a search for "free machine embroidery." The learning curve for digitizing software is quite high. I have found just about any kind of design that I want already made, and I’m not into digitizing. HTH

where can I find a good web site for Free embroidery sewing downloads?

December 3rd, 2012 1 comment

Are you looking for machine embroidery designs? Try the machine brand web sites, they all have downloads of free sample designs of the collections that they sell. Also, most designers have a free sample of the work that they sell. Some of my favorites:

Have fun!!