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My hubby wants to buy me a sewing machine that is made in the USA and I can't seem to find one. Can anyone help ??? Thanks so much

I believe the only company in the US making sewing machines still is Merrow, and they're industrials — they're inventors of the serger.

There are some excellent machines out there, though, that are not US made.

You may want to poke around at 's sewing machine review section when you get your machine choices narrowed. Some of my friends who do machine embroidery prefer to have separate embroidery and sewing machines — they can keep sewing while a design is stitching out. I only do hand and free motion embroidery, so I haven't looked at embroidery machines.


Hi, my dad, a fishaholic for sure, died yesterday at age 94 and I want to sew out some kids' shirts and am looking for designs about 4×4" or close that show any kid, bear, child type picture of fishing. I would like to find at least one applique one to use with machine embroidery, Thanks.

Dear Wendy
I am so sorry for your loss. My dad too was a fishaholic.So are my hubby , sons and grandson. You should try Embroidery Library ie : . Just type in Fishing in their search space. They have some really nice ones.
God Bless

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So for D&T textiles i need to give a step by step guide on sewing machine embroidery. Only half the class have used the sewing machines so i dont know. Could somebody please help. Thank you.
Our teacher said sewing machine embroidery:)

This is a sewing machine and not an embroidery machine?

Do these machines have built-in decorative designs (sometimes called embroidery)?

Are you expected to do free-motion stitching (embroidery)?

All three methods require the use of stabilizer.

The embroidery machine comes with hoops and the stabilizer and fabric are hooped together with the stabilizer on the bottom.

To emulate with a sewing machine, you need to baste the stabilizer to the back of the fabric and the sewing machine will then stitch the selected design. There is usually an open toe presser foot for this process.

For free-motion where you are the designer, baste as for the decorative stitching, disengage the feed dogs (or cover them with an index card and tape it securely to the bed of the sewing machine) and use a darning or free motion presser foot. Presser foot down and then you move the fabric to make the design. You can draw the design first with chalk or air soluble fabric marker, or draw on tissue and fasten over the fabric and trace with stitching.

Stabilizer for machine embroidery comes in tear away and cut away. Cut away is trimmed close to the stitching and left in. Tear away can be gently torn from the stitching.

Use a needle for embroidery.


If not is there a way to convert other formats to vsp format?

Husquvarna web site has a monthly free design as well as archives. I have the 4D program and it converts everything. Some of the web sites offer free downloads to convert patterns. You can buy the 3D program much cheaper on Ebay than it was now that 4D has come out.
Good Luck
Sherry PA