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My grandma has Embroidery Magic 2 which is old and she won't even try to understand how to create a design, she just has the program and my aunt would make designs. What other programs can I use to create my own designs that is fairly simple to use?

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Embroidery software to digitize designs … Embroidery Software for digitizing designs, fonts, monograms for machine embroidering. free … create your own unique designs …

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I know you can make your on embrodiery patterns and sell them. How do you start this?

You need to have embroidery design software. Many sewing machine companies have their own program that they sell, but most sewing/embroidery machines can use more than one format.

You can buy something simple, like Embird, or spend thousands for a professional-type program. You also need to have a machine so that you can stitch out the designs to test them. Most designers aren't real good for awhile and give away their designs for free to get people to know them. Some designers have a web site and sell their designs and also have some freebies that you can try to see how good the designer is.

Have fun with it!


Most people are familiar with stitches that are used in embroidery. The embroidery craft stitches are the easiest and the more common stitches. The stitches used are thought of by the experts in embroidery as one of the smallest things that is related to this craft. The patterns used in embroidery being made by repeating them or changing them.

The stitches used in embroidery are completed in two ways. The first types of stitches are the hand sewing method and the other is known as the stab method.

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Finest embroideries are found only at the most prestigious shops and stores that feature true artists of the industry. These artists are usually locals that strive for excellence and real craftsmanship. But did you know that there are already prevalent online providers of free embroidery designs? From the simplest to the most elaborate designs, an enthusiast or fanatic can surely find anything from these stores.

Embroidery is a wonderful craft that brings pleasure to many people. With the availability of free designs, it can be quite inexpensive to start the hobby with a small pattern and the purchase of the minimum amount of tools. The most popular free embroidery designs are usually divided in different categories:-

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