How do those fancy home embroidery machines work? I know they have software with designs you can use. Does the machine actually embroider the design by itself?

Sort of. Bear in mind that there are all levels of home embroidery machines. The basic machines will accept a digitized pattern and work the embroidery one color of thread at a time. You have to manually change the thread every time the color changes. The more money you're willing to put into a machine the more options you can buy. Like larger design area, faster stitching, and multiple colors threaded at the same time.

The machine is only part of the equation. Some come with basic patterns already included in the machine. To do any other designs you need to purchase design cards to add more options. Or you can purchase software and hard ware to download designs from the Internet (either purchased or free) and put them into a format your machine can then stitch. If you want to get really fancy you can buy some more software and learn to actually digitize your own patterns.

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I have a Janome memorycraft 10000.

Why don't you checkout the Janome digitizing program. I believe that it might have some nice features and you do have the Janome machine. Be careful with digitizng softwares that don't output to your JEF format. If you get a software that doesn't have JEF format, you will need to save the designs that you digitized in DST or PES format and then go to Janome Customizing and convert to JEF or SEW formats. Maybe you can see if your Janome dealer will let you try out their copy of Janome Digitizing to see what you think about it.

You can get other brands of digitizng software as long as you are aware that you will need to maybe output to DST or PES and then go into your Janome Customizer to convert to JEF, so that you can test the sewouts. The good brands off of the top of my head are (all over $1000-be careful of used versions, they use a security device called a dongle and without the dongle you wasted your money–the dongle might not work for the second user–so software must be new in the box with the dongle):
Janome Digitizer, Bernina Plus, Origins, Viking autodigitizing, Corel, Viking VP3, to name a few.

I have Bernina Plus 4 and I love it. I am under the impression that Janome Digitizer is just as good. On the bernina Plus, you have manual & auto digitizing functions. I prefer the manual but the auto feature is nice. The manual digitizing in bernina (& I suspect in janome) is object oriented (ie, you can cut & paste) and that is why I like it. Some other brands might have same features.

I have Viking autodigitizing and it is a better auto-digitizer than Bernina Plus's auto digitizing engine. But Viking's autodigitizing is much harder for the manual digitizing. I would choose the Bernina or Janome over it.
I have Viking VIP & it is very hard. Now, I don't know if the new VP3 is better so I can't really say.

I do beleive that Brother has a good rep but be sure that they support JEF files. Corel is new, so i can't comment.

Note about autodigitizing softwares. You must have very clean clipart to use an autodigitizer. So, you must have a good graphics program to clean up clipart. If you buy clean clipart from Royalty free sources, then the auto is fine.

Next, are you going to go into biz? If so, you must have capabilities to do manual digitizing. There will be times that you will need to clean up your design or manually digitiize it. Customers think that manual digitizing is best. It all depends on complexity of design.

There are also home products that cost less, under $300 or so. Click N'Stitch needs clean clipart, you can't manually digitize in it. Plus you can't save to Native Format. The other one is Embird which has a 30 day trial. They have a plug in for manually digitizing. It is hard but a good value.

Again, I want to mention about the dongle, you need the dongle to run most of these progs. Don't ever lose the dongle. Lost dongle==Lost Money. Comapnies will NOT replace dongles. Today the dongle is plugged in the USB port. If you BUY used software & there is NO dongle…YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MONEY..

Good luck. If I was getting a new embr machine i would look into the Janome & the janome Digitizer. Criswell, the famous designers of lace use Janome.


I want to buy an embroidery machine for myself in a couple years[when I have more money and experience] but I don't really know how the USB adaption works
Is it one of those things like when you legally go download a song, you have to buy it? Or can you get a free pre-made image? Is there sites for that sort of thing? Are you able to use any image?
And when you use multiple colors on the image, can your machine automatically change threads[like, you put the threads in a certain order or what?]
Honestly, I'm a real newbie in this field. As you can probably tell.
I would also appreciate your bran preference for these machines.

You can download free designs as well as purchased designs from the Internet.

If you purchase an embroidery machine with a Port A USB connection, you will be using a flash drive/memory stitch to load from the PC.

If you purchase an embroidery machine with a Port B USB connection, there will be a cable with the machine that you use to connect to the PC for loading the designs to the embroidery machine.

Only a multi-head embroidery machine can load different colors of thread.

You may want to start with the Brother model sold at Walmart that has the USB Port B cable to see it this is the craft for you. It is around $400. With this type (home embroidery machine), the machine will stop when the color change is needed and you re-thread the machine with the next color.

The multi-head machines cost several thousand dollars.

Visit sewing machine dealers for a demo of how the machine works. If you are a minor, take a parent or guardian with you as the store will not want to take the time for someone who is underage.

My preferences are Brother and Babylock brands.


I am trying to embroider some greyhound designs on clothes for me and the rescue I volunteer with. Does anyone know of any web sites with free or inexpensive dowwnladable designs for machines?


Granny grey hound's website has designs she sells. you may want to contact her personally, since she uses the money to help rescue grey hounds as well.

for 5.99 there are a group of designs to be downloaded here:

I wasn't able to come across anything free, but hopefully you will be able to get some info on the greyhound granny site – there's a discussion group associated with the site and they may be a good resource.

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I have been using the catalog xpress by ann the gran but my trial ends soon and I don't have the money right this second to buy the program

Check Search for your program. They have a lot of freeware and shareware there.

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Where there is free embroidery designs?
To be free, very beautiful, be able to download the source file!

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