0 Amigurumi Blob Bunny Tutorial [Part 2 of 3]How to make an Amigurumi Blob Bunny! Part 2 of 3
Part 1 of 3:
Part 3 of 3:
Free Pattern:

Shortcuts To:
Mouth of Bunny 00:14
Body of Bunny (con't) 07:01
Gluing Eyes to Bunny 11:18

Amigurumi Glue Gun Eyes/Nose Tutorial:

Amigurumi Blob Duck Tutorial:
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Duration : 0:13:20

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0 blouse cutting saree blouseblouse cutting mathod

Duration : 0:3:28

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0 How to Make Monster Bookmarks: Free Embroidery Design
Stitch these monster bookmarks for the readers in your life!

Get FREE Designs and subscribe here:

Duration : 0:7:5

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0 How To Make Hand Embroidery PatternsHave you ever wanted to get good at sewing. Well look no further than this advice video on How To Make Hand Embroidery Patterns. Follow Videojug's professional experts as they help you through this advice video.

Duration : 0:4:52

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0 Applique, How To: How To Applique

Machine Applique tutorial available for you here!!! Hope you find this information helpful. Applique is a fun technique for making your items very individualized. It can be used in making children or adult clothing, as well as used in quilting projects or other sewn craft applications. The information given here is in a step by step process and easy to duplicate with some practice.

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kitchen applique
airplane applique
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daisy applique
duck applique
fish applique
horse applique
mouse applique
skull applique
spider applique
the applique society
turtle applique
quilt blocks applique
lace applique
rhinestone applique
stainless steel applique
guitar applique
thanksgiving applique
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quilt patterns
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Duration : 0:9:27

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0 Embroidery LibraryEmbroidery – free eBooks

Duration : 0:0:57

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0 Beginners Guide to Crochet Flowers for Paper Crafts, Cards, ScrapbookingA year ago I got "the bug" to learn how to make crochet flowers. I really wanted to use them on my paper crafting projects! Looking back over my 1st year now I'm doing an introduction video for paper crafters who want to make crochet flowers just for paper crafts. And don't already know how to crochet! lol

My suggestions:
Youtube – Theresa (Art of Crochet) and Mikeysmail – he just put up a brand new line of beginner videos!
Library – children's section, search for crochet. Easy projects, lots of pictures! lol

Next trip to Wal Mart buy:
Size C (or D) Crochet hook – $1.30
Size 3 white crochet thread (not embroidery!) – $2
Needle point needles – $1.50
Use a bag you own to be your "embroidery" bag.

The library also has flower crochet books – get on the waiting list! lol In the adult section.

Duration : 0:6:45

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0 How to Freehand Embroider, Girl Popcorn, ThreadBangerA viewer question takes us to the home of Girl Popcorn designer Julie Dunbar for a lesson in freehand embroidery, and to the local DIY boutique where she sells her clothing.

Links in this episode:

Treehouse Brooklyn –
Girl Popcorn –

Duration : 0:6:47

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0 Free Smiley Face Hats Embroidery Designs Free Smiley Face Hats Embroidery Designs for machine embroidery exp, dst, pes, pcs, pcm, hus, sew, csd, jef formats sherlock holmes, irish, cowboy, top hat, joker, uncle sam fourth of july, santa, graduation, birthday party, red hat, baseball and police man

Duration : 0:0:23

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