What I want to use it for is monogramming and small pictures. I am sure that once I get more experience I would like certain options, but all the information on the websites is a bit baffling. Can you tell me from your experience which machine(s) I should be looking at? Thanks for your time!!

I have a Viking embroidery machine and LOVE it.
I have downloaded many designs for free on the internet that have sewn out beautifully.

Buy your machine at a good sewing machine store. They will have free classes on how to use your machine. Take as many classes on embroidery as you can. There are so many tips and tricks to learn that make it easier to embroider. You need to know what type of thread to use in both upper and in the bobbin, hooping, stabilizers, needles. I took classes at the store and at sewing conventions. If you can get to a convention take as many machine embroidery classes as you can afford.

Take time to just practice.. There is a learning curve with it. It will take some time before you are comfortable with it.


I am a beginner at embroidery and love what can be done with it. For the life of me though, I cannot get my stitches even and consistent so it always looks like a two year old did it. Any suggestions?

If you are doing free-hand embroidery – make a visual pattern with a self-erasing (air disappearing) pen. You can mark even intervals for the stitches – use a ruler if you need to.

There are a huge number of pre-printed embroidery patterns that you can download for free and use for your embroidery. Use a light-box and transfer to your material and indicate where each stitch is to begin, end.

I often use my pinky finger nail to measure where the next stitch is to be taken so as to make my handwork stitches more even.

If you are doing work on an even fabric – a cross stitch fabric – evenweave – linen – then you can count the number of threads for each stitch.

If you are doing cross stitch as the stitch — be sure to count the number of threads, squares. Make sure that the thread goes in flat — untwist the thread while still in the air — I use something called a laying tool (a small dull pointed long cylindrical metal tool) to make sure that the thread lies perfectly flat for each stitch – yes, I admit, I am a perfectionist!

HTH – Please remember to leave a note when you vote!

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I have a Janome MC 9500 and need to convert designs to .jef format as well as be able to marry designs with lettering – shape of lettering andplacement of designs. I'd love digitizing capability as well but I know that comes with a hefty price.
I have been online and downloaded trial software but I really would like to purchase someting worthwhile. Thank you for your suggestions….

Try Wilcom Truesizer. It's free – I know there is a link on


I want some modern HAND embroidery patterns. Not Veggies with the days of the week!

Why dont you make your own? I have a hard time finding what I like also, and no one knows what I like better than me!

Some small graph paper and a pencil goes a LONG way to creating designs you will love!!

If you cant draw or this idea intimidates you, get a picture or design you like, put the graph paper on top of it and trace it. Then make a pattern for it based on the blocks you drew on.

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i love to make the embroidery floss friendship bracelets and i just recently learned how to make the word ones, i was using the website to get the patterns for the letters but i noticed that the words usually come out kinda skinny, is there any website that has the patterns for word bracelets with different fonts that is free?

I love this website, and the ones you're looking for should be under "alpha" ­čÖé

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How hard is it to embroider…I do not have much experience with sewing machine. Mainly all I wanting to do is embroider cute graphics and customs names on baby items for a business i currently have running. I have tons of customers wanti8bng these products and I need to know how hard embroidery is. The machibne I have looked at is the singer futura because it appeaqrs to embroider for you once you put it in the computer. is this how all embroider machines work. What is the best one to use…as i said i am new to this and want something that will be easy to use and I love the idea of hands free bevause the though of sewibng a difficult design is kinda scary to me

Brother is the leader in machine embroidery. The Singers are not supported once the new models come out.

The SE400 sold at Walmart is less than $400 and serves as a sewing machine as well as an embroidery machine.

A sewing machine dealer may have something a little more expensive and they would be able to teach you how to do the embroidery.

There are some designs built into the machine and others can be downloaded from the Internet.

Before downloading, you need to be sure the design is within the size of the embroidery area of the machine – this is usually indicated by the maximum hoop that comes with the machine.

Create a folder on your computer for the designs to reside.

When designs are downloaded, most will be in a zipped/compressed file. They have to be opened and saved to the folder.

Embroidery machines will have a limited selection of alpha/numerical fonts. Others can be downloaded.

You select the design from the folder and copy to the method of transferal that comes with the embroidery machine; USB cable or USB stick drive.

Avoid machines that use floppies or memory card only as they are obsolete.

To view the designs on the computer you will need a catalog, such as Catalog Xpress or Embrilliance Thumbnailer. Cat X has more features and cost more than ET, which is only for viewing.


Preferably pes. Thanks a lot.

There are many listed on the Internet and they all come in pes.

Make sure that you download is within the hoop size your machine accepts.

If you should find a design that you really love, but is not pes, there is a free software download that you can use to convert the file to pes. Pulse Ambassador is the software. How to use PA –

The only exception would be Bernina's .art format which you may not be able converted.

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