What I want to use it for is monogramming and small pictures. I am sure that once I get more experience I would like certain options, but all the information on the websites is a bit baffling. Can you tell me from your experience which machine(s) I should be looking at? Thanks for your time!!

I have a Viking embroidery machine and LOVE it.
I have downloaded many designs for free on the internet that have sewn out beautifully.

Buy your machine at a good sewing machine store. They will have free classes on how to use your machine. Take as many classes on embroidery as you can. There are so many tips and tricks to learn that make it easier to embroider. You need to know what type of thread to use in both upper and in the bobbin, hooping, stabilizers, needles. I took classes at the store and at sewing conventions. If you can get to a convention take as many machine embroidery classes as you can afford.

Take time to just practice.. There is a learning curve with it. It will take some time before you are comfortable with it.


I want an embroidery machine. I just want it to monogram towels or things like that for cute gifts. I want one with some cute fonts on it. I have never done it before so it needs to be easy to work. I also cant spend over $400-$500 on it. Help!

The problem with picking up a Brother embroidery machine from WalMart is you can't just take it out of the box and start embroidering.
It is really something you need lessons for. There is special thread, bobbin thread, and needles you need. You need to know how to hoop and what stabilizer to use and how to use it. I took one class in just stabilizers. Towels for example, need a special stabilizer on the top. It looks like a think plastic. It pushes downt the loops of the terrycloth so they don't poke through the threads of your design.
Getting a used model at a sewing machine dealer would give you free lessons on how to operate your machine. And offer other lessons on how to embroider

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My intention is to be able to embroider golf towels for memorial golf tournaments each year and possibly do shirts down the road if I find that it is not to difficult. Can someone please tell me if I am going in over my head here with even thinking about trying to do this? Please help me out here with some answers. Thank you…

Visit as many sewing machine dealers as you can and tell them your interests.

Machine embroidery is easy – the machine does all the work. All you need to do is follow the instructions and watch the results as the machine does it's thing.

Ideally, you want an embroidery machine that has at least a 5×7 stitching area, USB direct connect or USB flash drive for sending designs to the machine that you have downloaded from the Internet to your PC.

Do not buy an embroidery machine that uses rewritable memory cards and card reader box only – they are becoming obsolete as they are not compatible with Vista 64.

Do not buy software from a dealer – you need to become comfortable with the machine first, and some software is less expensive online.

Embird is one that is very popular and can be downloaded as a free trial.

You will need to also purchase, embroidery thread, embroidery bobbin thread and stabilizer. A package of needles and small scissors will come with the machine.

See this site for tips and techniques for machine embroidery –

Forums that are helpful are and


I want to learn how to monogram. What kind of machine do I need? I have heard you can just get a software to hook up with your sewing machine. Is that true? I don't have a huge budget so a low cost solution would be great.

If you already have a sewing machine you can learn to do this, but it takes time to learn as most will be free motion (you guide the fabric as the needle goes up and down).

Otherwise, you will need to spend at least $600 just to get started.

There are combo (sewing & embroidery) machines that can give you more for the money or you can buy an embroidery only machine.

The embroidery machines have a limited amount of designs, letters, numbers and punctuation already built in.

To add more you can download from the Internet. Some designs are free and some you have to pay for.

You add the designs by sending them to a folder on the hard drive of the computer, a cd or flash drive.

You then select the design you want to send to the embroidery machine and send it via a direct cable hook-up that comes with the embroidery machine.

If the machine does not have this option, you have to purchase a reader/writer unit specifically for an embroidery machine and a rewritable memory card for the specific format of the embroidery machines. These start at about $100 for Brother PED brand (on line) and go up.

The Brother sold at Walmart, plus the software you would be spending around $600 and then you have to have machine embroidery thread, bobbin thread and stabilizer for another $50 or so. The machine will come with extra needles and bobbin spools…which can be resupplied where sewing notions are sold.

This one is a good price –
It includes the reader software and the shipping is free.

Check with local sewing machine dealers. They may have a good price on an embroidery machine that the owner traded in on a more expensive model.

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I want to eventually have a substantially large embroidering and altering business and need a few pointers on what to start with.

You should call Mr. Vac and Mrs. Sew and ask them about their commercial machines. I know my friend just started an embrodery business (she is doing great by the way) and she just purchased the Ricoma 12-Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine. The Ricoma is the best commercial machine available that gives you the most bang for your buck. The Ricoma is a true commercial machine. It will run at 1,000 Stitches Per Minute. The Ricoma also has twelve needles which is great for a person starting a business or is producing the same thing over and over again. I know from experience that many designs, logos etc. use more than 6 colors (say like the PR-600) and changing the thread colors constantly is gets fairly boring and eats up a lot of time. However with the Ricoma you can have up to 12 Needles and you can sew many designs and logos that have over 6 colors. The Ricoma also comes with many more extras. With the Ricoma you have an embroidery field of 13" x 19.5" THAT IS HUGE!!! The Ricoma comes with 2, that's right , 2 cap hoops and is able to embroider on an astonishing 270 degrees of the cap. You also receive with the Ricoma 2 Shirt Front Round Hoop 9 cm (3.5"), 2 Shirt Front Round Hoop 12 cm (4.7"), 2 Shirt Front Round Hoop 15 cm (5.9"), 2 Shirt Front Round Hoop 23 cm (9"), 2 Jacket Back Square Hoop 30 x 30 cm (12" x 12"), 1 Sash Frame 56 x 38 cm (22" x 15") and of course the 2 cap hoops. But they give you 2 sets of every hoop (except the Sash Frame) which is important because if you were going to embroider say 50 bags. You can hoop one bag and embroider on that one, then hoop the other and wait until the one being embroidered on is done and put the hoop that is already hooped in the machine. This will save you a lot of time because you can always have the machine embroidering and there would be no lag time in between because you will always have a pre-hooped hoop on hand. With the Ricoma you also will receive a FREE!!! full digitizing program worth well over $2000 .This state-of-the-art software package allows you to create your own embroidery designs from scanned images, clip art, logos, and more. The Embroidery Software's easy-to-use drawing tools make digitizing a simple task, even for beginners. This software has no limitations and grows with your business. Adding text to your designs is easily accomplished using the lettering tool, which is compatible with true type fonts as well as the pre-digitized fonts included with the software. Import bitmap or vector graphics and use the embroidery software's One-Touch auto-digitizing feature to convert them to stitches with a few easy clicks. With this software you be easily and quickly able to transform artwork and lettering to high quality embroidery. The Ricoma also comes with a stand with wheels for easy movement FREE!!! You also receive 8,000 Stock Embroidery Designs with the machine FREE!!! You also will receive a Gunold Introductory Kit which is full of a variety of top embroidery products. It contains Sulky‚rayon spools, Gunold Poly‘ spools, bobbins, scissors, needles, touch-up pen, small can of KK-2000‘, Puffy Foam‘ pack, Perforated Solvy‚ Filmoplast‚ three types of backings, color cards, information sheets and more. This kit is great for Embroidery businesses just starting out.

And if that was not enough you will receive a FREE!! Approx. 7 hour training on how to use your machine.

Best of all my friend got the Ricoma on sale for only $9999 with free shipping and no tax because she does not live in New York.

Here is a link:


I would also like to know what embroidery software I can use for different sewing machines as well.
Well, I do not want to spend over $1000.00. My husband might have a heart attack if he knew that I said that, but I really want a good one that will sew and embroider.
It is so hard for me to choose a Best Answer because you have all been so helpful.

I have the Brother 270d. It is a little work horse. It does bother embroidery and sewing. It comes with a set of built in designs, including some Disney patterns. You will want to get the PE Basic so you can embroidery patterns that you download offline. You can find some sites with nice free ones – they are samples to entice you to buy their sets. I really like (sorry for the tangent).

You do not need embroidery software to use the Brother 270d. You can begin embroidering and sewing right away.

You will want to get other necessities (stabilizer, thread, and maybe some more needles). The machine comes with a set of needles to get you going though.

The types of stabilizer and thread you use does not matter, though some are easier to work with than others. Do not let the price shock you – I use discount coupons from Jo Ann's and Hobby Lobby to get mine. The spending in this department will be high initially! Again, this is why for a beginner I recommend the Brother 270d.

Costco has it on sale for $389.99 and it comes with the PE Basic. Wal-Mart sells this machine for $350. I got mine from my local Brother dealer for $500, but they threw in 1 year in store maintenance and free classes for life.

I hope this helps. True the other machines can do more, but you are paying more than double to price (and some of them do not sew). For a beginner, this is the best machine at the best price! Good luck!


0 Beginners Guide to Crochet Flowers for Paper Crafts, Cards, ScrapbookingA year ago I got "the bug" to learn how to make crochet flowers. I really wanted to use them on my paper crafting projects! Looking back over my 1st year now I'm doing an introduction video for paper crafters who want to make crochet flowers just for paper crafts. And don't already know how to crochet! lol

My suggestions:
Youtube – Theresa (Art of Crochet) and Mikeysmail – he just put up a brand new line of beginner videos!
Library – children's section, search for crochet. Easy projects, lots of pictures! lol

Next trip to Wal Mart buy:
Size C (or D) Crochet hook – $1.30
Size 3 white crochet thread (not embroidery!) – $2
Needle point needles – $1.50
Use a bag you own to be your "embroidery" bag.

The library also has flower crochet books – get on the waiting list! lol In the adult section.

Duration : 0:6:45

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I've been sewing for 7 years but have never done embroidery. If someone has this machine, do you recommend it? Can I download free embroidery on a Macintosh and use it with this machine?

My wife and I bought this machine and found it relatively easy to learn. Neither one of us had ever embroidered or done much sewing before. The machine is, I feel, a really good starting point for someone wanting to get into the hobby or business. We had the machine for only a couple of months before we decided to upgrade. We are a small home-based start up embroidery business; thus the reason for upgrading. Having gone up a level and a half or so to a Brother Pacesetter 8200 there are some things we miss about the 270D and some things we don't. The 270D makes threading needles simple. The 8200 requires a tad bit more work (I do mean only a tad) to thread and is not as easy as the 270D; where once you get the thread situated in the thread cartridge you just insert it into the machine. So from that stand point the 270 is easier. That being said, having upgraded, I can honestly say, if we had known the difference in quality of the embroidery produced, we would have gone with a "higher" end machine from the start. The 270 produces good embroidery, but the difference of quality it is capable of and that of the 8200 floored us (270 had some looping and gaps in the designs while the 8200 did not). Same design, same thread. 8200 won hands down. So what am I trying to say here? If you don't want to shell out the dough, the 270 is perfect. If you can get your hands on an upgrade for a couple of hundred bucks more (varies), I'd go with a model a step or two above. My two cents. Hope it helps.

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Embroidery is proven to be one of the most enduring arts and crafts of all time. For centuries, this art form has long pervaded in many civilizations and has produced results that are truly worthy to own. Embroidery, whether traditional or contemporary, is in fact one of the most popular projects that found its way inside homes and has long been enjoyed by many individuals as a form of productive hobby. Embroidery is not cheap so to say. It requires equipments ranging from threads, needles and garments to sewing machines and digitizing software. However, if you really would like to make embroidery as your productive past time or perhaps a small business, you could actually cut back on its cost by simply having free embroidery designs.

One of the main advantages of using free embroidery designs can be credited to their cost-effectiveness. Unlike embroidery designs that are expensively sold in arts and crafts shops, free designs for embroidery projects, as their name suggests, can be acquired without imposing financial burden on your part. They also come in a wide variety of designs and styles, giving you more options to choose from. Hence, you could easily select the pattern or style that would ideally befit the embroidery project you intend to work on.

For more information on free embroidery digitizing click here

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