Two Cents


I've been sewing for 7 years but have never done embroidery. If someone has this machine, do you recommend it? Can I download free embroidery on a Macintosh and use it with this machine?

My wife and I bought this machine and found it relatively easy to learn. Neither one of us had ever embroidered or done much sewing before. The machine is, I feel, a really good starting point for someone wanting to get into the hobby or business. We had the machine for only a couple of months before we decided to upgrade. We are a small home-based start up embroidery business; thus the reason for upgrading. Having gone up a level and a half or so to a Brother Pacesetter 8200 there are some things we miss about the 270D and some things we don't. The 270D makes threading needles simple. The 8200 requires a tad bit more work (I do mean only a tad) to thread and is not as easy as the 270D; where once you get the thread situated in the thread cartridge you just insert it into the machine. So from that stand point the 270 is easier. That being said, having upgraded, I can honestly say, if we had known the difference in quality of the embroidery produced, we would have gone with a "higher" end machine from the start. The 270 produces good embroidery, but the difference of quality it is capable of and that of the 8200 floored us (270 had some looping and gaps in the designs while the 8200 did not). Same design, same thread. 8200 won hands down. So what am I trying to say here? If you don't want to shell out the dough, the 270 is perfect. If you can get your hands on an upgrade for a couple of hundred bucks more (varies), I'd go with a model a step or two above. My two cents. Hope it helps.

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