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what is the cheapest most effective software for my sewing machine?

January 18th, 2013 5 comments

I have just recently purchased a brother se 270d. I am completely new at embroidery and I am not sure about all of the software available to help download designs. I looked into the ped basic(because it is cheapest) but saw several complaints due to the limited capabilities with it. I don’t want to spend over $150 on something to help me to download designs from the internet. I am really interested n monogramming. Can anyone tell me what else is available for my machine that is not so expensive, yet still do a pretty good job? thanks!

You may be confusing editing software with memory card software.

Without a reader/writer unit and rewritable memory card and you cannot use designs from the Internet or a CD without one brand or the other.

PED Basic or another brand of the same type of software will provide a method of getting the design from the PC to the Embroidery machine via a memory card. Basically, that is all they do.

For monogramming you need fonts (alpha designs). You load as you would any other design and then copy to the memory card. Insert the memory card into the machine and press "start".

For editing, Embird is a popular product and you can download a free demo.

ABC embroidery has a tutorial for combining letters with Embird.

Remember, the design has to be within the limitation of the size hoop your machine is programed for.

Need help on deciding on Embroidery Software!?

January 12th, 2013 1 comment

I’m completely new to monogramming and embroidery so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I have a Brother PE 770 and bought the PE basic design software. It seems I’m not able to layer or combine designs with that package so I downloaded a trial of embird. Does Embird basically do the same as the Monogram Wizard plus? I’ve been leaning towards MWP but I want to make sure that it has the capability to combine a monogram with an applique. Also, do you have to buy their alpha packs or can you buy single fonts from other sites to use? Any help or advice is appreciated!

I filmed a video on Buzztools software they offer a free 30-day trail on all software. This is my video on buzzwords. .

What software do I use to merge fonts or alphabets into a word on my Brother PE-150 embroidery machine?

January 10th, 2013 1 comment

I would like to buy some alphabet designs from the internet, and I have the PED Basic software to put them onto a memory card for my Brother PE-150 machine. If I remember correctly from my first machine(this is my second time owning this kind of machine), I can put the letters into individual files on the card. I want to know how to merge the letters into a word, such as a name, so that I don’t have to embroidery each letter individually. I haven’t yet opened the PED Basic program, because I wanted to find out if I needed something else first. Thanks!

You need an editing software program. Embird is very popular with home machine embroiderers. Your start with basic and then add other programs as you wish.

You can get a trial here –

And here is a free tutorial for combining letters into words –

what is the best software to buy with which I can design my own cross stitch and embroidery patterns?

January 4th, 2013 2 comments

If you mean embroidery machine patterns, I would recommend Embird with the Cross-stitch add-on. The package is very popular and has many available tutorials to show you step by step how to create the designs for your embroidery machine.

I personally use it and find it very easy to understand and use. It has alot of functionality and versatility as well. There is also a 30 day free trial so that you can try before you buy. You can find more information about Embird as well as available tutorials at

If you mean hand-embroidery and cross-stitch patterns, I personally have found that drawing my own patterns on graph paper has worked easiest and best for me.

Help for my Brother 270D Embroidery Machine!?

December 31st, 2012 7 comments

I Just got my Brother 270D emboidery machine for Christmas so I am new to the world of embroidering. I have purchased and downloaded a few fonts so that I can use them on my machine. I put them on the memory card and put the card in my machine, but here’s my problem. Each letter is a different design on the memory card. So how do I combine the letters to spell a name so that my machine can embroider the name all at once? Example: I want to embroider the name "Olivia" but the O is one design, then the "L" is another, etc. I can’t do one letter at a time or else I’ll never get the spacing right! When you use the four fonts that are on the machine, you can type in all the letters you want to use and then it embroiders them all as one design. How can I do this with fonts that I’ve downloaded onto my memory card?

You need a program that will allow you to merge designs. Here are a few that have good reputations:

Embird is probably the most used of these programs and the least expensive (I think).
Embird also offers a free trial. It’s fairly easy to use, and there are tons of tutorials and yahoo groups that offer support.

Since you’re new to the hobby, I’d like to recommend a couple of sites to you has the best embroidery forum members on the net. I’ve been a member there since I started out with my first 270D. The ladies and gents there have answered every question I’ve ever had. Nita O’keefe has some of the most beautiful embroidery designs online and she’s a wealth of knoweledge. She’s a sweet heart and is always willing to answer a question. This is a great community of textile artists and hobbyist. They have several great forums that where you can get quick answers to questions, free embroidery designs (I share designs there), and a great forum to show off your finished products. Sewforum is a free site.

Brother Embroidery Machine and PED Basic software Help?

December 15th, 2012 2 comments

How do I connect font characters to spell a word? I want to embroider my daughters name on something using a font I downloaded from the internet. I cannot group the characters together on my machine. Is there any way to do this?
Thank you so much! That is helpful. I wish I could do it with what I have ­čÖü

I am afraid not. You can combine the letters already built into the machine.

You will need an editing software program to combine the letters or do one at a time.

If doing one at a time is the only option, bring up each letter and send to the card.

Then make a sample by stitching out each letter, noting the size and then determine how far to space each letter. Start by making a cross hair with a pen for each one – this will help you to find the center of each letter after stitching.

Remember, the center for the letters a and y (as examples) are going to differ as will as upper and lower case letters.

You can use the jog feature on the embroidery machine to calculate the perimeter of each letter.

There is a trial of Embird that may be of help as well as a tutorial for lettering at ABC Embroidery (free).

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions at any time.

How do you digitalize embrodiery patterns?

November 27th, 2012 2 comments

I know you can make your on embrodiery patterns and sell them. How do you start this?

You need to have embroidery design software. Many sewing machine companies have their own program that they sell, but most sewing/embroidery machines can use more than one format.

You can buy something simple, like Embird, or spend thousands for a professional-type program. You also need to have a machine so that you can stitch out the designs to test them. Most designers aren’t real good for awhile and give away their designs for free to get people to know them. Some designers have a web site and sell their designs and also have some freebies that you can try to see how good the designer is.

Have fun with it!

What do i look for in a good embroidery machine ?

November 19th, 2012 4 comments

I am just opening my first home business, doing childrens clothing, and would like to get a sewing machine with embroidery options (LOTS and LOTS of ebroidery options)

i dont know what to look for,
or how it works (are you just stuck wiht what you purchase ? or is there a machine that allows you to buy extra embroidery programs to use ?? [kind of like a cricut machine products..])
What exactly do you mean when you say .pes formats, what are the other types of formats, and how does this one compare to the others ??

and is there a way to create your OWN embroidery patterns ??

i am looking for something that i can get a WIDE variety of fonts.. any pointers ??


Embroidery designs are formatted and there are several formats (think of it as a language).

Each brand of embroidery machine has a format and this can vary by brand.

Formats can be converted, so if you have a machine that reads only .pes and you see a design that you love and it is .hus, it can be converted to .pes using conversion software, for which you can find free downloads. Pulse Ambassador is one that I have used.

There is software with which you can edit designs and create your own. Embird is a popular brand. Most have a trial which you can test to see how user friendly it is and if it is what you wish to purchase.

You may find most embroidery machines have only the basic fonts. This is something to keep in mind when shopping.

You may be able to work a deal where a font package is included with the purchase of an embroidery machine.


All the major brands are good machines.

Brother and Babylock use the .pes format, which is a very popular, easy to find embroidery format. These machines are also very user friendly.

Visit dealers with your wish list, this should include price.

Once you tell them you want the machine for a home business, they will let you know if the machine’s warranty covers this type of use.

It would be best to have a sewing machine and an embroidery machine and not just one machine.

The stitching area for embroidery is limited and will be indicated by the hoop size. The standard 4 x 4 hoop is very limiting.

Any design larger than the stitching area of the embroidery will require software for editing and splitting the designs into smaller segments that will require re-hooping for each section.

An embroidery machine with at least a 5 x 7 hoop is a better choice.

There are thousands of designs available on the Internet, many are free. A machine with a flash drive (aka, stick drive or thumb drive) would be the most convenient method of getting designs from the PC to the embroidery machine.

Create a folder on the hard drive of your PC and name it Embroidery. As you download, save to this folder and then create sub-folders for each category. Keeping the designs organized will save you a lot of headache later on.

This is a very good site for machine embroidery tips and techniques –

Keep in mind, Disney and other licensed designs cannot be use on items that you will be selling.

Best wishes in your new adventure!

What is the cheapest website to purchase Embird? I have the free trial now I’m ready to buy. ?

November 15th, 2012 1 comment

The official web site has it for 144$, and secrets of embroidery has it for 131$ , but I know i’ve seen it for 119!!

You should also check out Diane’s Designs or My Embroidery Haven.

I bought my original Embird from Secrets of, and have continued to get my updates from them ever since. It is great customer service, and they keep your purchase records in case you ever need to download something again.

where can I find free machine embroider software?

November 11th, 2012 1 comment

I would like to re-size designs and catalog and more.

The only freebie is Pulse Ambassador and it is for format conversion.

Embrilliance Thumbnailer is around $40 and it is a catalog that you can use with Mac or Windows. No machine embroidery program is needed –

As for re-sizing, you do need a software program for this that will add or subtract stitches.

Re-sizing can be done in small % with the embroidery machine, but the stitch count remains the same.

To much enlarging and you get thin/open areas in the design.

Too much reducing and you get "bulletproof" embroidery, which is stitching on top of stitching that makes the design stiff.

Embird is a very popular brand and is the least expensive machine embroidery software.

You start with the basic program for $131.00 and then add other programs as you become more proficient or have the need.

As with most machine embroidery software programs, this one can only be used with Windows –