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200 different Hand Embroidery Stitches

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Our main mission is to find, preserve, digitally restore and make available at
affordable costs Victorian and Edwardian era lacemaking, dressmaking and embroidery
instruction manuals and patterns for current and future generations of

Product Description:
This is a Patterns-on-cd CD ROM title: Embroidery Lessons.
200 Embroidery Stitches instructions originally published in 1912:
Filling stitches play an important part in embroidery. After forming the outline
using chain stitch, back stitch or double running stitch, the in-filling stitches
give live and depth to a design. It can be pretty challenging to come up with a
variety of filling stitches indeed! This is where this little instruction manual on
CD ROM comes in handy!

In this collection of embroidery stitches, I have endeavored to place before those
artists who are interested in needlecraft an exposition of the most useful and
artistic stitches that have formed a part of my own work during several years’ study
and practice of art embroidery. Some of these will be familiar to needle-artists. Others will serve to exemplify how, in process of working, fresh stitches may be evolved from old ones, or how, when originality gains ground entirely new stitches become apparent and workable.

A point somewhat overlooked in art embroidery is the fact that each separate stitch
is a design in itself. If this principle be fully recognized, the necessity for careful ad systematic study of the forms and functions of Embroidery Stitches will immediately become obvious to the student and worker.

Every endeavour has been made to ensure simplicity and point in the directions, and
where possible, suggestions have been given for the application of stitches to useful purposes.

This CD also includes a circa 1912 Jacobean Embroidery reference.

Tudor Work.
Early 17th Century.
Details of Blue Crewel Work (the late Lady Maria Ponsonby’s).
The uses of Stem Stitch and other characteristics.
Bed Hangings at Hardwicke Hall.
Groups of Fillings in which darning plays important part.
Bed Hanging from Powis Castle.
Characteristic Foliations and Late 17th Century Fillings.
Solid Crewel Work 18th Century including the Terra Firma and different birds and

27 Illustrations:
Strip of Tudor Work.
Group of leaves on cushions at Knole Park.
Group of light details in early examples.
Details from old example, carried out in dark blues, belonged to the late Lady Maria
Detail of Foxglove design.
Colour plate—Detail from old Bed Hangings, dated 1696.
Detail from old Bed Hangings, dated 1696.
Large heavy leaf in work dated 1696.
Leaf showing seven different stitches.
Bed Hanging at Hardwicke.
Set of details (in colour) of Hardwicke design.
Set of details of Hardwicke design.
Group of Fillings.
Design of Bed Hangings at Powis Castle.
Characteristic leaf of best period.
Late 17th Century Fillings.
Fillings from Georgian copy of old example.

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