I want to buy a embroidery machine . but not sure which brand / design no to buy. bcas i was learning from one of my friend to stitch chudidars ( in normal tailoring machine-singer) and hand embroidery . my husband is asking me to buy embroidery machine. will it be easy to follow the manuals if i buy those machine?????? can i see a video demo in any web-site for operating machine embroidering machines . so that i can be sure to buy which model & company. otherwise it will be waste to buy with out knowing how to operate. I am living in U.A.E.

plz write me ur suggestions , if possible the web-site names where i can learn online how to operate & learn to do the designs using machines…..Awaiting for all of ur replies………

I have a Singer Futura CE-200. It is my first embroidery machine and I am very pleased. It was low-cost, mainly because it does not have a computer on board. You hook it to your computer and it will stitch what is on the screen. It was very easy for me to learn, and the software will convert designs in many formats. This allows you to download a lot of free designs from the internet. The main disadvantage is the size of the hoops. The largest one has a stitch area of about 5" X 7". This means in large designs you have to re-hoop. Hope this helps.


singer or brother

Hands down – Brother! This brand is the leader in home embroidery machines.

The format used is very well known and used at many sites that offer free design downloads.

Next step up is Baby Lock, which is of the same family.

I have owned both brands. Started as a newbie with a Brother model with a maximum embroidery area of 4" x 4". I soon outgrew this limitation and traded up for a Baby Lock with a much larger embroidery area.

In addition to the embroidery machine (no matter which brand you choose) will be the need for software for viewing and editing designs.

Embird is the leader in this field. You begin with an inexpensive base/basic program and then add "plug-ins" as you progress and determine a need for the additions. http://www.secretsof.com/content/1853

This site – http://www.annaboveembroidery.com/embroidery-tips.html will help you learn how to download, unzip the file and save to your PC. There is also a tutorial for using fonts with Embird.

This site has many helpful techniques and tips – http://www.emblibrary.com/el/elprojects/holder.aspx?page=techniques

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What is the best sewing machine to purchase to stitch words onto shirts and hoodys?

you didn't say how big you want the letters and words. are you planning on doing this commercially? most home embroidery machines will void the warranty if you use it commercially. i've used the janome, pfaff, viking and brother embroidery machines. i personally prefer the brother line. i still haven't read completely thru the manual. it is really easy to use. my machine is a ult2002d and i have heard that the new brother self threading is tricky to learn to use. i've heard good things about the brother se270d that walmart sells for $350 is a good machine. if i remember right it comes with a 5" x 7" hoop. since you basically want the machine for lettering i would suggest purchasing a hoop-it-all for your machine. www.hoopitall.com it will give you a much larger embroidery area without having to re-hoop. i will also say i haven't really heard anything good about the singer embroidery machine. there are many yahoo groups for machine embroidery. some are machine specific. you may want to search yahoo groups for the specific brand of machine you are looking at and see what the people on the yahoo groups think of their machines.

here are a couple of embroidery websites i would like to share with you.
http://www.astitchahalf.com/ puts 5 different fonts on sale each week for $3 for all 5 sets.
http://www.designsbysick.com/amember/go.php?r=5647&i=l0">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library has many fun fonts. they have 49 free designs per day and the membership fee to all the designs on their site is very reasonable.

good luck and if i can be of further assistance please feel free to e-mail me from my profile.

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I am someone who can't even sew a button. I am a total beginner, but I'd like to learn how to embroider and something about crewel really appeals to me. I know they sell kits at craft stores. What would I need to make sure the kits have? In other words, what would I need to begin? I'm scared I will go into Michael's and spend 4x more than I need to because I don't know what to get. Thanks!

Crewel is surface embroidery with wool on linen — it's fun, but there are some texture issues for some people, as well as expense. Most of us who embroider started with cotton floss (DMC and Anchor are good brands) on cotton fabric. See my answer to: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20101122123123AAk0Aft

If you want to stick with crewel, you'll want a beginners kit and a hoop — 6" is a good size for most women's hands — when you get really good you can move to stretchers. Or you may find that you prefer to work without a hoop — some of us are crazy that way. <g> I'd also buy an extra pack of assorted size embroidery/crewel needles, about $1 at Walmart, probably under $2 most other places.

If you want to do embroidery with cotton floss, pick up some colors of floss that you like, a packet of embroidery/crewel needles, and a 6" or so embroidery hoop — the ones I like for beginners look like this: http://www.amazon.com/Susan-Bates-Hoop-La-Embroidery-Hoops/dp/B000GBO9M8 or http://www.beverlys.com/plastic-embroidery-hoop-5.html You'll also need a pair of scissors or a nail clipper to cut threads (why, yes, I've embroidered on airplanes, why do you ask??? <g>)

The book I learned most of my first crewel embroidery stitches from, and still a very good one, is Erica Wilson's Embroidery Book: http://www.worldcat.org/title/erica-wilsons-embroidery-book/oclc/657147/editions?editionsView=true&referer=br and Erica Wilson's Fun with Crewel Embroidery: http://www.worldcat.org/title/fun-with-crewel-embroidery/oclc/567395&referer=brief_results — check your local library, they're likely on the shelves.

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Hi, my dad, a fishaholic for sure, died yesterday at age 94 and I want to sew out some kids' shirts and am looking for designs about 4×4" or close that show any kid, bear, child type picture of fishing. I would like to find at least one applique one to use with machine embroidery, Thanks.

Dear Wendy
I am so sorry for your loss. My dad too was a fishaholic.So are my hubby , sons and grandson. You should try Embroidery Library ie :http://www.emblibrary.com . Just type in Fishing in their search space. They have some really nice ones.
God Bless

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I want to make them like the old Vogart embroidery transfers not using the paper which seems to be the only option I can find–when you buy them they are done on copy paper with black ink and you just iron on the outline and then can embroider on tea towels or muslin. Does anyone know how to do this without drawing with a transfer pen or pencil????

Couldn't you just print the outline(s) of the images you want onto transfer paper, then transfer only that to the fabric/etc?
You could get the outlines by tracing over an image just using outlines, then scan that into your computer to print out as transfers.
Or you could use some of the "cartoonizers"** and other special effects filters available online or in various photo-editing software to create simplified lines from your image (some will automatically remove any color, or turn them into bw in a separate step).

Or often you can just iron (use heat and pressure) to transfer *toner* based inks from photocopiers or laser printers, bw or color, onto fabrics or other paper though they won't be as dark a line as using a better transfer method. You could go over the lines though with a pigment pen if you wanted the dark lines separating your colors.

You could also just trace the main lines of something yourself directly onto fabric by placing the original image on a lightbox or window-during-daylight, then placing the fabric on top and tracing the lines you should be able to see.

You can also print directly onto fabric by taping the leading edge of a small piece of the fabric onto a sheet of paper or cardstock, then running through your printer… or you can buy special materials at fabric or quilt stores to do that (with instructions).

**Some of the free "sketch" or "cartoonize" functions online are at places like these:

BeFunky-fy Your Blog With BeFunky Free Graphics!

Photobucket allows you to do similar and even more things with your images (use the Edit function), and Flickr probably has something similar.



Diane B.

Incoming search terms:

  • embroidery patterns hand embroidery only

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Hello! I Need some help. My girlfriend's mom has a Brother PE 700 II machine. Which of these programs like Wilcom ES, Tajima DGML or Melco Design Studio are compatible with that machine? Or, does the PE Design the only one that work ? Thanks.

You can actually use any software that you like, personally I use Fancy Works Studio. What you will need is PED-Basic. The PED-Basic will allow the designs to be put on a memory card to be used with the machine. Personally if i were going to invest in another software program it would be embird. www.embird.com you can try it before you buy it and with the add ons you can purchase seperately it is wonderful for anything you would want to do. it really depends on what your girlfriends mom wants to do with the software. if she just wants to get designs from the internet to her machine and maybe resize or change the design a little that can be done with PED-Basic. PED=Basic can be found on e-bay for about $100.00.
if you have any other questions please feel free to e-mail me.
my favorite embroidery website is <a href="http://www.designsbysick.com/amember/go.php?r=5647&i=l0">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library</a>
they have an awesome site with great designs.

good luck,

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My sewing machine has a lot of "built in stitches" besides monogram…I was wondering if I could use it for embroidery..
I hate to have to have a special machine for the little bit of embroidery that I would want to do…

So long as your sewing machine can do zigzag stitches, go in reverse and forward and you can set the machine with zero pressure on the pressure foot, you can make some pretty darned cool embroidery. Just so long as you're not trying to make precise stitches, as you would need for monograms.

What you need: An embroidery hoop, practice cloth, lots of thread, paper to back the design. A rough idea of what you want to do, as well as a washable drawing medium such as a chalk pencil. This works especially well on smaller, more free-form designs.

How to do it: Set the stitch for zigzag, draw the design on cloth, back with paper, set in hoop. Place under presser foot, with no pressure on foot. Go back and forth over drawing, experimenting with stitch length and bobbin tension. Caveat: doing this free-hand will not produce the smooth, professional style embroidery. More of an artisan style.

These instructions came with my sewing machine and I've used them with varying degrees of success. If you'd like more info, please just e-mail me; I'd hate to type exact instructions if you're not interested!


I'm looking for an embroidery machine with many of the same capabilities of the Husqvarna Viking Designer 1, but for a much cheaper price. Any suggestions?

Make a list of what you like about this machine and take it to a Brother or Babylock dealer and compare the features and the prices.

Ideally – you want a hoop area larger than 4"x 4" and USB connectivity.

The larger hoop will allow you to stitch out larger embroidery designs. Whatever the size hoop is the largest design size the embroidery machine will stitch out.

Some users think if they buy an additional hoop that is larger than what came with the machine, the machine will stitch larger designs. Not so. The embroidery machine is computerized for certain features and that cannot be changed.

USB connectivity can be either a cable that connects the embroidery machine and PC, or a removable flash drive. These are what you use to move design downloads from the PC to the embroidery machine.

You can get the Brother 400se (sewing and embroidery) at Walmart that has a larger hoop and cable connectivity for around $500.

You may want to buy from a dealer for assistance in using the machine and for service of the machine.

You do need to have a PC as 99.9% of software programs for machine embroidery require the Windows operating system.

You can begin a collection of designs from the many sites that offer free downloads.

Create a folder on the hard drive and name it Emb Downloads.

Download .pes formatted designs for Brother or Babylock.

Most downloads are zipped files and have to be opened or extracted and then saved to the folder you created.


I am doing a complex design and can't seem to find which color thread that correspond with the numbers my embroidery machine is giving me even though I have looked through the manual and read. I will read it again. Model is Brother SE 270D. Meanwhile, Any ideas?

there is a computer program specifically for cross matching thread numbers. right now the site <a href="http://www.designsbysick.com/amember/go.php?r=5647&i=l0">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library</a>
is running a good sale and doing a group buy for the program. go take a look it's a great program if you want to use specific colors.

good luck,

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