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Laser embroidery software demo for cutting patches, crests and badges direct to garment or bulk

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Permaboss did not come from an embroidery background we started out avoiding it completely and launched embossing and rhinestones in North America in 1999. We always had to deal with poor quality artwork and especially vectorization, cleaning up, inline, outline, offset, registration, centering spacing etc. We have always felt restricted with traditional software like adobe illustrator, Photoshop and Corel. All are complex software that are 100% best suited for print media and graphics BUT NOT for things related to machinery where you can’t afford to have vectors crossing over each other and ones that move weird when you manipulate a node.
So because of this we took an entirely different route of thinking and every time an embroidery digitizer sees it they get nuts- in a good way, they can’t for the life of them realize just how fast we can vectorize and clean up artwork and create vectors for embroidery, embossing or rhinestoneing (is that a word?? ) !
The software is called RhinestoneWorx, its a Permaboss product and its included with every laser. Its 100% vista and XP friendly and has tools that $18,000 embroidery digitizing packages don’t have or offer and its included with every laser or costs less than 10% of the above mentioned competitors software when purchased alone. It includes a detailed training DVD and 1 hour personal advanced tutorials. You can purchase support but its not needed because its just not as confusing as your other digitizing and art programs!
Plus this software is not a memory and resources pig on your PC like some programs are. They are huge, take long to install and to startup and god help you when you change anything on your PC, not RhinestoneWorx.
In this video, you will see the NGL or Next Generation Laser from Permaboss cut patches and crests. With the forest services ones we just cut the crest itself out of the backing material. For the fire department one we pretend its on a real garment and show you how and when to use foil. Then when the foil is removed, we proceed to cut it out totally as well.
The point is that the NGL laser revolutionizes embroidery totally by allowing you to offer so many new decorations in combination with your existing embroidery machines!
Stay tuned or subscribe to this YouTube channel as we are adding more videos all the time. We will soon show how we can cut out the patch that has a satin stitch on the outside border instead of nothing!
So in summary, its fast and far more accurate than by hand! For more information visit www.permabosslaser.com or call +1-905-713-6514

Duration : 0:7:21

[youtube JLnpa96aIi8]

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  1. Thévol Devo
    November 29th, 2012 at 02:14 | #1

    I am sorry, but I …
    I am sorry, but I can’t see how any of this couldn’t be done in illustrator.

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