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I would say that I am an advanced sewer, however I have never done any embroidery on a sewing machine. I just got laid off this past June from my marketing job and have enjoyed just bouncing around not doing anything, however, I am now looking for a new creative job, something I could do with the skills I have an sell –perhaps on line, and the personalization of products seems really interesting. Your opinion would be gratefully received. TKS

Brother or Babylock are the most user friendly brands.

I have both and would buy none other.

Bernina for example makes a wonderful product, but they are very expensive and proprietary when it comes to software and accessories.

The other brands – I read too many problems – may be the machine and it may be the operator.

Stand alone models are less expensive than the combos.

Hoop size indicates how large a design you can stitch out without the aid of editing software. You want nothing smaller than 5 x7.

Connectivity. There will be designs and fonts already built into the embroidery machine. However, there are thousand on the Internet to download – some are free and some you will have to purchase.

To get those downloads to the embroidery machine you need an embroidery machine with USB ports for direct connect to the PC or to use a flash drive.

Supplies – medium weight cut away and medium weight tear away stabilizer.

Thread – rayon or polyester machine embroidery thread and machine embroidery bobbin thread.

Embroidery machine needles – a small supply comes with the machines.

You can get started for around $1,000. The models with the smaller hoop that uses a memory card is less money and with supplies about $700.

There is a series of books by Jeannine Twigg that are helpful when learning to use the embroidery machine. I started with this one –

Supplies, you can purchase when on sale.

Allbrands, Allstitch & ShoppersRule are a few of many, many sites that sell machine embroidery supplies.

Now that you are "loaded" with info – hit the sewing machine stores and let them show you what they have to offer.

Buy the machine you like best from the dealer you like best.

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Trying to decide which machine to purchase as my beginner embroidery machine. Don't want to spend too much under $500 would be great. Not sure that I will like doing it so looking for a lesser model. Thanks for your time and expertise!!!

Brother is the leader in home embroidery machines. They are easy to use, software friendly and most designs that are available on the Internet (best and least expensive way to obtain machine embroidery designs) are in pes format, which is the one used by Brother.

For your price range, you may be limiting your embroidery area to 4 x 4, which many of us started with. And many designs come within this hoop size.

The price may also limited you to using memory cards for designs which are not built into the machine. Most of us started with a reader/writer unit and rewirttable memory card for machine embroidery – the unit has to be compatible with the brand and format.

You can purchase a unit – PED Basic, a Brother product with a rewitable memory card for around $119. See Source.

To use designs from the Internet, you need to have a PC. On the hard drive, create a folder and name it Emb Downloads. Choose the design you want from the many sites on the Internet and save to the folder. The design most likely will be zipped. Mouse over and choose extract or open. A new file will appear and this is what you will send to the memory card. The zipped file can be deleted.

Save the folder to a USB flash drive (if your PC has a USB port) or to a CD as backup – do this everytime you add or change a design file in the Emb Download folder.

Open the manual and lay it next to the embroidery machine. Read through and apply each feature of the machine.

Some basic supplies you will need are – stabilizer (tear away, cut away and water soluable); machine embroidery bobbin thread; machine embroidery thread – polyester will withstand chlorine bleach, but rayon is more readily available. Start with a few basic colors.

Add to your supply list as you find the items on sale.

Embroidery Library has great tutorials and tips –

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I want to learn how to monogram. What kind of machine do I need? I have heard you can just get a software to hook up with your sewing machine. Is that true? I don't have a huge budget so a low cost solution would be great.

If you already have a sewing machine you can learn to do this, but it takes time to learn as most will be free motion (you guide the fabric as the needle goes up and down).

Otherwise, you will need to spend at least $600 just to get started.

There are combo (sewing & embroidery) machines that can give you more for the money or you can buy an embroidery only machine.

The embroidery machines have a limited amount of designs, letters, numbers and punctuation already built in.

To add more you can download from the Internet. Some designs are free and some you have to pay for.

You add the designs by sending them to a folder on the hard drive of the computer, a cd or flash drive.

You then select the design you want to send to the embroidery machine and send it via a direct cable hook-up that comes with the embroidery machine.

If the machine does not have this option, you have to purchase a reader/writer unit specifically for an embroidery machine and a rewritable memory card for the specific format of the embroidery machines. These start at about $100 for Brother PED brand (on line) and go up.

The Brother sold at Walmart, plus the software you would be spending around $600 and then you have to have machine embroidery thread, bobbin thread and stabilizer for another $50 or so. The machine will come with extra needles and bobbin spools…which can be resupplied where sewing notions are sold.

This one is a good price –
It includes the reader software and the shipping is free.

Check with local sewing machine dealers. They may have a good price on an embroidery machine that the owner traded in on a more expensive model.

Incoming search terms:

  • what kind of sewing machine needed for monogram

I am going to get a brother pe700II and I need to know what kind of things I need to get in addition to the machine. Do I need a speical backing when embroidering, etc. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

You will need stabilizer and depending on what you are embroidering on, will depend on the thickness and they type you will need.
a good pair of embroidery scissors, machine embroidery thread (this is different than normal thread) embroidery bobbin thread (again different than regular thread)
that should get you started, although i would invest in some cheap fabric or felt to do test stitching on because you will always want to test stitch designs, especially if they are free.
Go through your closet and find old clothing you don't want or need any more and do some testing on those, or go to good will to get some cheap stuff to use.

there are several forums and yahoo groups you can join.
and you don't have to join a brother specific group because a lot of the stuff is the same for any machine.
I have two brother 8200's and a Happy commercial machine.
this is a very addicting hobby!


I would like to invest in an embroidery machine because I have really good ideas on what to use it for. However, I have never used one. In fact I barely know how to use a sewing machine.
I am clueless on how an embroidery machine even works. I want to use it to do different fonts, number designs, polka dots, and things of that nature. Can anyone maybe give me the basics I need to know? Perhaps direct me to a website? Thanks.

An embroidery machine is very easy to use. Easier than learning to use a sewing machine.

You can teach yourself to do this buy reading and testing the different designs. I did and it is quick and easy to learn.

This was my first book –,M1

Embroidery machines have built-in fonts and a few designs.

To expand on what comes already built-in you will need to be able to transfer machine embroidery designs from your PC to the machine. Most designs are downloaded from the Internet – you can find many that are free.

The less expensive machines require additional software (reader box and rewritable card for machine embroidery). This software is around $200.

The Brother sold at Walmart would be a good machine to start with and you can get the additional software (mentioned above) for $119, here –

Several years ago, I bought my first embroidery machine at Walmart and the reader/card software at Allbrands.

You will also need machine embroidery thread, machine embroidery bobbin thread and stabilizer – all sold in fabric stores. Watch for sales and stock up on staple/favorite colors of thread. There will be extra needles & bobbins with the machine.

I get a lot of my machine embroidery supplies here –

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