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How to Iron On Appliques for Shop at Lylas

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Know what I love about Australia? Well, Bimini, of course. Know what else I love about Australia, though? Lylas.com.au! Lyla Burston has been an IWYS faithful for years now, but she also happens to be the proud owner of craft and applique super shop, lylas.com.au!

Lylas.com.au has the largest range of hand made appliques, including embroidered appliques and crochet appliques. Crafters of all kinds flock to her shop to grab popular applique designs including popular characters from Disney, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and more. She also has a range of buttons and stickers used for craft projects as well. Lyla is known for her incredible customer service and wide-ranging selection. Not to mention, her postage from Australia for appliques and stickers is never more than $3 no matter how many you buy. Also, if you spend $20 on applique or stickers, postage will be FREE.

We love Lyla around here (especially Plax!) so if you are a crafting fanatic, head over to lylas.com.au and check out her appliques!

Facebook: http://facebook.com/lylas.com.au
Twitter: http://twitter.com/shopatlylas

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