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I plan on making gifts this year for Christmas, including some cross stitch emboidery. But I am having trouble finding some free patterns. I do not want the counted cross stitch patterns…just the emboidery patterns with the X's. Does anyone know any websites to search through in order to find some patterns? I'm not really looking for anything in particular. I'll just know it when I see it.

Go to They have all kinds of great patterns. You do have to be a member to download them.

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free designs

There are so many free designs just google free cross stitch designs and you will have plenty of choice on practically any subject.

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Who uses free counted cross stitch patterns and graphs? Anyone who wants them, but there are many uses for these patterns. Free cross stitch patterns are often found on the Internet which is a great source for these patterns. Some people use these patterns to incorporate and merge them with other patterns and motifs to create a brand new pattern idea. These customized patterns are then either used for personal use or are marketed and sold with a new name or title.

A designer who specializes in free cross stitch patterns is Connie G. Barwick who presents patterns to the general public for personal use only. Also, a site called Better Cross Stitch offers very nice, unique free patterns. The atmosphere is very friendly there, and they go out of their way to make a stitcher feel at home.

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Are you a beginner in the art of embroidery trying to figure out what kind of design to work on? Or are you an experienced embroiderer who is running out of design ideas? Perhaps you might be an embroidery fanatic who loves to make designs come alive on fabric but do not have the artistic skills to conjure up your own designs.

It is really fulfilling to be able to finish an embroidery project and see a pattern translated onto fabric. But it could also be challenging to create your own designs. Fortunately, there are several free machine embroidery patterns available for you to use these days. You just have to select your favorite among a wide variety of embroidery patterns and you can start stitching right away.

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