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I'm completely new to monogramming and embroidery so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I have a Brother PE 770 and bought the PE basic design software. It seems I'm not able to layer or combine designs with that package so I downloaded a trial of embird. Does Embird basically do the same as the Monogram Wizard plus? I've been leaning towards MWP but I want to make sure that it has the capability to combine a monogram with an applique. Also, do you have to buy their alpha packs or can you buy single fonts from other sites to use? Any help or advice is appreciated!

I filmed a video on Buzztools software they offer a free 30-day trail on all software. This is my video on buzzwords. .

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Hello! I Need some help. My girlfriend's mom has a Brother PE 700 II machine. Which of these programs like Wilcom ES, Tajima DGML or Melco Design Studio are compatible with that machine? Or, does the PE Design the only one that work ? Thanks.

You can actually use any software that you like, personally I use Fancy Works Studio. What you will need is PED-Basic. The PED-Basic will allow the designs to be put on a memory card to be used with the machine. Personally if i were going to invest in another software program it would be embird. you can try it before you buy it and with the add ons you can purchase seperately it is wonderful for anything you would want to do. it really depends on what your girlfriends mom wants to do with the software. if she just wants to get designs from the internet to her machine and maybe resize or change the design a little that can be done with PED-Basic. PED=Basic can be found on e-bay for about $100.00.
if you have any other questions please feel free to e-mail me.
my favorite embroidery website is <a href="">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library</a>
they have an awesome site with great designs.

good luck,

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there are so many brands out there and i'm really confused. I don't need too many 'bells and whistles'. i would like to be able to have some control over how it works though. thanks for any suggestions.

A lot of the better software have demos which allow you to test it out before buying it. It's best to test them out, and find out which one suits your needs the best.

Whatever file format they output to, there are several free programs that can convert between all the different formats, to upload to your machine. Wilcom TrueSizer does a great job opening and converting between almost 30 different formats.

I use Brother PE Design Pro, and think it's OK. It's not the most full-featured digitizing software, but it was a good deal with a Brother machine, and suits the simplified work I do.

The team that does advanced embroidery digitization swear by Wings' Modular 2 with the CorelDRAW extensions. It's quck and easy to input vector artwork for digitization.

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Have a new Huskvarna SE sewing/embroidery machine. I would like to make patterns for it (stitch files is what the store calls them) so I can have my own cust. designs. How do I get started?

If you are referring to embroidery and not sewing, you will need digitizing software for machine embroidery.

Most of the software programs do auto digitizing which requires you to use clip art or your own designs in a format such as jpg. Even then, you may have to do some manual editing.

There are a few products that you can download for a trial – Designer's Gallery (BabyLock) and Buzz Tools are a couple brands.

All digitizing software will save designs in the format of all embroidery machines. You do not need to purchase the brand offered by the same company as your EM.

There is another software – Stitch Era, that is free to download. It is also complex and not that easy to learn. The manual is over 200 pages and I have yet to get through it.

I use PE Design for digitizing and Designer's Gallery for editing. PE was a gift and DG came with my BabyLock.


I have a Brothers embroidery machine, and im trying to figure out how to digitize images. I have no idea where to start, which program do i need? where do i get it from? Is there a easy to read manual for digitizing? im not experienced, any help will be great!

digitizing takes alot of work to learn. there are many yahoo groups devoted to machine embroidery. embird is a very good program and many people use it. they do give you a 30 free trial period so you can try it before you buy it. the site is
i have the pe-design version 4 which is the software specifically for the brother machine. it is expensive but will do alot. i also have fancyworks studio by pantograms. i really wish i would have upgraded my embird instead of purchasing fancyworks.
i would sugest joining some yahoo groups about machine embroidery and reading there before you purchase the software.
do you have a way to transfer embroidery designs from the internet to your machine? the ped-basic is an inexpensive program that will let you use designs you purchase or get free from the internet.

i wanted to share a couple of my favorite sites with you.">Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library

good luck and have fun.

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0 Brother Embroidery Machine Digitizing to StitchesDigitizing a logo through to stitching on Brother Embroidery Machine…

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I own a Brother SE270D and just bought PE-Design Basic and am looking for free patterns I can download. Thanks.

There are tons of sites where you can get free PES format designs. Just a few of my favorites are:,,, and

At each of these sites, you can download a daily free design (either exclusively in PES, or available in PES) as well as vote for which design will be offered the next day. There is also the option of paying a fee and being able to download all the offered designs for a set amount of time (6 months to a year, depending on the site and option you choose).

Likewise, there are many embroidery sites that offer sample designs for you so that you can test their quality before deciding if you wish to purchase from them. I strongly recommend this because there are some REALLY good digitizers out there, and then there are some that are mediocre or even poor (maybe even relying on autodigitizing programs that don't do a very good job). Here are a couple great ones that I am a paying member of: and

Another good thing to consider is going to Yahoo!Groups and finding a machine embroidery group or two to join (I'm on more than 85 of them). Lots of them offer freebies in their group files, and you can learn so much from group discussion. Just be aware that some of them have VERY high volume, so know what you can handle. And it is considered bad form to join a group to get the freebies and then leave it immediately. You could be banned from ever joining again if you do that.

WARNING: In case you didn't already know, collecting free embroidery designs can be addictive. Try to only save the ones that you think you might actually use, not just anything and everything that you come across, or else you will have room for nothing else on your computer! And be sure to create backup files frequently so that you don't loose all those precious designs should your computer crash someday. I burn cds like they are going out of style.

Futhermore, it is illegal to sell or give away any design that you don't own the copyright on, so be careful of any of those "popular character" designs you might find. If it's Disney and a freebie, it is almost certainly not legal. Buying a pattern gives you the right to use it, not to resell it. =]


I am after a brother embroidery only machine, i also need the software with this, PE DESIGN 7 or PE DESIGN LITE, obviously the lite is alot less expensive, i want to produce my own designs but dont want to pay for somthing i do not need, has any1 any experience of these packages, also as ive been searchin for the software ive found various sites you can download them for free, however im under the impression you need the brother card reader/writer and you can only buy this with the software? has anyone any advice! Being student i need the cheapest way possible of acheiving my embroidery dream!!

Brother embroidery machines are actually both. Sewing and embroidery. This is something you want, so you don't have to invest in two machines. the UL2001 have a disk drive you can transfer designs to the machine. Its a great machine. I own one. The other one I own is the 8500, and for this one you do need the card reader/writer since its the only way you can get the designs to the machine. Ebay will be your best bet to find the software. I really do not use my 8500 since its a lot easier to transfer designs using my disk drive. Hope this helped

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In 2002 I bought a brother embroidery machine and Pe-
Design 4.0. I am on a fixed income and can not afford to upgrade my Pe- Design software. My granddaughter got a hold of my security dongle and put it somewhere and I can not find it to save my life and she is to young to understand when I ask here where it is. My question is this. Has someone upgraded and have a security dongle I might be able to purchase? I have all of the software, the reader/writer, blank memory card and am just missing the security device. Without it I can not create designs for my grandkids. I have tried some free downloaded software but the design looks fine on the screen but awful when I try it on the machine. Please if anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Thanks In Advance

Hmmm, since i do not own machines like that but since it seems like you guinuinly owning this software i would suggest if you cant find a new dongle you could go find a crack for your program so it does not need the dongle anymore (type in PE DESIGN) in fileshare programs as for example Emule and you find cracks for it.

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My husband bought me a used Brother embroidery machine. I am new to the WHOLE sewing/embroidery thing, and have tons to learn. I wanted to know if there is free software out there that will allow me to design new things to embroider? How do I go about making these things on the software and then getting it to the machine?? I'm totally confused with all this and incredibly overwhelmed! ­čÖü I want to have fun!

also, I have windows vista…. does that make things harder?
also, how do i take all these free designs I see on the web, and open them once they are saved in files…. what program do I use to open .art files?? I have tried everything! Help!

There may not be free software to download to create your own designs. Vista is ok to have when purchasing your digitizing software. Brother have some easy to use programs, such as PED Lite and PE Design. But you dont have to buy 'Brother' software.
.art designs are Bernina files, and unfortunately, you cannot use them unless you have bernina branded software. Stick to downloading designs in .pes format. Embroidery is so much fun, and there is always something to do!!! I use husqvarna viking software and i find this really easy, and it does a lot! and i use this with my brother embroidery machine.
Digitizing is the process in which you get your image into 'stitch points', basically telling the needle where to go, and what direction and form the stitch needs to be. Its not easy, but if you love art, and love the computer- you'll love this!
Ask your husband if the shop/place he bought it from offers lessons, or classes on the software and machine. i'm sure they can give you tons of advice! Happy Sewing!!!!!!!

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