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How to Buy Art & Craft Books

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Wanting to try a new hobby? Or just needing to expand your library, Halfvalue is a great place to get Supplies and Instruction books you will need. Just like anything else in life, practice makes perfect and most artist are not born with the “know how” to get started. So look for Art & Craft Instruction Books. They can be the jumping off point for a new hobby or even for making money.
When looking for Art or Craft Instruction books, you must determine which media you want to try or use. There are Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Pastels, Acrylics, Quilting, Sewing, Decopage, Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Drawing, Pen and Ink, Pattern Books, You also will want to also look for books that have great pictures to help you “see” what you will be doing and to use as a comparison guide.
There have been thousands of books and booklets written for this purpose. Which ever media and type books you decide to try, always remember to read the description the buyer places in his/her listings. If you need more information email a message to the seller and ask specific questions. If you don’t get an answer you may want to reconsider bidding on that particular book. Please give the seller time to respond, (we are not online every minute of every day). Also watch feedback. Sometimes bad communication is the cause for negative feedback and the seller is not really at fault, sometimes it is. The higher feedback the chances are you will have no problems. Sellers listings should tell you what payments they accept and where they will ship. Another thing to remember as a buyer, always check the shipping. International prices for shipping can be high, and I am sorry to say I have seen sellers charge high rates for shipping to cover looses on the item. ALWAYS check BEFORE bidding.
A last important thing when buying books to remember, make sure the condition of the book is fine for your use. Sometimes with old or used books, pages yellow, or get loose. Check the description to see that the books are in useable shape. I also have bought a book that looked like it came through a flood and was described as good shape. Most sellers are honestly trying to describe items clearly. But some ones “good shape” is someone else “poor” or even someone else “excellent”. Ask before bidding any and all questions and at least with enough time allowed for seller to respond.
If you buy from a seller and enjoy the experience place that person in your Favorite Seller’s to make searching esier, and faster for you. I have a lot of repeat customers and so do other sellers and we all love repeat buyers. Sellers and customers a like are looking for someone they can trust and increase the pleasure of “Halfvalueing”. Search the sellers feedback to see if they constantly place these type of books, or email and ask them.
Some art and craft books are one time listings. You may never see that particular book again so bid if it is a price, and type book you want. Art and craft books are wonderful presents for those loved ones that you never know what to get for.

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