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There are several free font web sites you can download from. I'm not sure what would be the difference of an embroidery font but almost all fonts can be enlarged and most newer printers can print iron on patches of anything you design.

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I'm looking for a cute script or something.
Embroidery fonts are for a embroidery machine, not just my computer I don't have th eprogram that uses my computer font to make them embroidery design.

these are som free sites



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I need to know how to download free fonts and where. I found a site where I can purchase them, but I also don't know what format to use. Please help!

you have to join this group which is free…they have lots of FREE designs and fonts for the futura…(xxx) format…when you download make sure you choose the right format for your machine…they even have designs every hour on the half hour which are free….once you join you will need to go to the files section and that is where you can download a bunch of free embroidery fonts….

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I want to embroider some fingertip towels with the initial "J" on them, but can't seem to find a font that would look good free off the internet. Anyone have some to share for free? I am also looking for some fun ones for initial "M" or a first name and a fun border…something for diaper covers and little outfits for my baby girl.
The sewforum.com link is great! That is the kind of response help I am looking for! I know there are freebies out there…just need some help finding them 🙂

My new problem…these are .pes files, which my embroidery machine is compatible…I just can't view them on my computer. Any suggestions on why I can't view them, or what I need to do so?

I found these in the wedding fonts and thought you might like the flower letter for your daughter

Check Corners on page 1 and Corinne’s roses the Calla Lily on page 3

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Hello. I'm new to embroidery. I just purchased the Brother 270D. I have the Amazing Box 2, and some designs I've downloaded from the internet. I'm fine with the designs and understand how they work and how to get them to the machine.

I get confused when it comes to fonts. I see fonts that you buy for $10-15. I see free fonts. However, it looks like the files are individual for each letter. How/What do I need to type words and transfer it as a pattern to my machine.

For instance, if I want to type "Happy Birthday" is there a program that will allow me to load fonts that I've purchased or downloaded for free that will stitch it and allow me to send the words "Happy Birthday" to the machine. I'm really not interested in getting into digitizing. I just want something basic that will let me type and embroider random words. I looked at Embroidery Fonts Plus, but it looks like you are limited to their fonts. Would Embroidery Magic I work or am I limited to their fonts as well?

ANY help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


You would have to send individuall letter fonts in two ways.

1) You would need a simple program that would allow you to combine the designs into the words happybirthdayy and then you could save it as a new design and then send it to the machine.

2) You would have to send the design to the machine individually and then hope you line up the fabric each time in the hoop in the correct position.

Embird basic is a program that will do that and allow you some minor modifications to a design but it is priced at $144.
You can download a demo of it and see if it will do what you want it to do here: http://embird.com/sw/embird/features.htm
There was a issue with it if you were running Windows Vista, not sure if they have fixed that issue.

I would suggest finding a Yahoo group for your machine and see if anyone else there has any other suggestions for programs they might be using to combine designs without a big expense to you

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Here are a few I have collected over time


Some of these are collections. Please remember to vote for the best answer.
Happy hunting.

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0 Brother PED Basic Software for Downloading Embroidery DesignsReviews: http://sewingmachine-reviews.info

Duration : 0:1:25

Read more on Brother PED Basic Software for Downloading Embroidery Designs…

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I've got the Brother PED Basic and am searching for free embroidery designs, including fonts and children-friendly designs.

here's a list of sites that have free machine-embroidery patterns. hope you find some to your liking. use their search box for specific patterns.

and if you want free designs, you can join to this group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/orientalto…

www.embroiderytop.com/index.html — this site lists all the top embroidery sites & it is reviewed periodically !

have fun :-))

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Embroidery is a special kind of art that comprises of needlework and motifs. This art is in built in human and cannot be learnt. But if anyone is interested to gain mastery over this art, then an eye for creativity, mind for imagination and hands for practice are very significant. This is a creative and useful guide for hand embroidery for beginners.

Today, hand embroidery is used for various purposes like making clothing, accessories, household linen, towels and so forth. This ancient art of threadwork is a way of creating designs and pictures by sewing various strands on a particular piece of fabric.

For more information on hand embroidery click here

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Whether their dogs are big Black Labrador Retrievers or tiny brown Chihuahuas, dog lovers enjoy using dog-centered graphics. And all dog lovers seem to like free graphics of dog paw prints. You like them, but where can you find free graphics of dog paw prints?

Computer Software Programs

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