roses and ivy

Here are some sites to look at:

Hand Embroidery Patterns

Well, what my best friend does is she finds a floral design she likes by searching for 'flower designs' or 'whatever designs' on Google. Then she prints them off and then she takes a very sharp pointed pencil and sticks a hole in the paper she has pinned onto the cloth she is going to embroider on and then she pokes the pencil through making lines of dots. . to follow with her stitching. I hope this helps. Oh, sometimes she uses color books to do this with.
Good luck.


I want to embroider some fingertip towels with the initial "J" on them, but can't seem to find a font that would look good free off the internet. Anyone have some to share for free? I am also looking for some fun ones for initial "M" or a first name and a fun border…something for diaper covers and little outfits for my baby girl.
The link is great! That is the kind of response help I am looking for! I know there are freebies out there…just need some help finding them 🙂

My new problem…these are .pes files, which my embroidery machine is compatible…I just can't view them on my computer. Any suggestions on why I can't view them, or what I need to do so?

I found these in the wedding fonts and thought you might like the flower letter for your daughter
Check Corners on page 1 and Corinne’s roses the Calla Lily on page 3

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I've just started doing ribbon embroidery, and I'd like instructions on how to make things. (Flowers, birds, dogs, etc.) I really want to make a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, if you know of a pattern…
As for the book, I do know the absolute basics. I've made really simple stuff like roses and leaves, but that's it. I'd like to expand my knowledge. (Also, it would help if it were a fairly popular book, so that I might find it at my local library. I've seen books on this there.)

Have not seen anything on animals.

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