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Textiles mock GCSE on Art Deco, what materials and components should I be using!?
In the prep, it says I should be able to write a list of the materials and components I will use. I have no idea what this means!! (We have an awful teacher who has taught us NO theory!!) Can someone help me with examples of materials and components?

There are lots of materials you can choose from
Cotton Calico
Denim (Lightweight or Heavyweight) & loads more
When annotating your designs say what percentage fibre they are e.g. 100% polyester cotton etc

Solar changing threads
Glow in the dark thread
When annotating again say the fibre content e.g 100% polyester (most threads are this content)

Buttons (say size, shape, 4 or 2 holes)
Zips (say length, invisible or visible? – also show close up of the zip fastening)
Hook & eyes
Velcro etc.

Solar changing beads (say size/shape of beads)
Glow in the dark string
Sound boxes

Printed design? – sublimation print/cool peel
Embroidery – free machine, hand, Janome PE300 (CAD/CAM) – I would use the CAD/CAM example as you gain more marks for the use of this
Iron on motifs
Quilting – English
Transfer inks/crayons

I can't think of anything else, try searching it on google and try using modern techniques as well as old, you always gain credit for this as they are looking for unique designs so be as creative as possible because it doesn't matter if you can't make it, they are looking for creativity.

Also do some research into art deco so you know abit about it and the common patterns/colours/themes it uses and commet about these when annotating – you need this to get marks in the exam so it is always best to do a mood board before the exam

Good Luck!!


My husband bought me a used Brother embroidery machine. I am new to the WHOLE sewing/embroidery thing, and have tons to learn. I wanted to know if there is free software out there that will allow me to design new things to embroider? How do I go about making these things on the software and then getting it to the machine?? I'm totally confused with all this and incredibly overwhelmed! ­čÖü I want to have fun!

also, I have windows vista…. does that make things harder?
also, how do i take all these free designs I see on the web, and open them once they are saved in files…. what program do I use to open .art files?? I have tried everything! Help!

There may not be free software to download to create your own designs. Vista is ok to have when purchasing your digitizing software. Brother have some easy to use programs, such as PED Lite and PE Design. But you dont have to buy 'Brother' software.
.art designs are Bernina files, and unfortunately, you cannot use them unless you have bernina branded software. Stick to downloading designs in .pes format. Embroidery is so much fun, and there is always something to do!!! I use husqvarna viking software and i find this really easy, and it does a lot! and i use this with my brother embroidery machine.
Digitizing is the process in which you get your image into 'stitch points', basically telling the needle where to go, and what direction and form the stitch needs to be. Its not easy, but if you love art, and love the computer- you'll love this!
Ask your husband if the shop/place he bought it from offers lessons, or classes on the software and machine. i'm sure they can give you tons of advice! Happy Sewing!!!!!!!

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