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textile art with Velvet – free machine embroidery projects

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If you have never thought about using velvet before in your creative textile design, you will now. The background is one of the most important elements of any textile art creation, these creative mixed media techniques help you to design from your imagination.

Meet textile artist Angie Hughes, who regularly leads workshops for all ages with her techniques. Develop through every chapter, adding layers and experimenting with fabric paint, transfer foil, glitter, organza and machine embroidery designs and ideas. Every stage enhances the previous one. Creativity and craft ideas flow throughout this textile art DVD.

Chapter 1 – Creative textile projects materials and equipment

Angie Hughes talks about the artists that have inspired her textile art. Find out the simple equipment you need to create your own textile design projects.

Chapter 2 — Fabric painting with velvet

Learn an easy textile design technique to dye your velvet fabric. Create fabric art with silk fabric paint and writing ink for the beginning of your textile art piece.

Chapter 3 — Block printing techniques for magical patterns

Block printing fabric with this simple technique creates amazing textile design. Combine household bleach and metallic textile paints with your ongoing piece for magical creative art.

Chapter 4 — How to use transfer foil and bondaweb

Learn how to use bondaweb with transfer foil to add glitz to the velvet. You can use micro glitter and punchinella for creative fabric art with this method too, a great kids craft idea.

Chapter 5 — How to use transfer foil and mistyfuse

Differing from bondaweb or wonder under, watch mistyfuse create a dazzling effect on your textile design. Learn how to incorporate shapes in your fibre art projects with bondaweb.

Chapter 6 — Glitter and sweet wrapper foil

Different to the first bondaweb process, learn this alternative way to add shimmer to your textile art. Build your design and recycle your foil sweet wrappers for an interesting look.

Chapter 7 — Organza textile art

Learn how to stop your machine stitching from sinking in velvet, using organza. Change your textile art piece with different organza colours and unify it with stitch techniques.

Chapter 8 – Machine embroidery designs

Use these simple embroidery machine techniques for your velvet art. This chapter explains many easy ideas for machine embroidery designs.

Chapter 9- Creating contrast with a craft heat gun

Learn two methods to take away the top layer of organza, you decide which to use on your piece. Create stand out contrast in your textile art.

Chapter 10 — Ideas for creative textiles

Angie Hughes explains how to seek out your own creative inspiration, and to take these textile art techniques on further and use them in other ways.

Duration : 0:2:16

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