roses and ivy

Here are some sites to look at:

Hand Embroidery Patterns

Well, what my best friend does is she finds a floral design she likes by searching for 'flower designs' or 'whatever designs' on Google. Then she prints them off and then she takes a very sharp pointed pencil and sticks a hole in the paper she has pinned onto the cloth she is going to embroider on and then she pokes the pencil through making lines of dots. . to follow with her stitching. I hope this helps. Oh, sometimes she uses color books to do this with.
Good luck.


I am new at sewing…how should i start? i want ot make one of those square patch work ones – should i sew it by hand or with a machine? how do i start etc?

when I started making quilts I did a nine patch lap quilt. It measured 54 in/54 in. You cut a strip(now they call them jelly rolls) 2 1/2 in by 2 1/2 in.You will need at least three (can be different colors or two strips the same and one a different color.You can use solid material ,small prints, crazy prints, bold colors,etc. I always buy the fat quarters for this and I buy one main color for the backing and the borders,4 colors that I can use to make the squares, I have use 6 different colors.I sew the strips together. Then go back with my rotary cutter and ruler cut the strips to 2 1/2 inches. Line them up to make a square that has nine total 2 in squares in it (when you have sewn them together the little square will measure 2 inches). I did 6 of those squares across and down (total of 36 finished squares) in three rows. then I took a contrasting color for the sashing(if you want to separate them).You can just sew them all together. Then use a color from the square to make a 2 or 3 inch border. The strips for the border to frame in the squares is measured for the length of the quilt sides,then top and bottom. Sew the strips on the sides first then come back to the top and then the bottom. then measure your quilt top, if you want to make it still bigger go and take the contrasting color and make a 6 inch border to sew on the smaller border. It should now measure at least 54 x 54 or larger. Your material for the backing should be the same length maybe even 6 ot 8 inches more all around. Now you are ready to make the quilt. I use a color from the quilt top for the backing, batting for a twin size to cut the right size. I would recommend warm and natural or warm and white.Here's the part that is up to you- it is very easy to quilt on a machine if you have the attachment and some decorative stitches or you can hand quilt . I would recommend that you sew all of the squares on the machine and then hand quilt your first quilt. If you do not work it should take you a week to do the top and then quilting about 4 hours a day by hand about two to three weeks to finish. When sewing on the machine I would also recommend that you get an embroidery needle or an in-between. These needles will not poke holes in your material. I also use cotton material. Then look for quilting thread-machine or hand quilting thread. Be bold and use color thread if you are making decorative stitches or just use a thread that will match the main color in the quilt top. You can buy stencils to draw on the top to follow if you like or you can free hand the design.When you have finished the quilting you can either take binding tape and sew around the quilt to finish the edge or turn the rough edges under and sew them together. If you want to see some simple blocks go to you can see the blocks and get instructions on how to make it down to how much material you will need plus the pattern for free. Good luck