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what is the cheapest most effective software for my sewing machine?

January 18th, 2013 5 comments

I have just recently purchased a brother se 270d. I am completely new at embroidery and I am not sure about all of the software available to help download designs. I looked into the ped basic(because it is cheapest) but saw several complaints due to the limited capabilities with it. I don’t want to spend over $150 on something to help me to download designs from the internet. I am really interested n monogramming. Can anyone tell me what else is available for my machine that is not so expensive, yet still do a pretty good job? thanks!

You may be confusing editing software with memory card software.

Without a reader/writer unit and rewritable memory card and you cannot use designs from the Internet or a CD without one brand or the other.

PED Basic or another brand of the same type of software will provide a method of getting the design from the PC to the Embroidery machine via a memory card. Basically, that is all they do.

For monogramming you need fonts (alpha designs). You load as you would any other design and then copy to the memory card. Insert the memory card into the machine and press "start".

For editing, Embird is a popular product and you can download a free demo.

ABC embroidery has a tutorial for combining letters with Embird.

Remember, the design has to be within the limitation of the size hoop your machine is programed for.

What sewing/embroidery machine would suit my needs?

January 14th, 2013 2 comments

Ok so ive been watching youtube videos and i came across some that teach you how to make handmade totes, wallets, and coin purses. Im really starting to enjoy it. My husband is in the military and selling ACU bags is a huge hit here on base… I kinda wanna start doing that. Ive never used a sewing machine in my life non the less an embroider so my question is… What would be best for me? I dont want a professional machine since ive never used one and i dont even know if my "business" will even become successful, i just need if possible a machine that will do both sew and embroided because the ACU bags come with last names and would need to embroid that on them. Any suggestions would help! Thanks

Why not start with the Brother SE400. It is a combo, so if one craft does not suit you the other might. A combo can be used as a sewing machine or as an embroidery machine.

Brother is an excellant brand and the leader in home embroidery machines. This model sells for under $400. A professional model will cost several thousands.

Find out if someone will help you learn to sew. Embroidery is a little easier as you hoop the item and then the machine does it’s thing.

Embroidery Library has several machine embroidery tutorials to help you learn.

Most embroidery machines will have a few designs and fonts built-in, but are usually not what you will want. But good for practice and learning. There are many Internet sources for downloads and some are free. You have to be sure the design will fit within the hoop size of the EM and in the correct format for the EM. Brother is .pes format.

You will need a basic machine embroidery software program for at least viewing your design files. Embird is the least expensive.

Do not download designs from foreign countries are they are forgeries of licensed designs and against the law in the US.

Follow the manual that comes with the machine very closely. Manual in hand in front of the machine with thread and fabric. Read and apply and you will soon have the basics mastered.

which is the best embroidery/sewing machine ?

January 4th, 2013 4 comments

singer or brother

Hands down – Brother! This brand is the leader in home embroidery machines.

The format used is very well known and used at many sites that offer free design downloads.

Next step up is Baby Lock, which is of the same family.

I have owned both brands. Started as a newbie with a Brother model with a maximum embroidery area of 4" x 4". I soon outgrew this limitation and traded up for a Baby Lock with a much larger embroidery area.

In addition to the embroidery machine (no matter which brand you choose) will be the need for software for viewing and editing designs.

Embird is the leader in this field. You begin with an inexpensive base/basic program and then add "plug-ins" as you progress and determine a need for the additions.

This site – will help you learn how to download, unzip the file and save to your PC. There is also a tutorial for using fonts with Embird.

This site has many helpful techniques and tips –

What is a good sewing/embroidery machine? I am just wanting to do name and intials.?

December 7th, 2012 3 comments

The Brother 400SE at Walmart is a good bargain. You get a quality name brand machine that you can use as a sewing machine or an embroidery machine (EM).

There are designs and fonts for names and letters built into the EM.

You can select letter types, size and enter on the screen.

As long as the size is within the size of the hoop that comes with the EM, no additional software will be needed.

The hoop that come with the EM indicates the largest area that the EM is designed for.

In addition, this model has USB connectivity, which means you can connect to your PC and send designs that you have downloaded to your PC to the EM.

Create a folder on the hard drive of the PC and name it Emb Downloads.

Then search the Internet for free downloads and save them to the Emb Downloads folder.

Make sure they are .pes format and sized within the hoop size of the EM.

Then as you want to use one of the downloads, connect the cable that comes with the EM to the PC.

A new drive letter will appear on the screen of the PC.

You send the design from the folder to new drive letter and then to the EM.

where can I find a good web site for Free embroidery sewing downloads?

December 3rd, 2012 1 comment

Are you looking for machine embroidery designs? Try the machine brand web sites, they all have downloads of free sample designs of the collections that they sell. Also, most designers have a free sample of the work that they sell. Some of my favorites:

Have fun!!

Janome 350 E Help?

November 21st, 2012 2 comments

I have saved a design on a USB stick. When I try to open it on my machine, nothing comes up. Please let me know all the info you can! Thanks in advance.
It comes up on my computer fine, when I put the USB stick in. But when I put the USB stick in my Janome 350E embroidery machine, it does not show the design.

i haven’t worked with a janome machine for several years but do you a brother. the janome will use either a jef or sew file. what is the file extension of the file you are trying to use. i belong to many yahoo embroidery groups. here are a few of them. if you join a couple i’m sure someone on there will take you by the hand. the people on these groups are great and so helpful.
my favorite site for free embriodery designs gives away 49 free designs a day.">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library
if you have any other questions e-mail me, would be glad to help.


i was looking for a good but cheap embroidery machine. anyone have any suggestions.?

November 21st, 2012 3 comments

"Good" but "cheap" when talking about Embroidery Machines is an oxymoron, no such critter exists if you are wanting to go with a new machine. I have a Brother 180D. Brother is the only E machine you can get that you have a choice on Disney designs, but not all Brothers just the ones that have D in the name. You may be able to pick up a used one with a sewing field of 4" x 4", for around $400 or $500, but you will soon learn that you want to be able to do larger designs and the machine cannot be converted to do larger designs. My next machine is a Bernina 330 and has a sewing field of 5" x 7" and is large enough for what I like to do. I bought it used two years old for $825. Both machines have been trouble free and the designs looks great when they are done. The biggest thing you want to do is be very familiar with the sewing/embroidery machine repair shops in your area. Call around and see what kind of machines they work on; not all shops repair all machines. Next you want to check their reputation and how well they handle repairs/maintenance and people. It is best to buy from your local shops whether you go new or used as they are usually willing to do their best for a return customer. Do not buy from a shop or store that does not do repair/maintenance, because even if you never have any trouble with your machine it does need to have a yearly check up that keeps it in good working order. When checking out a shop if you are not familiar with any, ask if they have good used machines for sale and check the prices against what you may have found on ebay or elsewhere, don’t forget to add the shipping and handling to the ones you found online. From my limited knowledge of the different embroidery machines the ones most widely recommended are Brother, Bernina, and Janome, but all have different temperaments and it is best to try them out before you decide.

I need kids designs for my Janome embroidery machine?

November 17th, 2012 1 comment

Hi you need to look for embroidery format JEF.
There are a lot of beautiful designs for kids on Internet !.
Also I found a lot in free site , mostly are in pes (brother format) but you can convert with any
software easily to jef .Free embroidery software are available like my editor , and free website like or .
I hope you find a lot !

Where can I get free embroidery patterns?

November 17th, 2012 1 comment

what are good websites with free embroidery patterns?

Machine Embroidery:

Hand Embroidery:

Where can i find free applique alphabets in a pes format?

November 15th, 2012 1 comment

I am looking for a website where i can find cute applique alphabets in a pes format for my brother machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

You will have to search the various sites that offer free downloads. More than likely you will have to purchase the design package.

Try for free designs, you can even request certain designs at no charge.

There are some here for sale –