Like what are the main types of stiches and what their names are and how you make it.

I have forgotten most of what I knew about tatting. However, I am capable of using Google, and so I can answer your question. Chain, picot, ring, double stitch.

I taught myself how to tat from an old needlecrafts book that my mother had. I also learned how to knit and crochet and do some embroidery from that book. You can still find such pamphlets and books in craft and hobby stores, as well as in libraries, if you prefer to read a book rather than look it up on the internet.

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roses and ivy

Here are some sites to look at:

Hand Embroidery Patterns

Well, what my best friend does is she finds a floral design she likes by searching for 'flower designs' or 'whatever designs' on Google. Then she prints them off and then she takes a very sharp pointed pencil and sticks a hole in the paper she has pinned onto the cloth she is going to embroider on and then she pokes the pencil through making lines of dots. . to follow with her stitching. I hope this helps. Oh, sometimes she uses color books to do this with.
Good luck.


Well, Initially I would like to learn it on computer, I know hand embroidery, now I want to design new embroids and implement it practically on various cloths with differential patterns

are you looking for free patterns, instructions on various stitches, any particular stitch, ….
what do you mean by software – are you learning computerized embroidery or hand embroidery?
if you add some details, i can give you a specific answer. i have quite a few sites on hand & machine embroidery.
meanwhile, you can try google, youtube, expertvillage,,, etc.

will wait for you to update …
all the best

okay, here's a list i've compiled for machine embroidery – most have free patterns, but if you browse through them, i'm sure you'll find a lot more & further links too.
hope you find what you are looking for & more :-))

first, though : — list of top embroidery sites !! and they update this regularly.
and if you want free designs, you can join to this group…

hope this helped


The machine only came with one pre-programmed applique' design, I would like to by a memory card for the machine with alphabet applique' embroidery designs and can only find one standard font that I am not interested in. The customer service at Brother told me that if I loaded applique' designs on my blank memory card from my computer and put the memory card in my machine that it may not recognize it as being an applique' and I would end up having to do it myself! Not what I wanted to hear. Furthermore, I am upset because I have an amazing Apple laptop which I love but is not compatible with my sewing machine software. I am stuck, and upset any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I do not think you can even load designs from your MAC to a blank memory card due to everything machine embroidery being Windows based.

Preloaded memory cards can soon add up to the expense of purchasing additional software (Windows to be used via Boot Camp) or an inexpensive PC.

Once you have a method for reading Windows, you can purchase a reader/writer unit with a re-writable memory card for around $100 and forget the preloaded card.

I am guessing this would be $600 minimum for a PC and the reader/writer/card for machine embroidery. That's about 8 preloaded cards.

PC –

Reader/Writer/Card –

Once you can download and send to a memory card, there are thousands of designs (many free) that you can download from the Internet!

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Textiles mock GCSE on Art Deco, what materials and components should I be using!?
In the prep, it says I should be able to write a list of the materials and components I will use. I have no idea what this means!! (We have an awful teacher who has taught us NO theory!!) Can someone help me with examples of materials and components?

There are lots of materials you can choose from
Cotton Calico
Denim (Lightweight or Heavyweight) & loads more
When annotating your designs say what percentage fibre they are e.g. 100% polyester cotton etc

Solar changing threads
Glow in the dark thread
When annotating again say the fibre content e.g 100% polyester (most threads are this content)

Buttons (say size, shape, 4 or 2 holes)
Zips (say length, invisible or visible? – also show close up of the zip fastening)
Hook & eyes
Velcro etc.

Solar changing beads (say size/shape of beads)
Glow in the dark string
Sound boxes

Printed design? – sublimation print/cool peel
Embroidery – free machine, hand, Janome PE300 (CAD/CAM) – I would use the CAD/CAM example as you gain more marks for the use of this
Iron on motifs
Quilting – English
Transfer inks/crayons

I can't think of anything else, try searching it on google and try using modern techniques as well as old, you always gain credit for this as they are looking for unique designs so be as creative as possible because it doesn't matter if you can't make it, they are looking for creativity.

Also do some research into art deco so you know abit about it and the common patterns/colours/themes it uses and commet about these when annotating – you need this to get marks in the exam so it is always best to do a mood board before the exam

Good Luck!!


1) I run a custom embroidery company and you need to create your cooperate identity. Create your logo and business name on your cooperate apparel.

2) Put the logo on your Auto

3) Make up business cards and hand them out. Every time you see someone you know hand several of them out. When you give people your business card, always give them more than one and ask them to give them to their friends/coworkers, etc. Print or flyers and post them on public boards if there are any near you and post in a forums that related to your location if there are any!

4) The key for this kind of business is word-of-mouth. Think of some clever ways to encourage your existing clients to tell people about you. Perhaps you could start with a friend or family member to be one of your "spokesperson". I owned a convenience store for 10 years and a lot of business deals started in the checkout line by strangers. Tell everyone about you and ask if they know anyone that could use your service. Ask for a referral from an existing client

5) Start a website as a way to advertise you. Let your website work for you and your clients swap links. When making your own web site do some research on how to optimize your site so that you get a good ranking with a natural search. You do this by embedding smart key words. Your website could show your community involvement and you could have questions and answers on the site.

6) Look for websites that you can advertise for free. Advertise in the Yahoo local. Find free on-line classified web sites for your community. Typically the local chamber of commerce will offer such a service. You can advertise here for free:
Post a link to your site for free when it is allowed
Try These:
Google Base
Yahoo Classifieds
US Free Ads
Text Link Exchange
Classifieds for Free…
7) A Yellow page ad seems to work great also.

8) Try to get your local newspaper to do a free article on your business.

9) Sponsor local sport teams or ballparks that hang up banners. There are also inexpensive ways to advertise like a local penny saver newspaper, high school yearbooks and newspapers, etc.

10) Call radio show call in and contest and always answer or make the statement with "your name and company name and you have been working hard" free radio ads are great.

11) Find out if you have the Welcome Wagon in your community. You can get something inserted in their welcome packages both for new home buyers and people who have just had a baby. There will be a cost involved in this, I believe.
Good luck!

Try article sbmission;_ylt=Av8sFy4ZrhVm6nQJuZ43aqzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20071219083105AAi2qW1&show=7#profile-info-US5pRGDvaa


Where can i find free patterns for embroidery by hand.

Michaels has some, although several of these are ribbon embroidery or use templates you have to buy:

This site has a few designs.

This site might have some stuff, but it's not working for me right now.

And here's one jacobean crewel work sample:

Another thing you can do is to take a line art design and copy it with a xerox copier, or print it with a laser printer. These both use heat sensitive toner, which can be transferred to fabric just like an iron-on design.

Google image searching on "line art" will get you a good sample of line art images to play with.


i'd like it to be as cheap as possible– either a computer program i can download or buy, or a service where you send or e-mail your photo in and they provide you with the pattern and a list of all the thread-colors needed, etc. all the programs i've looked at online are expensive because you can use them for as many projects as you want. i just have one project i'd like to do, so i don't want to pay for something i can use for all eternity. anybody heard of this or know where to find the service? also, anyone know the cheapest way/place to buy embroidery thread? thank you!

there is a free program called PC stitch you can dowload it and use the only thing that you cant do with it is save the project unless you buy the actual project.

as for buying threads for any projects browse around on google or any other search engine and see what it pulls up. also try looking on ebay you can get some great deals on there


I would like to invest in an embroidery machine because I have really good ideas on what to use it for. However, I have never used one. In fact I barely know how to use a sewing machine.
I am clueless on how an embroidery machine even works. I want to use it to do different fonts, number designs, polka dots, and things of that nature. Can anyone maybe give me the basics I need to know? Perhaps direct me to a website? Thanks.

An embroidery machine is very easy to use. Easier than learning to use a sewing machine.

You can teach yourself to do this buy reading and testing the different designs. I did and it is quick and easy to learn.

This was my first book –,M1

Embroidery machines have built-in fonts and a few designs.

To expand on what comes already built-in you will need to be able to transfer machine embroidery designs from your PC to the machine. Most designs are downloaded from the Internet – you can find many that are free.

The less expensive machines require additional software (reader box and rewritable card for machine embroidery). This software is around $200.

The Brother sold at Walmart would be a good machine to start with and you can get the additional software (mentioned above) for $119, here –

Several years ago, I bought my first embroidery machine at Walmart and the reader/card software at Allbrands.

You will also need machine embroidery thread, machine embroidery bobbin thread and stabilizer – all sold in fabric stores. Watch for sales and stock up on staple/favorite colors of thread. There will be extra needles & bobbins with the machine.

I get a lot of my machine embroidery supplies here –

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Im trying to find a website to download free fonts for singer futura 150. Anyone know some sites.

Not many fonts are free, but there are many designs available for downloading that may have a few and other for sale.

You need to know the format of your embroidery machine. If the designs do not come in the format you need, there is a free software program where you can convert to the format needed.

Set up a folder on the hard drive of your PC and name it embroidery downloads.

Select the designs you want to download – these are usually referred to as files.

Save to your embroidery folder.

Most downloads are zipped it will look like a file with a zipper. To unzip, mouse over the design file to highlight.

A mini screen will come onto the screen. Select open, unzip or extract.

This is the file you will be working with and the zipped file can be deleted.

If you need to convert the format, download Pulse Ambassador.

Open the file in PA and save in the format you need.

One of may sites –

You have to join this site (free) and then choose Download Designs from the tool bar. All the designs that have a download icon are free to everyone. All are free to those who are members of Ann's Club. The designs are .pes format and may have to be converted to the format used by your embroidery machine.

To search and review the thousands that are available, put free machine embroidery designs in the web search box at Yahoo or google.

Incoming search terms:

  • 2012 Download free fonts for Singer Futura

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