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Im at home and i cant go out, i want to do a craft with things at my house. Any suggestions?

I enjoy scrapbooking. I already have an album done to give as a Christams gift so all my friend will have to do is to put her photos on the pages and add the jourrnaling.

I also enjoy rubber stamping…making cards, small books, decorating things with stamped items.

Listed below is a great place to look for ideas, specific projects to do with tutorials.

Or you could try knitting, crocheting (good to do while watching tv), sewing, cross stitching, embroidery.

I also enjoy photography. So if you have a digital camera there's a lot you can take photos of. You could photograph the area you live in, plants andd flowers, events you attend, local events, whatever strikes your fancy. From there you could touch up your photos by editing them then create a slide show or DVD which has your photos set to music.

I like to read a lot. I'm always curious to learn more about a lot of different things, just for my own information. The library is available to all and is free to join. Or if you prefer you could look a lot of stuff up on the internet.

Exercise, many of us Americans (I assume you are American) are carrying too much weight and should move more. Even if you don't have any pounds to lose exercise makes you healthier.

Genealogy…tracing your family history and roots. A lot of the research can be done on the internet these days. It's one of those things that's on my list to get around to.

There are a lot of craft ideas out there for the holidays. Your local library might be a good place to look for ideas of things you can make to decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are also a lot of home made gift ideas out there this time of the year, Look both at books and at what magazines the library gets. The current issue is not usually available for check out but you can use the copier at the library or take you digital camera and take detailed photos of the project. Also have scrap paper with you to trace any patterns that you'll need or again you could photo copy them.

Gardening Watch DVD's, VHS movies

Stamp (postage) or coin collecting,

Learn to draw, or learn basket weaving.

Learn a new skill that's been on your list.

Hope this list is a help and a starting point for you.

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I have what I consider a unique hobby. I cut and paste from catalogs items that represent past memories and special people in my life. Since the catalogs are free, I have little cost for his hobby, but it can occupy many hours every week.

What do you do for a hobby that is really unusual, unique, maybe ever a bit odd. But please stay real. If it's not something you don't actually do, I don't want false answers. But let me hear of your one-of-a-kind hobbies that you really do for a hobby. Thanks.

I like to design and redesign old items to make new usable items.My mom was good at making do with what we had and I guess I've taken that to a new level. I make denim purses/bags from old jeans. I use all colors of jeans, camoflauge of any color, special textured yarns, beading, embroidery, colored wire,felt that I make into flowers or names,used belts on some for the handles,and lot of creativity. Last week my grandkids and I made paper mache into different things and then painted them a few days later. I just blended some computer paper trash and water and used glue for a little adhesive and it worked. We have ornaments, frames,a cat and mouse, volcanoes and a Mickey Mouse finished. I like to take used clothes and redesign them into one-of-a-kind painted or appliqued cute outfits for my grandaughters. I also make costumes and have surprised many folks that they were homemade.I write and illustrate kids books, poems, short stories, and greeting cards by hand. I have done many paintings, drawings, made many different types of dolls and taught my grandkids to sew. They really like to come to Gramby's house to get to make things. I have them fooled because they think I can do anything and they call me Super Gramby! I've always done some type of creating and it has come in handy since I became disabled. I can't just sit. I do most of my hobbies sitting in my recliner with my tens unit, heating pad, and ice paks going strong! I am not as fast as I once was but I love it and it helps to keep the depression away. I also enjoy reading local history, helping the local museum, helping with the reading program at school, and doing what I can for those in need. Thanks for sharing and asking us to share.