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I looked on the internet for something to open the designs with, to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You cannot open without machine embroidery software.

Computer operating systems do not recognize machine embroidery formats.

This – http://www.annthegran.com/Product.aspx?t=1&i=2567 can be downloaded as a free trial. It is a method of viewing the designs.

You still need a method of getting the design to the embroidery machine.

If the machine does not have USB connectivity, you need one of these that is compatible with the machine brand and format.


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What types of programmes are out there and which is the best to buy? Is this what Buzz tool does?

Buzz Tools has more than one software program.

There is a free software download that I have used many times for conversion of machine embroidery formats.

For your embroidery machine, you can convert a PCS design to PES or any other format (except ART) by using Pulse Ambassador.

Open the design you want to convert and then and SAVE as "name of design" and choose the format, PES.



I want to get an embroidery machine that I can just put in what I want to embroider onto something and then let it go. I do not want to free hand embroider. Can someone help me, because I am unsure on which one to buy?

Any brand. However, Brother is the most user and software friendly.

Putting "something in" depends on what you mean.

Embroidery machines can only read machine embroidery formats.

There are many machine embroidery designs you can download from the Internet – some you purchase and some are free.

There will be some designs already built-into the embroidery machine, including alpha/numerical fonts.

Downloads or CDs have to be loaded on the PC. Then transferred to the embroidery machine.

How you get the design to the embroidery machine will depend on the capabilities of the machine.

Some use a machine embroidery formatted memory card – this type of machine will require a reader/writer unit and rewritable memory card for the brand and format of the machine.

Some use UBS port B direct connect cable. The cable comes with the machine and has to be connected to the PC for sending the design to the machine.

The best models have USB port A. You transfer the design to a flash stick and then insert it into the embroidery machine.

If you want to embroider your own art or clip art, you will need machine embroidery digitizing software and this starts at about $700.

Expect to spend at least $800. Plus another $50 or so for thread and stabilizer.


Hi Robyn
I personally love to embroider, so this question got my attention. I also love to search the internet so these are my findings. Hopefully they help you out:

Web site #1:
Singer Futura CE200 Embroidery designs (see www.sewingmachine-sales… ) link

"As well as being a great sewing machine for every day sewing, the Singer CE200 Futura is also a full power embroidery machine when you link it to your own PC, all the software and cables are included."

"The new Singer CE-200 Futura, the newest break-through in sewing and embroidery technology! …. Create beautiful embroidery with a direct connection to a Windows compatible computer, and create your own embroidery designs from photos or clip-art!"

"Create your own designs! – Scan a photo, use clip art and the software automatically fills it with stitches and sends it directly to the machine." (Robyn, this is where the FREE part would come in).

"Embroidery Functions with Futura software, tutorial and USB Cable:
When downloading designs from the internet, off a floppy disk or CD, the Futura software will recognize AND AUTOMATICALLY CONVERT the following embroidery formats.
Web site #2:
"Embroidery Software CD – free download for replacement CD to be able to download photos off the internet".

On this web site below it states: “FUTURA basic software installation CD. This is the CD THAT CAME WITH YOUR MACHINE. If you lost your CD and need a replacement, here it is!" (see bellaluciadesigns.com… ) link

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I am new to embroidery and am looking for a pretty monogram font for our initial to put on kitchen towels…I can't figure this out…trying to download a free one, but it's in a .ttf file. My machine only recognizes .pes or .dst files. How can i convert this? Or, where can I find free downloads already in .pes format? Thanks!

Embroidery machines only recognize machine embroidery formats.

You will need machine embroidery digitizing software for what you are wanting to do. This software starts at about $1,000.

You can find many free embroidery downloads by googling "free machine embroidery designs".

Most will be either pes or they will offer pes as an option.

If you find something you really like in a format other that pes or dst, you can convert to pes with conversion software. Pulse Ambassador is one program that you can download and use and it is free. It has to be a machine embroidery format.

Google and they will come.

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